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SAMIO, Christine P.

Fieldtrip No. 1
Plastics play a significant role in almost every industry and in almost all of them,
Manly Plastics Inc has the right service to offer. Manly Plastics Inc offers many kinds of
plastic parts and products as they engineer their own equipment perfect for every
request they accept.
The trip to Manly Plastics is the first of ten plant visits, and it left quite an
impression. Their plant tour was organized and seemed like it was a program they offer,
so they are prepared during our visit. We are received well and were given an overview
of the companys history and background as well as the concept of the different
processes they use for plastic manufacturing.
Manly Plastics, Inc consist of 6 major corporations, Manly Plastics, Sentinel,
Sanko, Filpet, Inc, M-Plus and First Pinnacle Each catering to different Plastic
manufacturing services. Sentinel Plastics Manufacturing Corporation produces plastic
furniture. They brag of their400-pound-load tested products assuring that the furniture
they make can withstand a great amount of weight. Sanko Plastics Philippines who
manufacture containers, pallets and crates for the industrial sector. FILPET, INC,
Manufactures PET containers for other companies. They provide containers to
industries encompassing from food to healthcare. M-plus is the sector of Manly Plastics
that produces plastic automotive parts. All these corporations are located inside their
industrial compound, so we were privileged to witness the manufacture of most of their
Manly Plastics manufacture all the aforementioned merchandise, all from pellet
to product. We are guided to these processes by Many Plastics Engineers Sir Carlo and
Sir Ralph. They discussed the Companys history, on how Manly Plastics started as
Manly Shoes that produces only one product, shoe heels. It is quite an inspirational
story of determination judging how it grew from there to its six corporations now after 50

years of growth. The lecture also briefly discussed the different types of plastic
manufacturing processes they perform.
The tour started at the Mold Engineering Division, the personnel in this division;
though they are busy themselves, made efforts to show us their work and informed us
as much as possible. In this division, they design the molds used for production. The
team of Designers mostly composed of Industrial Engineers design and simulate molds
merely through software. All from the quality of molds to the quality of the plastic
products themselves are checked through computer simulation to assure that the molds
that they will produce will be close to perfection and to minimize the work of the
We then proceed to the Mold Base Area where fabrication begins for most of the
molds and cavities. Honestly, starting from this area, it is not very advisable to tour 15
people. The loud noise from the running machinery made it almost impossible to hear
the guide even for just two lines of people away from the guide. The group became loud
as we kept on asking each other details we were not able to hear. In addition to that, I
was too short to see the equipment, so if I werent already in front, I have to make time
to be the last one to look.
We then went to the Electron Discharge Area where the finer details in the
cavities are imprinted. It also refines the surface of the cavities and molds. An electrical
spark can be seen between the machines electrode and the cavity. The spark is
surrounded by water flushed continuously to quickly cool the areas worked on and to
flush away the excess particles.
We then visited FILPET, INC where injection molding of performs for various
containers for third-party food and healthcare companies is made. If I am to assess the
area, I do not think it passes as sufficiently sanitary for the production of food grade
containers. The area is also not fit both for workers and the machinery ventilation wise.
Other products like handles and caps are also produced through injection mold. PET
Bottles, however, are produced by injection molding to create the performs then goes
through blowing to create the final form of the bottle.

Some of the products that did not pass through the Quality Assurance
department shall be rejected and recycled at Sanko, Inc where it goes through crushing
then injection molding to create pallets, crates, and containers. This is not the only
environmentally friendly action they pursue; they also use waste materials to fuel some
of their manufacturing processes.
The guide made every way to show us all the processes as much as he can that
he also showed us the wastewater treatment facility of the compound.
Safety wise, the plant is not that compliant as well, as seen from their bulletin
board, they had 2 accidents during the span of August alone, the forklifts are also
noticeably faster than as required which is 10mph.
Manly Plastics not only educated us but entertained us as well. We are greatly
thankful for their warm welcome towards us, and we will be happy to recommend other
batches to visit the plant as well.