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Bazi (Four Pillars) What 12 Stages Fortune Reveal

August 23rd, 2012 Articles, Four Pillars

The 12 Stages of Fortune reveal the kind of energy you have in each of the four Pillars of your Bazi Chart the strong,
weak, or moderate areas in your life force.
The 12 Stages of Fortune are arrange in a natural sequence starting from Growth, Childhood, Adulthood, Accomplishment,
Maturity, Decline, Ailment, Release, Completion, Dormancy, Conception and Birth respectively. In ones Chart, only four of
the Stages Fortune will appear that is one for each Pillar and they will not necessarily follow the natural sequence. For
example Birth or Conception or Dormancy may pop up anywhere. The Readings relate the Stages of Fortune in each Pillar
they appear.
The 12 Fortune Stages vary in force as shown in the Readings. There are 4 moderate forces, 4 strong forces and 4 weak
forces. A strong force is not necessarily a blessing. There can be too much strength and this can become destructive.
Balance is needed. If your Self Pillar shows a Weak Stage, look for helpers among the Stages in other Pillars of your Chart.
12 Stages of Fortune Reading

Growth (Strong Force) H1E12-H2E7-H3E3-H4E10-H5E3-H6E10-H7E6-H8E1-H9E9H10EE

Year Pillar

Health and heredity are average here, though health problems may afflict
some women later.


This individual is not independent but does not like to take the advice of

Day Pillar

Indicates a very childlike quality a person who finds it difficult to make


Hour Pillar

Relationships may be difficult at the start but improve later on as partners

gain maturity.

Childhood (Moderate Force) H1E1-H2E6-H3E4-H4E9-H5E4-H6E9-H7E7-H8E12H9E10-H10E3

Year Pillar

Very good genetic inheritance indicating one who was a healthy baby and
can look forward to a long life.


You might try being a support at times instead of always the star.

Day Pillar

With this moderate force, you have a good head, are creative, gentle at
heart, though self-center.

Hour Pillar

In marriage, women usually fare well, but men are often less fortunate.

Adulthood (Strong Force) H1E2-H2E11-H3E5-H4E8-H5E5-H6E8-H7E8-H8E11H9E11-H10E2

Year Pillar

A strong individual, born healthy with fine heredity.


Very competitive and will never admit to being wrong.

Day Pillar

This person wants the best out of life, loves power and can handle many
enterprises well.

Hour Pillar

Super strength is not always good for relationships. Sometimes these

people find themselves socially rejected because they are too intense,
power hungry and often hurt others to get what they want.

Accomplishment (Strong Force) H1E3-H2E4-H3E6-H4E7-H5E6-H6E7-H7E9-H8E10H9E12-H10E1

Year Pillar

Born strong and healthy and very independent.


Here is someone who will not want to do what the parents want. Such a
person needs to work hard and study while young because he or she is
very proud and wants to gain success.

Day Pillar

This strong person will not go into family business but will want to create
his or her own enterprise. People in this group need to accomplish their
goal in their younger years or they will not do well later. If the person
works hard in youth and prepares well, both money and achievement can
be expected.

Hour Pillar

The way of life of this high-achieving individual is not good for partners in
either business or marriage.

Maturity (Strong Force) H1E4-H2E3-H3E7-H4E6-H5E7-H6E6-H7E10-H8E9-H9E1H10E12

Year Pillar

These people have a sound genetic background, are healthy babies and
have few major health problems.


If parental control is lax, this strong-minded person grows up want to be

his or her own boss.

Day Pillar

Very willful and independent, this person needs to be his or her own boss,
otherwise it is very hard to cope. They also tend to be snobbish and put
other people down .

Hour Pillar

Women are career-oriented, very independent and proud and this may
compromise partnerships.

Decline (Weak Force) H1E5-H2E2-H3E8-H4E5-H5E8-H6E5-H7E11-H8E8-H9E2H10E11

Year Pillar

These people may be frail as infants; perhaps they were born in the
wrong season.


These people have a very gentle character but may show at times a
strong streak of resistance.

Day Pillar

Positive but not stubborn, these people are creative and can open up new
enterprise that benefit others.

Hour Pillar

These people can handle a family business well and their marriage is
usually satisfactory.

Ailment (Weak Force) H1E6-H2E1-H3E9-H4E4-H5E9-H6E4-H7E12-H8E7-H9E3H10E10

Year Pillar

These people often suffer many ailments in childhood.


May lose a lot of schooling due to health matters or may drop out of
school for reasons of health.

Day Pillar

These people tend to be worriers and may not be fortunate in marriage or

in career pursuits due to lack of physical strength or poor preparation.

Hour Pillar

The first marriage for these people often does not work out; they need a
second attempt in order to settle down.

Release (Weak Force) H1E7-H2E12-H3E10-H4E3-H5E10-H6E3-H7E1-H8E6-H9E4H10E9

Year Pillar

These people are not the healthiest, perhaps because they were born in
the wrong season.


These people do not like to listen to others and prefer simply to do as

they please, especially if lacking a strong parental hand.

