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Data Sheet

Wherescape red

Speeds up development
Supports enterprise and big data
Builds dimensional data marts, normalized
data warehouses and data vaults
Builds standard database and big data
components no black box
Automated document generation for both
technical and end users

Simplify deployment and promotion through

inbuilt functionality
Database and scheduler integration ensure
speed and ease of use
Open and integrated metadata
Supports Agile and iterative development

WhereScape RED Get to value faster with Data Warehouse Automation

WhereScape RED is data warehouse automation software for building, deploying, managing, and
renovating data warehouses, data marts, and big data solutions. WhereScape RED sets the standard for
delivery speed without compromise, and dramatically accelerates the time to value.

Automated Data Integration

Data Warehouse Specific Features

Generates highly optimized code

Best practice applied automatically
Data warehouse specific wizards
Documentation generation at any stage
Flexibility to extend, edit or regenerate code
Scheduler and workflow integration
Supports iterative and agile development
Integrated version control
Integrated source control
Set based code generation
Configurable naming convention
Transportable metadata for simplified
Support for multiple developers

Incorporates and embodies a pragmatic

Complements and/or replaces traditional
ETL tools
Supports prototyping by dragging and
dropping from source objects before
the target is defined
Default support for incremental loads
Default support for change detection in
the data warehouse
Default support for normalized, data vault
and dimensional models
Default support for slowly changing and
snowflake dimensions

Data Sheet

Integrated with the Database

Generates database specific procedural code

Generates database specific objects such as
load, stage, data store, 3NF, fact, dimension,
hub, link, satellite, indexes and cubes
Generates data warehouse indexes
Metadata stored in a database
Leverages existing database skills

Integrated Data Warehouse Scheduler

Includes Microsoft Windows, UNIX and/or

LINUX based schedulers
Single point of management
Full dependency editor
Restart at failure point
Manages index drop, create and rebuild
Full error and audit logging
Can be called from enterprise schedulers

Open Metadata

Automatic creation of metadata

Metadata stored in database tables for
easy access
Used to automatically create documentation
and glossary
Built in metadata reports and diagrams can
be used by industry standard query tools

Documentation Generation

Generates user and technical documentation

from metadata
Regenerate at any time
Output to customizable HTML
Includes schema and data flow diagrams
Technical documentation includes all
procedures as at generation time
User documentation includes glossary of
business terms

Lifecycle Support

Builds quickly

Supports code promotion

Easy to use metadata
Simple to modify

Enterprise Ready

Version 02

Integrated version control

Integrated source control
Purely set based code generation
Configurable naming convention
Transportable metadata for simplified
Support for multiple developers

Agile Development

Supports continuous integration

Integration with external testing tools
Integration with external source control tools
Supports team development
Fast iterations
Production ready code auto generated
Full documentation auto generated

Supported Platforms
WhereScape RED builds native database objects
optimized for a number of target platforms,

Microsoft SQL Server


As well as analytic appliances such as:

Microsoft Analytics Platform System (PDW)

WhereScape RED utilizes the power of the

underlying database to extract data from virtually
any source, including: OLTP systems, flat files, and
big data platforms such as Hadoop.