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PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner Workshop

(including Examination)
3 days - 21 PDUs
Workshop details
About PRINCE2 Agile
PRINCE2 Agile blends the global best project management framework of
PRINCE2 with flexibility and responsiveness of agile. Thus it is suitable for
organizations who are looking for a robust project management framework,
coupled with the demands of rapid releases.
Which are the benefits of using PRINCE2 Agile?

Emphasis on how to customize PRINCE2 methodology in the agile

Elaborate guidelines on how to adapt PRINCE2 with agile for
organizations in different stages of adoption of agile.
Description on how to customize the PRINCE2 processes, themes and
artifacts to suit the agile environment
Guidance on how to an organization needs to adapt to suit agile behaviors,
concepts and techniques to run projects as per PRINCE2
Description of how to blend the strengths of PRINCE2 for project
management and Agile for product or service delivery
Practitioner level Course and examination

Candidates for the PRINCE2 Agile must have cleared the PRINCE2 Practitioner
examination before taking up the PRINCE2 Agile examination.
The Practitioner Level aims to measure whether the candidate is able to apply
PRINCE2 methods to the running and managing of a Project, blending with the
best practices of Agile. They need to show that they are able to fine-tune
PRINCE2 Agile to different project circumstances and understand the
relationship between processes, components and techniques.
The Practitioner Examination is a Scenario based examination lasting Two and
Half hours. This is an open book format (with access only to the PRINCE2 Agile
manual). Candidates need to score atleast 30 marks out of a total of 50 marks to
pass this examination.


Course duration and how we are different?

The Practitioner Course including the respective mock test and Examination
will run for three full days. We focus on how to manage projects effectively using
PRINCE2 and Agile rather than just passing the examinations.
The course would be handled by faculty with rich project management experience
across diverse verticals.
Who can attend:
Any Project Management practitioner , seeking to familiarize themselves with a
widely adopted global methodology and get certified in this methodology.
Candidates should have passed PRINCE2 practitioner examination before taking
up the current course and examination.
Course Material
Courseware includes

Extensive coverage of various behaviours, concepts and techniques concerning

PRINCE2 Agile.
- Two full fledged Mock Tests and discussion of the responses
- Case study discussions
- Compact size workshops to have individual level focus
The Practitioner exam is administered on the Third day afternoon of the course.
Day-wise structure
The broad day-wise syllabus of the workshop is as under:
Day 1
1. Overview Introduction
2. What is PRINCE2 Agile?
3. Recap of major PRINCE2 concepts
4. PRINCE2 Agile journey
5.Fixing and flexing in a PRINCE2 Agile context
6.Agile and PRINCE2 principles
7. Processes overview
8. Starting and Initiating a Project -processes
9. Business Case theme
10. Organization theme
11. Quality Theme


12. Plan Theme
13. Risk Theme
14. Controlling a Stage process
15. Change Theme
16. Managing Product Delivery process
17. Managing a Stage Boundary process
18. Progress theme
19. Closing a Project process
20. Directing a Project process
21. Tailoring PRINCE2 to the Agile environment
22. Areas of particular focus for PRINCE2 Agile

Day 3
Mock Practitioner exam and discussions
Final Practitioner exam
Within the above syllabus, the daywise split of topics could get modified
to give the best learning experience for the Participants.

Benefits of Attending:
Following the course, delegates will be able to organise, plan and control Projects
quickly and effectively in accordance with the PRINCE2 Methodology in an agile



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