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Sea Dracula

a strange game

by Jake Richmond
Nick Smith
Next to Investigatin’ write the yellow number
Animal City is a magical town full of hardworking
Next to Partyin’ write the green number.
talking animals with crazy names and silly opinions.
The city is famous for it’s nonsensical legal system,
These are your Lawyer Stats.
where the lawyers are responsible not just for
prosecuting cases but also for fighting monsters and
Name your Animal Lawyer. Choose a crazy name
investigating crime scenes. This was the legendary
for your Animal Lawyer. Don’t choose a normal
legal system pioneered by that great giraffe lawyer,
name! This is important! Choose a CRAZY NAME!
Sea Dracula. The proud traditions of the Animal
Also, if your animal is a horse or a beaver or
City legal system have been handed down from
whatever don’t call it “something horse” or
generation to generation, slowly losing their
“something beaver”. That’s just stupid.
meaning and becoming strange and obscure. Don’t
mistake the ways of this legal system for those of
Here are some examples of awesome names: Sea
your own! The lawyers of Animal City strive only to
Dracula, Zebra Tiger, Rocket Walrus, Jason
win! All other considerations, even the welfare of
Morningstar, Wheat Beaver, Abacus Rex,
their clients and the sanctity of the law, are
Impressive Snake, Jockstrap Hedgehog, Cactus
secondary. They dance the dance of the animal
Rabbit, Yard Ass, Bat Sandler, Mystery G
lawyers, and mere mortals such as ourselves can
only stand back and watch in awe and terror!
Write your animal lawyer’s name down at the top of
your character card.
Character Creation
Lawyer Stats. Each animal lawyer has access to 4
Choose a character card. Each character card awesome Lawyer Stats!
features an illustration of a strange animal and a
Lawyer Stat box. The animal you choose will be the Dancin’ is used for dancing! When two animal
lawyer you play during this game. lawyers disagree they have a dance off! Draw a
number of dance cards equal to your Dancin’ stat
Color your character card. Each section of your and choose the one your opponent must perform!
animal character is numbered like a color by Discard the rest.
number kit. Sections of the character are numbered
1, 2, 3 and 4. Each Lawyer Stat is represented by Fightin’ is used for fighting Bosses that attack
one of the color crayons included with the game. Animal City! Draw a number of dance cards equal
to your Fightin’ stat. Choose the one you will
Blue represents Dancin’ perform and discard the rest! Remember, dance
Red represents Fightin’ cards used during a Boss Fight have special
Yellow represents Investigatin’ requirements.
Green represents Partyin’
Investigatin’ is used to build a case! Draw a
Color your character. You’ll choose your Lawyer number of Clue and Witness cards equal to your
Stats by coloring the numbered sections of your Investagatin’ stat and play them during the
animal lawyer . If you want Dancin’ to be your best Investigation scene.
Lawyer Stat, color all the “4” areas Blue. If you
want Partyin’ to be your worst lawyer stat, color all Partyin’ is used for getting down and funky! Draw
the “1” areas Green. Make sure that all areas are a number of dance cards equal to your Partyin’ stat.
colored in, and that each number are is colored a Choose the one you will perform and discard the
different color. Don’t color your “3” area and your rest! Remember, dance cards used during a Party
“4” area the same color! That would be stupid. have special requirements.
Next to the picture of your animal is a stat box that
Playing Sea Dracula
lists your characters 4 Lawyer Stats. Next to
Sea Dracula is divided into 3 parts, an Investigation
Dancin’ write the blue number
scene, a Courtroom scene and an After party.
Next to Fightin’ write the red number
Investigation scene Opening Arguments. The players take turns giving
A crime has been committed, and it’s up to the their opening arguments, stating who they are and
brave lawyers of Animal City to investigate the whom they represent. The player who set the
crime scene! The player who owns the game gets to Investigation scene goes first. Players can represent
set the scene, describing the location of the crime the city, the defendant, or anything else they want.*
scene and the nature of the crime itself. Murder, It’s not uncommon for animal lawyers to represent
treason and robberies are good crimes to describe. other countries, abstract concepts, religions or
Parking violations suck. Don’t waste your time with shapes and colors. It doesn’t matter who or what
