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F> Ineffective Health Maintenance

Related to
Disabled family coping, perceptual-cognitive impairment (complete or
partial lack of gross or fine motor skills)
Lack of or significant alteration in communication skills (written, verbal, or
Unachieved developmental tasks
Lack of material resources
Dysfunctional grieving
Disabling spiritual distress
Inability to make deliberate and thoughtful judgments
Ineffective coping
> Vital signs
> Defining Characteristics:
> History or lack of health-seeking behavior
> Reported or observed lack of equipment, financial, and/or other resources
> Reported or observed impairment of personal support systems
> Expressed interest in improving health behaviors
> Demonstrated lack of knowledge regarding basic health practices
> Demonstrated lack of adaptive behaviors to internal and external
environmental changes
> Reported or observed ability to take responsibility for meeting basic health
practices in any or
or all functional pattern areas
> Assess clients feelings, values, and reasons for not following prescribed plan of
> Assess for family patterns, economic issues, and cultural patterns that influence
compliance with a given medical regimen
> Help client determine how to arrange a daily schedule that incorporates the new
health care regimen
> Refer client to social services for financial assistance if needed
> Identify support groups related to the disease process
> Help client to choose healthy lifestyle and to have appropriate diagnostic
screening tests
> Identify complementary healing modalities such as herbal remedies, acupuncture,
healing touch, yoga, or cultural shamans that the client uses in addition to or
instead of the prescribed allopathic regimen
> Refer client to community agencies for appropriate follow-up care
> Obtain or design educational material that is appropriate for client
> Ensure that follow-up appointments are scheduled before the client is discharged