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Personal Leadership Action Plan

Julia Zimmerman
List 5+ Strengths and Weaknesses
What are your Strengths:
I am a great communicator
I am able to solve complex problems
when they are thrown my way
I am driven and passionate about
everything that I do
I am good at motivating others
I push myself and my peers to their fullest
I see the good in people
I am very loyal and trustworthy, I will
always do my part
I am adaptable and open minded

What are your Weaknesses:

I can tend to be disorganized
I procrastinate
I start too many things at once and
cant finish them all
I sometimes cant put more important
things in priority over small things
I am very emotional which, to me, can
be a weakness when it comes to
I can be insecure about myself and my

How will you capitalize on your Strengths

Throughout my life I can use my strengths to my advantage. I will use my
communication skills in order to build relationships with the people around me
whether it be my boss or with someone in an elevator. I will use my problem solving
skills to get myself out of trouble whenever I am in it. I will also be able to use those
skills in order to adapt and grow to ensure that I take the best route. My passion and
drive will get me to the places I want to go. I cant see myself stepping down and
doing something mediocre and waiting for the right opportunity to come my way. If I
dont get it the first time I will find a way to build myself up and try again. I will seize
every opportunity that I can in order to find success within myself. When it comes to
others I enjoy working with a team. I personally enjoy watching others succeed as
well. I want to ensure that everyone I work with or have a relationship with are
working to their fullest potential. I understand that people make mistakes and that if
I see great potential within them, I am able to look past their problems and help
them prove themselves. I use this as well as being trustworthy to gain relationships
that will help me along the way. I give people my trust in order to gain theirs in
return. Relationships are very important whether they are work or personal. Trust is
the basis of success and I believe that my loyalty will strengthen these bonds and
help me push to greatness. Being adaptable and open minded is also a strength of
mine where I am able to see past my own personal thoughts and beliefs and get
insight from others point of views. If there is disagreement, I am able to find a
middle-ground or find a solution that will work for everyone. I am open-minded to
new things since the world is ever-changing.

How will you overcome your weaknesses

When it comes to organization, to someone else, I seem very messy with things
thrown about, yet, I always know where everything is. In order to overcome this and
be more organized in a way that is pleasing to the eye as well as me, I will have to
work every day in order to build a habit of staying organized. I will first find a place
for everything and then I will work every day to keep these things in their place and
maintain it. I can plan ahead to have every third day where I will reorganize and
ensure everything is in its right place. When it comes to procrastination I will
overcome this by planning. I need to really sit down at the beginning of every week
and plan out my days where I have times set up to do the things I need to get done.
I dont plan very well which is a skill I need to work on in order to stay ahead and
stay focused on the main goal. When I really need to get things done, I have a
problem where I think a nap sounds like a better option than working on what is
important. In order to fix this problem, it leads me back to planning. I will find time
out of my days to spend personal time whether it be napping or hanging out with

my friends or boyfriend. The other times, I will plan to get the important things done
before I do these less important tasks. When it comes to my weaknesses,
consistency is key and in order to overcome them, I will need to be consistent. I am
an emotional decision maker and I get easily flustered and upset. In order to
overcome this, I will need to focus my attention on the work related aspects and
keep my emotions out of things. I will have to start small, but in the end if I have to
let someone go from my team or company, I cant keep making excuses and worry
about upsetting them. I will focus on the main goals and push my emotions aside
where I will ensure that there will only be the best outcomes. In order to overcome
my insecurity, I will take more time to public speak. This will help me overcome my
fear of being personally insecure and give me more confidence. When it comes to
insecurity of my actions, I will find ways of reassurance to know that whichever
decision I make will be the right one, even if there are consequences.