that. That would be stupid. your animal lawyer represents, all that matters is
that they have a theory about the crime that the wish
Once the scene is set the animal lawyers arrive and to prove in court. Or just a theory in general. It’s not
begin their investigation. Each player draws a uncommon for a murder investigation in Animal
number of Clue and Witness* cards equal to their City to be derailed by a lawyer that wants to prove
Investigatin’ stat. Players take turns introducing that ham is delicious.
these cards into the scene by discovering them. Play
a card and describe how it fits in the scene. Did you Important things to say during the Opening
find your clue under the bed? Did you find your Arguments:
witness in the apartment next door? If you find a
witness make sure to invent a name for them and Tell the court who you are!
write it on the top of the witness card. Here are Tell the court who (or what) you represent!
some examples: Tell the court about the theory you wish to prove
true (this does not have to actually be related to the
Playing a Witness card “I enter the crime scene crime).
with my pistol drawn. I hear a sound from the
bathroom, and I hurry to do some investigatin’! *Multiple animal lawyers can represent the same
Tearing open the shower curtain, I find Abacus Rex party. These lawyers don’t work together. Instead,
whimpering and trying to cover his tender bits. I they argue different theories of the crime. In Animal
play the “Abacus Rex” card as a witness”. City it’s not uncommon for 5 lawyers to represent
the defendant with no one representing the city!
Playing a Clue card “While investigatin’ the Guilt and innocence are relative. All that matters is
kitchen I spotted a half eaten order of egg fooyung which lawyer wins!
from the Chinese place on 5th street. The victim
hated Chinese food, so it must belong to the perp. Calling Witnesses, Introducing Clues and
I’ll play the “Chinese Takeout” card as a clue”. Requesting a Recess. Examining Witnesses and
Clues is the best part of the Court scene! Spread out
Make sure to put some spice into your descriptions! your Witness and Clue cards face up in front of you
Try to role play a bit, for gods sake! Once each so everyone can see them!
player has had a chance to introduce all their cards
the investigation scene is over. Animal Lawyers take turns doing stuff during the
Court scene:
* Witness cards are simply unused character cards.
Shuffle the unused character cards and Clue cards Calling a Witness. Push forward a Witness card
together and draw from this pile during the from in front of you. Point to another player (it
Investigation scene. doesn’t matter who) and say “I call you
____________”! The player you point to will play
Court scene the witness.*Ask the witness whatever questions
The court scene is where all the cool stuff happens! you want. The witness can make up whatever
As animal lawyers it’s your duty to prosecute the answer they want, but they must answer the
law to the best of your ability. question. Continue until you feel you have proven
your point, then say “I have proven my point and
have no further questions”. If no one objects then must loudly say “I object on these grounds (insert grounds
you will receive a Lawyer Point. here)” and discard a Witness or Clue card. If the animal
lawyer has no cards to discard then they cannot object!
If another Animal Lawyer objects then he can draw
a number of cards equal to his Dancin’ stat and Requesting a Recess. On your turn you can request a
choose one that you must perform. If you don’t (or recess. If another animal lawyer objects then he can draw
can’t), then your witness’s testimony sucked and a number of cards equal to his Dancin’ stat and choose one
you do not receive a Lawyer Point! that you must perform. If you don’t (or can’t), then your
request for recess is ignored.
Instead of pushing forward a Witness from your
own pile you can choose to cross-examine a witness If your request for recess is successful then you can
that has been called by another animal lawyer. Each choose one of three options; Boss Fight, Party or Break.
animal lawyer can only call the same witness once.
Boss Fight. A Boss Monster has attacked Animal City!
*The Sea Dracula Oath. Each witness must recite Only you can defend the city! Describe the Boss Monster
the Sea Dracula Oath while placing their hand on that is attacking the city. Draw a number of dance cards
the game box before they can testify. If the witness equal to your Fightin’ stat. Choose the one you will
