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Galveston Wizard
G’Wiz TM

Vol. #16. Book 2, Chapter 6. Galveston Wizard Periodical. Previous Volumes Online.
Book 2 “Now Publishing Under New and Improved Management.”
Chapter 6
50 cents
suggested value

“None of this would be possible without our sponsors and supporters*.”



Alliance G’WIZ Stronghold II


Page 5

Where Do We Grow From Here?

Page 5
S. Gluski

In Loving Memory of Dj Chron


Page 7



Henry’s La Estacion
“Best Priced Burger Combo On Island”
*Also Wilma Kay at Great Styles Hair Salon for the great hair cut.
Mexican Restaurant Going the Distance
Information Galveston Wizard presents
“Take a closer look with us.”

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G’Wiz Enterprises presents “Sweet Spontaneous Revolution.” Cover Design: LABWERKS’s own Jose “vurseone” Ramirez
What is the Wizard?
The Galveston Wizard is more than a
publication, or web site for that mat-
Greetings from the Galveston Wizard,
We must catch you up on our many exciting adventures, and we are overjoyed
ter. It serves as Edutainment Guide to
the realm of Galveston and Beyond. A
to be writing to you of our progress. We things that we have learned, people we’ve
coursebook or curriculum for our read- met, times we’ve shared. We love it when things come together for peope. We love it
ers to utilize. We continue our work to when good things happen to YOU!
bring a comprehensive list of informa- Who, Us? No, friends...Where have YOU been?! LOL. ...ahem, (you see?
tion, ideas, resources and more. Ulti- We too are “hip,” online at facebook, myspace, twitter.) Let us reconnect fully. Time
mately, it’s up to you what you find in that we have not been with you, we have spent in defense of the realm, our shared
these pages or online. It’s Your View- rights, and obligations to the community and each other.
point we want. Let us share in Real The Road is Not Easy. Many are incapable of the things we do, cannot withstand the sacrifices
truths, traditional and unorthodox required of putting everything on the line to make things happen. Until September of Last Year, neither
viewpoints, education and information. did we...Tis Great to See you too. We have many ideas to share, much progress to report, and much more
We are open for content. Send us work to do. Many of you do not know your realm, or it’s possibilities. If so, how can you go forth and
your ideas, resources discovered, make everything you want possible achievable? You must open up your communication.
opinion, editorial, Viewpoints, Stop the “mad”ness. Stop picking on and derailing each other. Don’t let me fall and I won’t let
Letters, Art, Photography, poet- you either. A superstar is a bit unlucky, but perseverance will pay off as long as you don’t give up on your
ry, music, events and more! The passion and dreams.
Butterfly Effect of possibilities We were encouraged by one of our favorite Mathematician teachers to show our work. We did,
are directly related to your ac- but using very little space. You will get a sample of that style in this issue, marking our evolution towards
tion and investment. Please send recovery to better serve and reach you, and our workspace will grow. We have taken considerable effort
us your stuff early! to show you it here. Sweet Evolution, or Revolution, as it would seem, for ourselves, and hopefully, for
A Wizard is Nothing Without His Staff you..
A Special Thanks to all contribu- Let us hear from you. How are things with you? We look forward to the full recovery of our
tors, participants and supporters! newspaper, a guide for the lost, an outlet for the found. Help introduce us to YOUR people.
Volume Seven‘team’ coming soon! Imagine you won a grand prize trip to Galveston. What experiences would you want? What do you wanna
do? Friend Gary said “experience the ocean, deep sea fishing, submarine ride , 1900’s storm memorials,
Here It Is!
(Our Contact Information)
Ike recovery, and puntang.” What do you think this is, a pirate island?
We wish to work alongside you and countless other like-minded individuals looking to make
Galveston “Island Bound, Year-Round.” How to Get Involved? We can help connect you. ...And Nev-
409.354.6641 er Forget! You can always always always always talk with us. Let us grow together in TwentyTen towards
www.galvestonwizard.com peace, happiness, and success. We look forward to seeing you out in the realm. Be sure to subscribe to
PO Box 3467
Galveston, Texas 77552
our newsletter online for complete info and details.
-Galveston Wizard
David Torkelson A Funny thing happened on our way to the Store... Web wizardry by Chris Straight
...we got to meet Siego’s crew’s and Web updates in store for you:
Network and Befriend. see their work on the side of A & M Comprehensive Links/affiliations
myspace.com/galvestonwizard Grocery on 39th and M. His Crew shopping cart/merchandising
Facebook as gwiz galvestonwizard content breakdown/archiving
forum/bulletin facilitators sought is VuRSE, SKiTZO, AToMeK,
SiLoH, ReMiD, CeRO, ARTiCLE, G’Wiz youtube footage
Follow us. JiNX. FREE SKEME!
contact info, e-newsletter
More @ www.myspace.com/siego382
Mad Props on the Cover:
Volume #17 Timeline: Submission Guidelines
are available online.
April 7th: All advertising and Content Due .doc .txt .jpg .pdf
LABWERKS April4th: Ad design/Content in Place
A Division of Mediaesthetics Now Hiring:
April 18th: Print Projection, Volume #Seventeam, .. Correspondents
Jose “vurseone” Ramirez Account Managers
832-419-0272 “.Title Pending” Representatives
vurseone@gmail.com Respect our deadlines, Foo’! Help us help you affiliate.
How do we make you feel? How can we better serve you? Consult us on how we serve as an even better publication for you.
disclaimer: All content is copyright and TM and intellectual property of G’Wiz Enterprises. The news and opinions published in this periodi-
cal, Galveston Wizard, submitted and posted by autonomous, independent reporters and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of
advertisers, directors, officers, managers, editors or any contributor of the Galveston Wizard. The Galveston Wizard Periodical and it’s com-
“BroadwayVictorious” panion website act solely as a resource for new or seasoned reporters, writers, photographers, artists, musicians, tradesman or businessperson
to express their views and submit stories and provide information and serve as a growing resource for the community and it’s visitors alike.