Day Pillar

Usually these people are quiet types but they are very strong-minded and
do not heed others advice. This often causes many problems as they
often upset the applecart.

Hour Pillar

Women usually marry more than once. Men tend to marry late in life or
remain bachelors..

Dormancy (Moderate Force) H1E8-H2E11-H3E11-H4E2-H5E11-H6E2-H7E2-H8E5H9E5-H10E8

Year Pillar

Indicates average good health, but one who is nonchalant about health
and lifestyle.


Parents are probably easygoing and so there is possibly too much easy
living built into this ones lifestyle.

Day Pillar

May experience uncertain finances but is generally easygoing and takes

life as it comes. Should seek an equally easygoing partner in marriage.

Hour Pillar

This individual may find little help coming from the marriage partner.

Completion (Weak Force) H1E9-H2E10-H3E12-H4E1-H5E12-H6E1-H7E3-H8E4H9E6-H10E7

Year Pillar

A pattern of being an easy mark or overly indulgent in sexual matters is

perhaps due to being born in the wrong season or getting off to a bad


These people have many ups and downs in life, perhaps due to an erratic
childhood or overindulgent parents.

Day Pillar

These are people who are easy to cheat and others take advantage of
them in these and other ways. Both men and women need to be careful of
swindlers and more patient not too impulsive in making decisions. They
need to be careful too in sexual matters and not to be over self-indulgent
in these and other activities.

Hour Pillar

These people, men and women, must be careful

of trusting any partner too much for those of both sexes tend to be easy

Conception (Moderate Force) H1E10-H2E9-H3E1-H4E12-H5E1-H6E12-H7E4-H8E3H9E7-H10E6

Year Pillar

Average health and genetic background.


There may be illnesses in youth but health gets better as the person
grows older.

Day Pillar

This person is usually very clever with words but is inclined to make
cutting remarks for a humorous effect.

Hour Pillar

A nonconformist, this person is often clever and is able to do many things

but does not do things of great lasting value.

Birth (Moderate Force) H1E11-H2E8-H3E2-H4E11-H5E2-H6E11-H7E5-H8E2-H9E8H10E5

Year Pillar

Moderately good health and heredity with an acceptable life span



This person is often someone who is adopted into a new family or is cared
for by a godparent or grandparent and so has better care than would
have been offered by the natural parents.

Day Pillar

This individual benefits from a helping hand and is often given a life out of
a limited situation, making the life better though very little effort is

Hour Pillar

Accomplishment may be satisfactory if good fortune provides and with

helpful partnership at work and in marriage.

Read article Bazi (Four Pillars) Discover Personal Fortune Stages, to determine your Personal Fortune Stages.
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Gender: Male
Birth Date: Year Geng Zi, Month Wu Yin, Day Bing Zi, Hour Ji Chou

10-Year Luck Periods


The purpose of Bazi Destiny Life Analysis is to help you discern about your life and what fate has
bestowed upon your life journey. With this knowledge, you will be able to understand the elements that
create life greatest opportunities for you, as well as, have deeper insights on the problems you have
now or will face into the future. Having Seek First to Understand, you will then be able to make
informed decisions on the appropriate actions to maximize your greatest strengths, minimize your
weaknesses, create opportunities at the right time and avoid the threats that comes your way in the
years ahead. Thus, you have complete control over your own fate. Your Free Will to decide and take

actions will determine the relative level of high, average and low luck you will encounter and how
smooth your life journey will be.


a) Season of Birth

Your Self Element, also know as the Day Master, is Bing Fire born in the season of Spring where
the Wood energy is strong. Wood supports Fire, giving strength to your Day Master.

In your chart, the Hour Pillar branch element of Chou Earth combines with Zi Water in both the
Month and Year Pillar branches to produce more Earth elements in your chart. These combinations
increase the Earth element strength. Your Day Master is also surrounded by the Earth elements in the
Heavenly Stems.

b) Support of earthly branches under the 12 natural stages of life

In order to further understand the strength of your Day Master relative to the other elements present
in your chart, we need to further apply the method using the cycle of the 12 Natural Stages of Life to
compare relationships between the Day Master and the branches of the Year, Day and Hour and
current 10-year luck period.

The support from the earthly branch of Year pillar is at the weak Conception stage.
The support from the earthly branch of Day pillar is at the weak Conception stage.
The support from the earthly branch of Hour pillar is at the weak Nurture stage.
The support from the current 10-year luck period is at the weak Deterioration stage.

This means that support of earthly branches under the 12 natural stages of life is relatively weak in
this current 10 year period 2005 to 2015.

c) Support from the arrangement of pillars

There is little support of Fire and Wood elements present in the Heavenly stems and Earth branches of
your life chart to boost and increase the strength of your Day Master.


From the above analysis, the strength of your Day Master Bing Fire is therefore considered
relatively Weak compared with the strong presence of Earth elements in your chart.

The Earth element rules contemplation of the Five Emotions of Joy, Contemplation, Anxiety, Panic,
and Fury. You tend to think a lot because the earth elements are overwhelming in your life chart.