Your MBTI is ENFJ What does this mean to you: (write 2 paragraphs)

After reading the description of ENFJs, this is basically exactly the type of
person I am with only minor things off. An ENFJs main name is the Giver, which
ultimately describes me. The reason I want to become a doctor, is because I want to
dedicate my life to helping others. And not only do I want to be a doctor, I want to
be a doctor who travels to third world countries and volunteers my time to give
medical treatment to those who dont have it. Right now I volunteer quite a bit and I
enjoy every moment of it. I have very very close relationships with my friends and
family and as I said earlier as one of my strengths, I have the best interests for
those around me. I really believe that I live a people-focused life and I dont mind
that. Ive given a lot of thought into joining the peace corps after college if I dont
get into medical school my first time around. It also says in the description that
ENFJs should also really spend time alone because we are so externally focused, it
is important to focus on our own needs. At first I really didnt do this. I spent a lot of
time with my friends and family and I usually always had a boyfriend because I was
actually scared of being alone. When I got to college I actually started doing yoga
and this really helped me focus on my inner needs and to spend time alone because
it is really important that you focus on yourself. I tend to put others before myself
and in some cases I need to focus that I am the most important person in my life
and in order to have any relationships, I need to ensure that my health is up to par.
So I have definitely have improved with this aspect.
I agree that sometimes I have strong beliefs but I will refrain from expressing
them because it could interfere with bringing out the best in others. I agree that I
am straight forward and honest, especially when it comes to my friends. The only

thing that I disagreed with is that ENFJs dont like dealing with impersonal
reasoning. It says they are unhappy dealing with situations when it comes to logic
and facts without human element. I can agree to a certain extent, however, that is
why I am so interested in science. When there are logical facts that I cant
personally find something to disprove them, I will go with it. I am always interested
in learning new things and sometimes facts and logic make a lot more sense than
personal feelings. It can be a big debate in decision making but some things are out
of our hands. Also because I can get so emotional, logic and facts are a good way of
making a clear decision for the better. When I was younger, I agree with the
statement that underdeveloped ENFJs have a tough time decision making and that
we rely heavily on others. This was so me a few years ago. I would have to get
everyone to help me out with making the easiest decisions and I could never just
focus on what I wanted. I judged things way too quickly and was really hard on
myself when it came to the future. I took criticism badly and I worried constantly.
Now that I have a better understanding of myself, I have overcome these things.
Ultimately, I do get the best satisfaction serving others and I think that this is a
good fit for me even though it can be important to put yourself first.

Your MOTIVATION SCORE IS 56 : What does this mean to you: (write a paragraph)
This is a great thing for me. I think that although I can be emotional and I put many
before myself, it is only for the best. I think my way of leading will be very people
centered, however, this will make the best teams to work with trust and loyalty and
I will be able to depend on them when I need them, because I will have strong
relationships with them. Leading is something that I have always wanted to do. My
mom started her own business, my father is the CIO of a major company and I strive
to become something like them. They are able to lead the best people in order to
make the most successful companies that works in a way that benefits them and
the company. I think that all the skills I have I can lead people and communicate
efficiently to ensure the best results. I will lead with people who compliment me and
that can have skills I dont so we can all learn from each other. Leading has always
been a part of my present as well as my future.

Your NETWORKING SCORE IS 206 What does this mean to you: (write a paragraph)
It says that with this score I am an excellent networker. To me, this means
everything. Ever since I was young my dad has ensured that I knew exactly how to
network. He always told me that it is so important to leave impressions on everyone
you meet and grow my network as far as I possibly can. I have always made sure
that I am professional when meeting those who I know can be helpful in my career
path as well as a nice contact to have not only for myself but for my peers as well. It
can be really helpful gaining relationships with those around you because you never
know when the opportunity will arise when you meet someone who has a
connection with someone you have always wanted to network with. When someone
helps you along the way, it is nice to have an extensive network to return the favor
someday. I think networking and communication are the keys to success and in
every career path, the network you have will really make or break your goals and

Your COMMUNICATION SCORE IS 58 : What does this mean to you: (write a

I would say that this is a strong score to have. As I said before, networking and
proper communication are some of the keys to success and to leadership. For clear
communication it is important to find the underlying causes behind peoples actions
and be open minded when it comes to opinions and beliefs. I care about others and
their perspectives and I enjoy hearing feedback that could benefit my plan of action.