Galveston Island, TX

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Let us work together to develop the ultimate realm map for you to discover.
Do The Right Thing. Get a brighter smile in Twenty Ten.
Cosmetic Dentistry.
Your dental hygeine is important to us.
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Kenneth S. Gluski, DDS
1025 Rosenberg (25th off Broadway)
Galveston, Texas
From Basic Cleaning and X-Rays to Cosmetic Dentistry, contact Dr Gluski’s fantastic staff today.

Chalmers Hardware

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Owner Mark Bassett’s

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A closed mouth can’t be fed. We had not, and hadn’t asked, So we figured ‘why
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� � get the job �done. �� 0 Whether you are looking for a few unique screws

space to a stronghold, signaling our full recovery and return to our efforts here.
these Select items.
to fix that �old �

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Ideal Lumber Company

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Galveston, Texas 77551

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� � � 4� “I appreciate your zeal. To cut to the chase, I will offer you a 10% dis-
count on all the items on your list. I hope that can help your company and
��� 0

thanks for the remnant sheetrock! the building you are working to get back as quickly as possible.
“We sell everything to build anything.” “Make Sur

��3 ���

� ��

t’s All Goo

���� Hi David,
I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, we
I don’t want to delay writing to you, so I am doing ALL GO
OD Elec
We’ve Registered a list at Target.com of our
so upon receipt of your e-mail. At this point, I am stumped by
your problem because I have not encountered this situation in G alveston tric furnishings
can’t and Headquarters
provide a Target needs
logo for your use forpaper.
in the yourHow-
Island, Te
other constituents. I will think about it and if an idea comes to 4 09.682.42 xas veineince.
ever, feel free Thank you for
to publicize theyour support,
list you readers!
created through
McCoy’s sent us a response me I will communicate it to you. Atlanta, G 7 Target.com. I wish you the best of luck as you recover in
letter. For now, No, but I went to junior high and high school in Tulsa. I
graduated from Edison High School in 1971. My family
404.587.5 rgia
5 77
your home Galveston
and office. Wizard Stronghold
“They only wish we could moved away that summer, but I have many friends there and Daniel R Created For: Galveston Wizard Periodical
say ‘yes to all the requests ountree, O
visit often. I have a trip planned for this July.
Best of luck to you. I hope you are able to get some
w n e r Sincerely, Leah Created
at Target by: David Torkelson
that we receive.” -cc 001. financial assistance. (CAN YOU HELP US BUILD IT? NEEDS LIST ON OUR WEB SITE) �� �
-Elizabeth Beeton ��
Location: Galveston, TX
Here are some community resources we found that you might find useful, reader. People also may call 2-1-1
GRACE Community Services: 713-839-9300 Disabled Veterans: (713)-748-3404 to get a crisis hotline
Catholic Charities: 713-874-6590 Emergency Prescription Assistance Program: (866)935-4135 number or to find stress
ICNA Relief: 281-282-7010 FEMA: (800)621-3362 management, crisis coun-
Lutheran Social Services: 713-521-0110 For suicidal or homocidal thoughts or plans: (800)273-TALK seling, substance abuse
Galveston Restore and Rebuild (GCR2): 409-789-8899 and spiritual assistance in
The Jesse Tree: (409)762-2233 For problematic use of alcohol or drugs: (800)662:HELP
Workforce Solutions: 1-888-469-JOBS (5627) Issues related to domestic violence, child abuse or elder abuse: (800)799-7233 their community.

