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infographic contains short pieces of text, visuals, and other graphics to quickly convey
information about a topic.




Required Content

Does Not Yet Meet

Required Content missing
Not drawn from required station
day activity sources


Difficult to read/find information


Does not relate to the topic area

and/or enhance understanding
Sources not credited

Not in point form

Glossary lacking
Furigana missing


(mutual/one another)

Meets (+/-)
Sections (Min. 4/Max.5)
1 Graphic or 1 Statistic/Section
3-4 points per section
Drawn from information learned in
station day activity ONLY
The information is well formatted
and organized.
Relate to the topic area and help
to convey information/enhance
Sources credited
Presented in point form (plain )
Readable with minimal errors that
dont detract
A maximum of 5 extra words
allowed glossary provided
Furigana for any kanji not studied.

+ strike/beat

Source Tanoshiijapanese.com