It is always good to think before you speak in order to think of anything that could
possibly offend or harm the person you are talking to and you want to communicate
it in a way where they will best understand it. I try not to get frustrated if people
dont understand the point I am trying to get across but I attempt to find the best
way to communicate it to them to where they will understand even if it takes longer
than needed. I ensure that the messages that I send dont have typos and they are
professional and are written in order to avoid misunderstandings. I think this is a
very important skill to have and with bad communication comes bad leadership.
Discuss your JOHARI and NOHARI what stood out what was a surprise?
The ones that stood out in my Johari window were caring, loving, kind, and
intelligent. These all are great descriptions of me. Although I dont want to boast
and say that I am intelligent, I think that my knowledge and my brain has gotten me
pretty far in my life. When it comes to caring, loving and kind, it really describes me.
I want to dedicate my life to helping others so these are great qualities to have in
this field. One that really stood out to me was confident. This was another one voted
on by 25% of people which isnt a lot but sometimes I dont necessarily feel very
confident. I am confident in a sense of I know what I want to do with my life and
how to get there but when it comes to public speaking and going out of my comfort
zone, I never really thought confidence was one of my strong suits!
In my Nohari window the ones that stood out were insecure, passive, embarrassed,
timid and loud. Embarrassed was one of the ones most voted on and that was a
surprise to me. I can understand that I can be embarrassed a lot of the time. I dont
necessarily like going out in a crowd and doing something silly, however, I will on
occasion and sometimes I dont even care! I guess this was a surprise to me just
because I very rarely feel embarrassed in the things that I do. Insecure describes
me because in a lot of things I do I can feel very insecure about them. Passive I
understand because I can be passive when it comes to problems and I dont face
them directly. Loud makes a lot of sense, because I am. One that I put and others
didnt vote on was unimaginative. I really sometimes feel like I am not imaginative
or creative whatsoever so this kind of surprised me.

List 5+ goals for each section

What are your goals for the next year
What are your goals for the next year
I will get a job as a phlebotomist at
I will master the Pincha
a hospital or private lab
Mayurasana pose in yoga (The
I will pass physics and the lab
forearm balance)
I will complete over 150 volunteer
I will cut out fast food and focus on
I will get onto the executive board
eating healthier
of Hands of Hope to lead the club
I will build relationships with my
into a great year
friends and spend more time with
I will establish myself in a place of
research where I will assist and
possibly write about the research
I will go on two medical mission
we will be doing

What are your goals for the next 3 years


I will build my GPA to above a 3.5

I will have over 300 volunteer hours
I will pass the MCAT with a score
above 26
I will get into medical school
I will continue serving my community
with an organization that I love

What are your goals for the next 3

years (personal)

What are your goals for the next 5 years


I will read 10 books

I will reach my goal on how I want

my body to look
I will continue yoga and practice
religiously and always find time for
I will keep in touch with friends and
family if I move away from them
I want to ensure that I dont sweat
the small things and look at the
bigger picture when making
decisions and while Im in certain
Do at least 5 things on my bucket

What are your goals for the next 5

years (personal)

Be in medical school and declare a

specialty that I love
Find the top three places in the
country that I want to work at to do
my internship/residency
Pass all three USMLE tests during
medical school
Continue volunteering with the
community and practicing
medicine in third world countries
Gain excellence when it comes to
patient care and interpersonal
communication skills

Hike in Norway, New Zealand, and

Find a place where I want to live
and settle down
I will feel comfortable in my
occupation where I will be able to
easily diagnose patients and
ensure the best quality care for
them, or else I will work on this
until I feel this way
I will become the person I aspire to
I will love myself no matter what

