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The first recorded science Olympiad was held on Saturday,
November 23, 1974 at St. Andrews Presbyterian College in
Laurinburg, North Carolina, Dr. Donald Bames and Dr. David
Wetmore were the originators of this event fifteen schools from
North and South Carolina participated in this event. It was a daylong affair, with competitions and demonstrations for high school
students in the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There
were four events periods during this day and each event period
had on fan event, one demonstration and one serious event.

Science Olympiad is an American elementary school,
middle school and high school team competition in which
students complete in events pertaining to various scientific
disciplines, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics
and engineering. Over 7,300 teams from 50 U. S states complete
each year. There are multiple levels of competition, invitational,
regional, state and complete each year. There are four divisions in
the hierarchy of science Olympiad. They are following

Division A1 for elementary school ( grades K- 3)

Division A2 for elementary school (grades 3-6)

Division B for middle school (grades 6-8)

Division C for high school (grades 9-12)

The national tournaments and generally stste and regional

tournaments are only for divisions B and C. Division A teams
usually have separate interscholastic tournaments, apart from the
common intra- school competitions. Note that 6th and 9th grades
have the option of competing in either of two divisions in which
they meet the grade requirements and are part of the competing

school. A middle school may, however, only use up to s members

who have graduated to the next school if they are in 9th grade or
lower. Students in grades lower than the divisions in which the
school competes in may also be on the team . Teams are restricted
to five 9th grader for division B and seven 12th grades for
divisions C. Students may not participate on multiple teams, eg a
9th grader on both a high school and middle school team would
not be allowed.

Students complete in twenty three main evbents,
which usually occur on a single day done by a team of limited
students. Events fall under three main categories; Science
concepts and knowledge, Science processes and thinkung
skills and Science Application and technology. They are either
knowledge based ( for example , written tests on earth Science,
Physics, astronomy or biology ), hands on ( for example ,
Chemisrty lab practicals) , or Engineering based (participants)
consruct a device to do specified tasks ) knowledge based
events generakky have two participants either taking a test or
mathematically analyzing data Hands on events generally
consist ot two participants performing experiments or
interacting with physical objects to achieve to certain goal.

Engineering based events have a team of two to three

participants. They are to consruct a device following a specific
events parameters and the test device against others.

Science Olympiad is the most important competition for
secondary school students. Science concepts and knowledge of
the students increased through the competitions. Science
Olympiad help to develop the students competition mind .

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