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Human Resources Planning

HRMT 307
Assignment One

Piu Pooja Jany Palma

Student ID: 300638818
Professor: Veronica Brandy
22 October, 2015.

Selected Job Title: Human Resources Generalist

Job Method: I chose questionnaires as my job method. This method requires
supervisors and jobholders to be investigated to gather information about the job using
survey instruments such as the functional job analysis, the job diagnostic survey, and
the position analysis questionnaire. I chose this method particularly because it is
practical and saves time. A large number of data from a large group of people can be
easily collected in a short period of time by using this method. In this method, collected
data can be easily compared and contrasted with other research. This method helps to
obtain detail data about education, training, skill requirements, responsibilities, cognitive
and physical demands, and working conditions of a selected job.

Stakeholders of this job are:

Internal: employees, managers, supervisors, executives, stockholders, and other
External: customers, community, and insurance companies
Sample Interview questions:
I interviewed one of the employees working as a HR generalist in CAD Company. The
interview questions I used are following:
1. Define the profile of HR generalist. What do you understand from the profile?
2. What level of education and experience are necessary/ essential for this job to be
3. Can you please describe some of the general duties and responsibilities of this
job? What do you usually do?
4. Is there any specific certificates, licenses, or registrations you need for this
position specifically which would be considered as assets?
5. What are the specific skills needed for this job?
6. Is there any amount of physical activities required for this position?
7. Describe the environmental conditions of this job.
8. What specific software skills an employee may need for this job?
9. Do you research candidates on social media?
10. Are you exposed to any hazards or unusual working conditions?

Job Title: Human Resources Generalist

Updated Job Description

Organization: ABC Company

Exempt: Yes
Department: Human Resources
Reports to: Human Resources
Location: XYZ Avenue, Toronto Canada

General Description of Position:

Help in the daily operations of the Human Resource office. Assist and manage the
corporate HR procedures, policies, and programs. Responsible for fulfilling
responsibilities in areas like: Compensation and benefits, HRIS (Human Resources
Information Systems), employee relations and employment, training and development,
employee communication in company, and so on. Provide support for HR,
administration, and employee relations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Develop important project plans which will include necessary steps to implement
the goals, timelines, deliverables, and cost implications. Provide timely updates
to HR director and manager.
2. Prepare presentations timely and efficiently.
3. Help and support new employees to cope up with the new environment and
provide them with important knowledge and information such as HR programs,
policies, and trainings.
4. Communicate effectively with employees and HR manager to identify
administrative needs and solve any problems/ issues.
5. Identify employee concerns and potential problem areas and let the HR
management know and take necessary action.
6. Plan, manage, and communicate employee recognition, compensation and
benefits, and wellness.
7. Prepare professional letters, memos, and emails.
8. Conduct employee surveys and pre-employment testing.
9. Manage recruiting and HR related forms.

10. Develop an effective retention policy and communicate and implement it

throughout the Human Resources department.
11. Maintain regular communication with stakeholders to make sure that they are
aware of projects and timelines as well develop HR project calendar and follow it
12. Perform other related duties and responsibilities as required or assigned.

Must be able to perform the required tasks effectively and on-time to be successful in
this job. Following are the other required knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes
necessary for this job:
Education and Experience:
-BBA degree or four years of college study in related fields (accounting, marketing,
business administration, finance or human resources)
-plus 3 years of experience or training in the related field or equivalent combination of
education and experience
Required Certificates, Licenses, and Registrations:
Preferred Certificates, Licenses, and Registrations:
CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional)
Communication Skills:
Ability to effectively communicate within small group and with fellow members,
customers, clients, general public and respond to any inquiries on time and in a
professional manner.
Critical Thinking Skills:
Ability to solve real-world problems in any given situations. Follow or understand any
written, oral, and diagrammed instructions and use them accordingly.
Mathematical Skills:
Ability to use mathematical terms such as fractions, rations, and proportions and apply
them to practical situations. Ability to calculate figures and amounts in various