Referring to the goals above

How will you achieve your goals for the
next year (professional)
I will take my NHA certification
exam and pass in order to get a
better resume to apply for jobs
I will create a study plan and get
together with my peers in order to
study with them. I will also go to
office hours and get extra help if
I will continue volunteering at TMH
and I will go on medical mission
trips as well as camp boggy creek
to gain more hours
I will be an active member of the
club for the next year to show that
I am dedicated and committed to
better the club
I will talk to professors who are
doing research or who are getting
involved in it and see if they can
find a spot in their lab for me

How will you achieve your goals for the

next year (personal)

How will you achieve your goals for the

next 3 years (professional)

How will you achieve your goals for the

next 3 years (personal)

I will spend at least an hour a day

stretching and try this pose at least
once every time.
I will tell my roommates not to
invite me to go get fast food with
them and I will slowly stop going to
these places
I will find more time out of my days
to spend time with my friends and
make time for them over my
boyfriend at some points
I will work to have enough money
saved in order to go!
I will pick 10 books that I want to
read and spend at least 3 hours a
week reading them in order to
finish by the end of the year

I will study hard and ensure that I

am getting help whenever I am
struggling. I will establish
relationships with my teachers in
order to get their insight on how to
Establish a long term relationship
at an organization where I can set
out time during my week to
I will take a study course where I
will be able to get prepared well
enough before the exam. I will also
begin studying months before the
exam to ensure my knowledge is
fresh in my mind
I will build a resume with good
grades, volunteer hours,
shadowing doctors and research in
order to stand out amongst my
peers and apply to my dream
medical schools
I will again establish myself with an
organization that is national so I
can hopefully continue my time
there even if I move to medical

How will you achieve your goals for the

next 5 years (professional)

Consistency is key when it comes

to eating healthy and exercising so
I will be consistent with the diet
and exercise plan I have
I will set aside time during my day
and throughout the week to spend
alone time doing yoga where I can
focus my needs and time on that
I will write letters and plan ahead to
ensure I am spending enough time
with the people I love
When making decisions I will think
of all the rational things based on
logic as well as emotions and I
wont make decisions when I have
strong emotions. I will always look
at the bright side of things and
focus my mind on the positives
rather than the negatives.
I will pick 5 things on my bucket list
that are affordable that I can find
time out of my schedule to do and
do it!!

How will you achieve your goals for the

next 5 years (personal)

I will go through my rounds in each

specialty and narrow my options
into things that I cant live without
I will do research and look at the
different places to live with things
that will benefit me and what I
want to do
I will study hard and have a system
of studying to get the greatest
efficiency out of it. I will also go to
my peers and group study and get
help from tutors if I ever need extra
I will establish myself within an
organization where I can find time
out of the med school lifestyle to
volunteer my time for a resume
builder and for personal reasons
and I will set myself up to practice
during mission trips to countries
who cant get access to the care
we can give
I will focus on the interpersonal
relationship building classes and
practice this in every way that I
can. I will practice not only on
patients but on my friends and
family to ensure I will be giving the
best care possible.

I will have money saved up in order

to buy tickets to these places and
hike. I will find someone to come
with me so we can plan a time in
our lives to do the things we love
I will do research and find places
that I love with things to do that I
will enjoy doing every day and that
will fit into my personal life where I
can build a family
I will study hard and ensure that I
am retaining all the information that
I need to properly guide patients
with the care they need. I will
constantly look at past years and
restudy things I may have forgotten
I will be happy and organized with
my life so I will be doing the things
that I love that I have always
wanted to do. I will have
relationships with my friends and
family and possibly a boy where I
can start a family and a life that I
have always wanted
I will spend time out of my days to
look in the mirror and tell myself
that I love me because ultimately, if
I dont love myself, how could I love
anyone else? Dont look at the
flaws in my life, only look at how
well rounded I have become with
every experience.