refuses then that players animal lawyer loses a perform and discard the rest!
Lawyer Point. The Sea Dracula Oath must be
recited solemnly and in a loud voice, exactly as Each dance card has a special requirement listed on it that
written below: must be completed during the Boss Fight! You will not
win the Boss Fight without completing this requirement!
“I, your name here, solemnly swear to stop
collaborate and listen If your dance is successful and the Boss Fight requirement
Ice is back with my brand new invention is met you receive a new Clue card to add to your pile! If
Something grabs a hold of me tightly you fail then you lose a Lawyer Point.
Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly
Will it ever stop yo I don’t know Party. Sometimes a case just isn’t going well and an
Turn off the lights and I’ll glow animal lawyer must bribe a witness. Animal lawyers throw
To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal lavish parties where they try to convince witnesses to
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle. testify for them. Describe the Party. Draw a number of
Amen” dance cards equal to your Partyin’ stat. Choose the one
you will perform and discard the rest!
Introducing Clues. Push forward a Clue card from
in front of you. Give a detailed summary of why the Each dance card has a special requirement listed on it that
clue is important and why it helps prove your must be completed during the Party! You won’t be able to
theory. Once you complete your statement you will bribe your witness without completing this requirement!
get a Lawyer Point. Once a Clue is used it
disappears and cannot be introduced by another If your dance is successful and the Party requirement is
lawyer. met you receive a new Witness card to add to your pile! If
you fail then you lose a Lawyer Point.
If another Animal Lawyer objects then he can draw
a number of cards equal to his Dancin’ stat and Break. Sometimes you’ll need to take a break during the
choose one that you must perform. If you don’t (or game. You may want to use the toilet, get a snack, make a
can’t), then your clue sucked and you do not receive phone call or rush a friend to the hospital. The Court scene
a Lawyer Point. cannot stop unless an animal lawyer successfully requests
a Break Recess. The break lasts until all players are ready
Objecting. An animal lawyer can object if another to resume play.
lawyer is about to receive a Lawyer Point or is
requesting a recess. To object an animal lawyer
Resting your case. At the beginning of any turn an animal lawyer can’t (or won’t) perform the dance
animal lawyer can say “I rest my case”. That animal then the other wins. If both are able to perform the
lawyer’s turn ends, and each other lawyer gets to dance then the other players will vote to determine
take their last turn. Each animal lawyer then gives a the winner. If no other players are available the
Closing Argument, for which they receive one free dancing should be witnessed and judgedby impartial
Lawyer Point, which cannot be objected. strangers (preferably in a public setting).

The Jury. Despite the long, drawn out court

process, the Animal City Jury is pretty random.
Each animal lawyer counts their lawyer points. All
Sea Dracula cards have numbers between one and
five printed in their upper corners. The animal
lawyers will each choose one of these numbers and
put a number of cards into the Jury Pile equal to
their Lawyer Points.

The Jury Pile is shuffled. Draw a number of cards

from the pile equal to the number of players. The
player whose number comes up the most wins the
case! Justice is served!

After Party
No one cares who wins the case. That would be
stupid. After the case the winner throws a huge after
party! Everyone in Animal City is invited! But of
course, where there is an after party there is a

The player who wins the case and throws the after
party gets to set the Investigation Scene for the next

Extra Rules

Lawyer Points. Lawyer Points are fun to collect,

but there’s no point in getting too greedy. An animal
lawyer can never have more then 10 Lawyer Points
at any one time.

Dance Partner. If you can get someone to dance

with you, you will always receive an extra Lawyer
Point. The person who dances with you does not
have to be playing in the game, but they can’t be an
animal or a baby. Or a baby animal.

Tie Breaker Dance Fff. If anything in the game

ever results in a tie, all animal lawyers involved
with the tie will draw a number of cards equal to
their Dancin’ stat and choose one to perform. If one

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