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It is time..

Greetings from Glumen, a Venusian by origin, though now an itinerant adventurer
across the multiverse. Your planet has truly intrigued me and my fellow travelers
and never having interacted with our neighbors before, particularly as, you all were
just single celled organisms when we embarked on our epic progress through space.
We have observed your planet since the pre-Cambrian period and must admit that it
is beautiful, not unlike our own Venus once was. Recent events though are worrying.
In the last 10millenia you humans have progressed rapidly, you used your minds to
turn the earth into your personal cupboard and discovered a concept you called
Over the centuries, several exemplary humans invented and discovered more ways
of molding your environment, but of late that stream of creativity has reduced to a
little more than a trickle. My fellow adventurers and I wish to give you some advice
that helped us survive and thrive, those many millennia ago when we were
compelled by geophysical circumstances to abandon our home planet.
First of all, you must know that you are very fortunate!!
I say this because you evolve a highly efficient nervous system and a brain to
match, capable of doing things that no creation that you humans or we Venusians
ever invented. You are fortunate to have evolved on a planet designed specifically
for your existence. And importantly, you are most fortunate that your ancestors
didnt squabble over petty things as you now do.
Today though, your planet is in dire straits, and all the wonderful things that Nature
had bestowed upon you are mere shadows of what they were once. Your brains
have deteriorated because you do not exercise them enough, your nervous systems
have deteriorated because of the strains and stresses you place upon them with
frightening regularity. Your blue sky, your vast oceans and fresh air you have
systematically destroyed with reckless abandon, as if your single goal in your
evolution was to ensure that you would leave a harsh unwelcome planet to your
children and your childrens children so that they like us will necessarily leave this
once blue pearl in the firmament of our galaxy to seek another home as we did
when Venus crumbled into the soupy inhospitable mass it is today.
Hearken unto me and I will tell you what we took to become the greatest beings in
the entire Virgo cluster.
First, understand that you are all in this together, this is the basis of the universe
and of science itself!!
All the cells in a body, all the atoms in a solid, all the ants in a colony, if they didnt
work together then we wouldnt be having this discussion. So ditch the enmity and
be friends or at least stop trying to mindlessly slaughter each other.

Okay, your first problem will be trying to nourish your growing population, 7 billion
hungry mouths and counting!! Focus on water purification and restoration of forest
cover and habitats. Stop hunting and poaching, you dont have that luxury and
believe me when you run out you will regret it.
It will be a good idea to find a way to separate sodium nitrate from sea water, then
you get pure water to drink. I also suggest finding a way to reverse the electrolysis
of water to give hydrogen and oxygen and make water out of the gases instead.
After all, Hydrogen is easy to come by and if you could find a way to split oxygen
atoms from the ever increasing supply of carbon dioxide then you will have solved
your water problem.
And also there are some places which are more humid than other places, if you
could extract the water from the water vapor then I think you will be fine, but be
careful dont take too much or you will imbalance the whole hydrological cycle.
Now to handle the issue of nutrition. I know you are not going to like what Im about
to say, but it is essential that for at least the next few decades you must eat only to
live and not live to eat and dont damage delicate ecosystems to sate your taste
Chemicals are volatile things, dont play around with them carelessly, and refrain
from using them on living organisms, especially on food crops, They knock the
balance of the plant out of shape and do more harm than good and Im sure that
they leave a bad taste in the mouth. Chemical pesticides are much worse, you
might as well drop a nuclear bomb in your field. Stick to organic means of growing
food, it is safer and though it is a slightly more expensive process it will pay you
back tenfold in the long run. Let those fields that have been sapped of fertility lie
fallow to regain their lost fertility and please share resources. The division between
the rich and poor is dangerous and it will result in terrible things. It happened on
Venus too. Riots, rebellions and devastation that will never happen again for the
concepts of rich and poor are now obsolete among our society. We are one huge
super organism, we want you to be like that too.
Remember all you rich, arrogant people, those villagers are the only ones holding
you aloft and if you let them fall then you will fall too, hard!!
And for earths sake, stop wasting stuff, especially food!! You have to be efficient
and eat properly and make sure everyone else eats properly too.
Food and nutrition are the first steps you need to take to save your earth.
Also, in the field of nutrition, why not concentrate on replication of DNA without
sexual reproduction then you could literally grow the necessary protein,
carbohydrate and other nutrients you need. I heard that some scientists had
managed to grow a piece of cow protein meat recently, I suggest you master that
process It will gradually solve your food problem and you wont have to feel guilty
about killing some poor defenseless animal.
After food and water, your next obstacle will be shelter.

Now I understand that some of you humans are a bit addicted to luxury with large
mansions and whatnot, but I suggest you adjust because it is far better to enjoy a
simple life than die for a million dollar mansion. Those self-centered Homo sapiens
who think that mass genocide is the answer of getting rid of poverty. The Mannins of
planet Manitonus of Quadrant 3, thought that it was a great idea to kill all those
they considered as excess population. It was a bad idea and the subsequent riots,
wars and rebellions that happened make your world wars look like water-balloon
Nevertheless, they killed each other and their planet is nothing more than a burnt
husk, if you ask me, it wasnt extinction, it was suicide.
Back to the question of shelter, now think about what an average person needs, a
place to rest, a place to store food and to prepare food and a place for leisure and
entertainment. It is not that hard to fit that into a place the size of an outhouse and
as long as it is maintained and kept clean, it would be perfect.
Also devote some time to the research of eco-friendly building materials and
become independent of wood. I suggest you use hardened, thickened and denser
plastic as a viable building material and you could make slightly more permanent
houses that can be disassembled when one needs to move. It is a good way to use
all the plastic waste you humans have, lying around the earth.
That should do it, all your basic needs should be fulfilled. You are more self-sufficient
but still too dependent on your surroundings. So now you should focus on your more
complex needs. Divert more of your resources to look for a sustainable form of
energy and all you individuals, do your own little bit for your species.
Start off by walking short distances instead of using the automobile, shut off the
running water after cleansing the oral cavity and for earths sake switching off the
lights and fans when you leave the room!!
Nuclear fusion is a very good idea for you to pursue, though I must warn you, dont
take it casually, it is a complex process that we Venusians mastered just a century
After you learn to work together, Humanitys biggest enemy will be disease, it is
best to be prepared. I suggest instead of killing of microbes and pathogens at first
sight why dont you set pathogen against pathogen, they might be sworn enemies
both eager to rip each other apart. It certainly saves you the time.
And finally the most important necessity, Education.
Learning about the way of the universe and the way of life. It is crucial for
maintaining progress and also brings development. Remember the only permanent
thing is change and education is the embodiment of change. Education that is not
allowed to change over time is not education at all.
So dont hold education firm, let it flow freely and that comes when you start asking
questions my dear friends

We Venusians greatly value your presence and are eager to see your progress from
now. We believe in you, my dear humans. Im sure you will overcome the difficulties
you are facing and join us.
We will see you soon