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We see forward-thinking Trustees

I can think of no greater privilege than to lend what energies and talents I
may have to honoring this tradition of excellence.
Now, as always, this tradition defines usbut it must not confine us. In the
words of Harriet Beecher Stowe, 'The past, the present, and the future are
really one: they are today.'
Sowhat is Mills College today?
First and foremost, Mills is a place of academic excellence. This bears
repeating. There is nothing more important to the future of Mills than
ensuring that the students who choose to study here receive the highestquality education that we can possibly provide.
The terms 'tradition' and 'innovation' are not often paired, but here at Mills,
our community values, balances, and insists upon both. We see this across
all academic divisions:
In the fine arts, our renowned faculty has created a haven for
experimentalism across artistic genres.
In the natural sciences, housed in our first LEED-certified green building,
our graduates have gone on to revolutionize their fields.
In letters, our nationally recognized poets, authors, and scholars inspire
students to create the most contemporary of works.
In the social sciences, we explore human behavior across time, cultures,
and nations and ask tough questions about history, justice, and equality.
And in our Schools of Education and Business, we prepare thoughtful,
ethical leaders who are committed to making a positive social impact.

To our outstanding faculty across all disciplines: I will be a president who

supports your work. You will be partners and trusted advisors in my
administration. And I will strive to ensure that you have the tools you need to
continue providing Mills students with the tools they need to flourish in a
complex world.
In recent months, it has become trendy to talk about a college education in
terms of 'return on investment.' Weve seen articles that rank the various
academic majors by future earnings potential. Some have even suggested
that studying the liberal arts is now an impractical luxury.
I believe I know why this sentiment exists. It comes from a place of deep
discontent about our economy and job market. I have heard this tension in
the voices of seniors here on campus.
We cant escape the fact that this is a challenging and uncertain financial
time for colleges and universities across the country. But one thing is clear
beyond any doubt: the surest way to fortify our financial strength is to fortify
our academic strength. We cannot and will not solve short-term financial
challenges by sacrificing our long-term academic standing.
Coming from the business world, I have interviewed and hired more than a
few employees over the years. And so I can tell you with some credibility
that in the quote-unquote real world, you can teach someone how to do a
job, but you cannot teach them how to thinkcritically.
I wholeheartedly reject the implication that one must choose between the
lofty ideals of a liberal arts education and the practicality of career training.
This is what we stand for. This is who we are. We are impatient in the face of
injustice. We believe that the obligation of a Mills graduate is not just to
analyze or assess the world, but to remake it.
I will always remember that I represent you.
Thank you so much

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