What this means is that because you think too much, it may result in negative thoughts about your
own situation leading to the feeling of pessimisms. As a result, you will mentally reinforce your
weaknesses and become more conservative and negative about your situation.

You must therefore learn to control and master your own mental thought processes and train yourself
to be more optimistic and positive in life. This will allow you to tap into the great opportunities that will
come your way.


As your Day Master (Fire) is Weak, your favorable elements are:


Wood which represents Primary and Secondary Resources


Fire which represents Friends and Competitors

Your unfavorable elements are:


Earth which represents Explicit and Implicit Talent (Output)


Metal which represents Conventional and Unconventional Wealth


Water which represents Imposing and Proper Authority

Your favorable elements strengthen your Day Master and bring about harmony and balance to your life
chart and thereby increase your luck.

Your unfavorable elements further weaken the strength of your Day Master and bring about
disharmony and imbalance to your life chart and thereby decrease your luck.


Your life chart pattern comes under the influence of the Deity of Implicit Talent. This is because Wu
Earth is found in the hidden stem element of the Month pillar, which represents the Deity of Implicit
Talent under the Ten Deities Chart for your Bazi Life Chart.


Your life chart pattern of Implicit Talent determines your character strengths and weaknesses.

Your strengths are you are caring, kind, polite, expressive, multi-talented, eloquent performer, easy
going and optimistic and carefree.

Your strengths manifest the greatest during periods of good luck where your favorable elements are
present in the 10-year luck period and the current annual year. This is because the presence of the
favorable elements brings about harmony and balance to your chart.

Your weaknesses are you can give in easily, become lazy, laidback, impatient and also emotional. You
also dislike restraint.

Your weaknesses manifest the greatest during the low periods in your life where your unfavorable
elements are present in the 10-year luck period and the current annual year. This is because the
presence of the unfavorable elements brings about an imbalance to your chart.


The Ten Deities is also used to determine your favorable Trade / Professions.

The deity of implicit talent draws out the energy of the Day Master and is liken to a stimulation of your
potential where ideas, actions, intelligence and capabilities are spurred as a result and these relate to
the expression of talents.

A career in the creative field associated with innovation and invention, teaching, arts and
entertainment, and other services related industries like tourism and hospitality is most suitable.

The element of the Deity of Implicit Talent is Wu Earth and earth elements are abundant in your life
chart. Thus, being engaged in the above trade and professions will improve your career luck.


The element of the Day Master also represents Friends and Competitors.

As your Day Master is weak, similar elements in the life chart and 10-year luck period will be
supportive to your Day Master.

A weak Day Master must seek out partners for business ventures in order to be successful.

However, as your Day Master is also supported by strong Wood in the life chart, during the 10-year
luck period when your Day Master is overly strengthen by the strong presence of Fire and Wood, your
friends, partners and associates may turn into your competitors.


Harmful and Punishing Clashes

Analysing the lack of career recognition and rewards, promotion and advancement from 1985 to 1995.

The cause during this period is the Harmful and Punishing Clash formed by your Month Pillar Branch of
Yin Wood with the 10-year luck period branch of Si Fire (1985 to 1995) and driven deeper by the
annual year pillar branch of Shen Metal in 1992. On top of this, both your life chart year and day
pillar branches of Zi Water are in harm clash with the year branch of Wei Earth in 1991. Your hour
pillar branch of Chou Earth also has a conflict and punishment clash with the year branch of Wei
Earth in 1991.

Analysing the lack of career recognition and rewards, promotion and advancement from 1995 to 2005.

The cause during this period is the Conflict and Harmful clashes of the 10-year luck period branch of
Wu Fire (1995-2005) with your life chart year and day pillar branches of Zi Water and hour pillar
branch of Chou Earth .


In your life chart, both the year and day pillar branches of Zi Water are in harm clash with your
current luck period branch of Wei Earth from age 46 to 55. Beside this, your hour pillar branch of
Chou Earth has a conflict and punishment clash with your current luck period branch of Wei Earth .
Your month pillar heavenly stem also has a combination of void with the stem of your current luck
period to form the Fire element from age 46 to 55.

Your Day Master is weak Fire. Therefore, if you venture into business, you will need to have partners
in order to be successful.

However, because of the punishment and harm clashes your life chart has with your current luck
period as well as the heavenly stem combination of void which also produces the element of Fire
representing partners or competitors, you should avoid going into any business venture, as the
conditions are not conducive for success. Likewise, your should avoid making big bets in investments
during this period.

You should find a stable job as your life chart and the next decade of luck period is also not conducive
for you to venture into business. You might wish to consider a career in teaching, arts and
entertainment, and other services related industry like tourism.

You need to prepare for the possibility of set backs and failures if you wish to proceed with any
Business ventures. Be extremely careful with legal documents and contracts. Be wary of partners and
employees who may run away with your business ideas, company secrets and customers base.

Punishment and harms means you will experience such situations that will eventually beat your spirit
down and turn you from being optimistic to extremely pessimistic towards life.

If you are confident of having a strong mind-set to ride out all these obstacles, you will actually come
out a wiser person.