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A. Write the following sentences so that they mean the same.

Change them
into the Active or Passive.

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Were the letters sent yesterday?
Theyll ask you a lot of questions in the interview.
I know theyre going to send Emma several letters.
Someone will show you the way when you get there.

B. Complete the blanks with the passive or active verb given in brackets.
1. A new shopping centre ______________________ (build) at this moment.
2. The Olympic Games for the year 1992 ______________________(organise) by the
city of Barcelona.
3. Someone ____________________ (tell) Julia this terrible secret if you dont.
4. John __________________________ ( not show) us his book when we met him.
5. The windows ____________________________ (clean) this morning
C. Put the following sentences into the passive.
1. Few people have climbed this mountain before
2. They performed his opera for the first time last Saturday.
3. Young people will organize the exhibition.
4. We will give the students reports in June.
5. They don't serve alcoholic drinks before 6 o'clock.
6. He disappeared and no one has seen him again.
7. They have proved all his calculations wrong
8. They will never forget it.
9. They announced the arrival of the plane over the loud-speakers.
10.Were the police checking driving licences last Saturday?
11.They were still helping him.
12.Did they give you the money?
13.I will post this letter tomorrow.
14.No one has polished the floor yet.
15.You dont have to pay this bill until next week
D. Put the following sentences into the passive. (Two objects)
1. My friends told me the latest news.
2. They answered the old lady very rudely
3. The doctor has ordered me a new diet to lose weight.
4. Her friend recommeded her a new doctor.
5. They allowed him ten minutes to get ready
6. They offered me a higher salary at the office.
7. Someone told the soldiers to report to the captain.
8. Has anyone ever called you an idiot before?
9. They proved him to be no better than a charlatan.
10.The authorities have refused Mr. Williams a visa.
11.Did your parents give you enough money?
12.Has anyone ever asked you to set up a bussiness?
13.They appointed him as a president of the firm.
14.We showed her carefully how to do it.
15.They must tell him that he has not been accepted.
16.Did anyone send you the copies which they promised you?
17.Look what they have given me.
18.No one has ever taught me how a computer works.

19.Did they offer you the job I told you about?

20.They didnt pay the workers the wages promised.
E. Put the following sentences into the passive. (With modals)
1. We must pay our debts before the end of the month.
2. They ought to pay him more for the work he does.
3. They should inform his parents as soon as possible.
4. They must have invited too may people.
5. You cant deny that his pronunciation has improved.
6. Nobody can help if he doesnt wanto to do it.
7. You should have checked your exercise before leaving.
8. Can people of all ages play this game?
9. They must have repaired all the building.
10.Everybody should obtain a new passport.
E. Put the following sentences into the active.
1. Copies of this book will be signed by the author.
2. The old market was built by an important company in 1912.
3. Nothing has been done since he left.
4. All these computers were sold at a very low price.
5. Identity cards must be shown when you enter the museum.
6. The pupils are shown a film on the history of America.
7. All kind of food is being served in school at lunchtime.
8. The books are being returned to the library.
9. A lot of Christmas trees have been sold in December
10.Who was that file retumed to the library by?
F. Translate into English the following sentences using the passive.
1. Se ha comprobado que la nueva teora cientfica es falsa.
2. Durante mucho tiempo se crey que la tierra era plana.
3. Le hicieron renunciar a su nacionalidad.
4. El ao pasado se obtuvo un beneficio de tres millones de libras.
5. Se han cortado el pelo dos veces este mes.
6. Se tendr que buscar a alguien para ocupar su sitio.
7. El abogado nos ha dado los detalles del testamento.
8. No se admitirn nios menores de 5 aos.
9. Te han revisado la vista en el hospital?
10.No me han presentado a tu padre.
11.Se invit a Pal pero no se invit a Jack.
12.Se ha encontrado ya el tesoro?
13.Cuando llegamos ya haban pintado la casa.
14.Todos tuvieron que hacerse un nuevo pasaporte.
15.Le han robado el coche del garaje.
16.Quin ha escrito todo esto?
17.Nadie nos ayud a arreglar nuestra casa.
18.Estn organizando una fiesta de bienvenida para el sbado.
19.Nos cortaron la luz porque no pagamos la factura. (Se nos cort la luz)
20.El seor Robinson os dar instrucciones maana.
21.Le ofrecimos un buen trabajo pero no lo acept.
22.Jams me han enseado msica.
23.Le fue requisado el carn de conducir.
24.Se van a exhibir varios cuadros de la nueva galera.

25.Por qu no se guard el coche en el garaje anoche?