Decision Making:
Ability to make quick decisions when required and under pressure. Ability to make major
and important decisions which will help organizations in the long run.
Ability to plan accordingly using various methods; may also need to help occasionally in
the preparation of work projects done by others within a restricted area of operation.
Use of Computer and Other Equipment:
Ability to use complex machines and equipment as well as specialized software
programs on regular basis.
Must be able to finish tasks with accuracy. If theres an error/errors in any assignments,
must have the ability to correct it/them as soon as possible.
Public and Employee Contact:
Regular contacts with customers are needed where the contacts are initiated by the
employee; includes both providing and accomplishing information, and also, trying to
influence the decisions of those contacted.
Interactions with other departments as well with mid-level positions, senior-level officers;
consulting with them about different issues, involving them in decision-making and
obtaining value judgments.
Software Skills Required:
-Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
-Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
--Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)
-MS word, basic data entry, and spreadsheet

Environmental Conditions:
This position doesnt include any harmful environmental conditions. The noise level is
usually moderate in this job.
Physical Activities:

There are some physical activities required by this job that must met by an employee to
successfully perform this job. Reasonable accommodations can be arranged for
persons with disabilities.
The employee is required to use his hands or fingers, sit, talk or hear, and feel while
performing the job regularly; occasionally required to stand, walk, and reach with
hands or arms.
The employee must be able to lift up to 20 pounds frequently. Also, close and color
vision are required for this job.

**Submit your resume online for this job @ www.abccompany.ca

Formal Job Description:

**Enter your email address to begin your application for this job.
Company: Farrow

Location: Kitchener, ON, ON

Type: Contract
Company Summary:
FARROW is a diversified, family-owned business which facilitates international trade by
executing comprehensive customs solutions and integrated logistics. We provide our
clients peace of mind with our customs, shipping and freight-forwarding capabilities for
Canada and the United States.
Our ability to provide exceptional service to our customers has resulted in FARROW
being in business for over 100 years and has allowed us to constantly expand with 29
locations across North America and were still growing! Were real people, familyowned and dedicated to our employees with a history of reinvesting in them. This
commitment and dedication is why many of our employees have been with us longer
than 20 years and why we have been recognized as one of Canadas 50 Best
Managed Companies for 5 consecutive years.
Position Summary:
This temporary contract full-time position will be covering a Maternity leave until
November 2016. This position is responsible for reviewing and updating job
descriptions across the entire corporation, as well as supporting various departmental
functions as needed.
The Job Involves:
Review the job description process and documents and make recommendations
for improvements
Review existing job descriptions and update as necessary
Identify missing job descriptions and obtain necessary information to create new
Assist the HR Manager and Director in grading job descriptions for Pay Equity
Review the performance management process and documents to make
recommendations for improvements
Assist with a variety of other projects as assigned, including, but not limited to,
developing presentations and associated materials and updating employee

Resolve HR Issues in creative and effective ways by applying knowledge across

all disciplines of HR
Participate in developing, recommending and implementing HR policies,
standards and procedures
The Ideal Candidate Will Have:
3-5 years of progressive Human Resources and / or management
HR degree or designation
Demonstrated experience in all aspects of HR with a particular emphasis on job
descriptions and pay equity
Strong project management skills
Strong analytical and organizational skills
Strong communication skills
Flexibility to work within an entrepreneurial work environment and adaptability to
take on additional duties
Demonstrated experience dealing with sensitive employee situations
Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite
Working Conditions and Other Working Requirements:
Company provided Criminal Background Check required
Maintain confidentiality in all areas of responsibility
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My Assessment:
Similarities between Two Job Descriptions:

Both of them include job title, company name, and location in general.
Both of them include general duties and responsibilities of the job.
They include specific skills, education, and experience required for the job.
They mentioned how to apply for the job.
They also talked about the working conditions and requirements of the
selected job.
6. Both jobs emphasize in management, organizational, analytical, and
computer skills.

Differences between Two Job Descriptions:

1. The first one didnt mention about the company profile, while the second
one did.
2. Second one indicated the date to start the work while the first one didnt
say anything about the start date.
3. The first one is more detailed describing the necessary skills,
qualifications, duties and responsibilities required for the job. The second one is
kind of short in that case.
4. First job demands for some specific degrees in related fields as well as
designations. Second job on the other hand are more flexible and doesnt ask for
that much in particular.
5. Second job requires providing background check. First job didnt ask for
anything about that.

From the comparison, I can say that there are some reasons behind these
differences between the two jobs. The first job is looking for employee for a full-time
position while the second job is looking for employee in contract based full-time position.


They also have different job requirements. The first job is more complex in nature than
the second job in terms of duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills. Also, the first
job description is made for a reason while the second one is a formal job description.
These are some reasons why these two jobs differ from each other.