What’s new on “victory ave”? CongratsSage&Monica!

A Special tribute to the union of two excellent people, Sage and Monica Moore celebrated their marriage at
Trube Castle on October 24th with close friends and family. We were honored with an invitation. Costumes
were almost mandatory. Isaac Almaguer-artist, graphic designer, videographer, model, musician, skateboard-
er, bodybuilder, sniper, etc.- can also deliver a pretty good speech! Thanks for the Ghoulishly good time!
“...so do you do the wizard only whenever you “need” it?” No ma’am, we work for every page.
making plans to bring about of the

G’Wiz Stronghold II Time has been against us, but we have worked innovatively to continue our efforts on the island, despite having received
Key to possibilities! no housing assistance, grant or loan money to acquire residence and furnishings lost WHILE working to continue our Pe-
riodical, Web site, and community efforts here AND adding value to entice tourism, events and the organizations that form

“If we work together, we can create jobs.”

them, and the Renais-
sance people working to
create an island with the
best possible chance of offering every Galvestonian an opportunity for success, happiness and peace of mind. Like what
you see? It’s good to see you too. want more? faster? harder? longer? We are organizing our business to better serve the com-
munity. and we could use all the help you care to give us. This is where we make the wizard. “Why don’t we do
things faster? We’re over-achievers...?I don’t know.” Donate, buy some merch, send in a story, introduce us to
more business. With a new spot, we’re going to need EVERYTHING! We’re literally going to make it happen, with
the support of local individuals like you (special thanks to Julie Kamen and others with getting the word out!),

“Looks good on paper!” groups, organizations, advertisers and investors. We look forward to the evolution of our school of wizardry.
“Sponsorships help us run the race.”
From Film ACCEPTED: (go see it)
This is going to be a regular thing, help us work Three things define a university, in this
---Bic ClickStick

demo/remo wizard it like a utility bill. We can bring people into


instance as it was for South Harmon Insti-

----specs for art

color on clip. Add $.12(C) per pen for each additional imprint color or clip imprint.

your loop! Where is your business at? How

Imprint: Price includes a 1 color imprint on barrel, 3 colors available on barrel, 1

tute of Technology.
Galveston Wizard Koozie
1)Faculty- Accredited staff, student/teacher
can we help? Let us consult you. We use your
2) Curriculum - list of available classes

Mardi Gras

side 1
machinery, products, and services, we think we
Imprint Area: Barrel: 2 1/8” x 3/4”. Clip: 1 1/8” x 5/32” For multi-color

What are we learning?

can come up with a way to sell products for you 3) Facility-Formal Athletic Facility
that people see us using. How can we useGalveston this? Island Organization of leagues, outings,
Library-Books, Records, movies,

500 ct.
If I can sell one cause of the way that I use Texas it,
(If any of you readers out there are looking to get rid of a
500 ct.
Promotional Pens

they might give us a little bit of spending money. Music, Gaming,

imprints on clear barrels, the imprint area is 1 7/8” x 3/4”.

pool table, we’d be happy to come get it out of your way.) GalvestonWizard
Health Services Center www. .com

‘‘Take care of the money, so it’ll take care of you.’ 4) Resources- Access to assistance, help.
Our Click Pen Campaign was a huge success FIGHT
side 2

...He was one of the first FIGHT

e s s .”
P r
Our Souvenir Koozies at
“Bruse!” e r
ool Und
Galveston, Tx 77552

to get a new Galveston FOR YOUR Mardi Gras 2010 were a huge
328 E. 29th Place
Tulsa, Ok 74114
Wizard Click Pen. hit. Almost Ready for vendor
white imprint ink (match trim)

Galveston Wizard Koozie

P.O. Box 3467

space and full on Merchan-

Koozies by Rush Signs
Special Thanks To Our Vol #16 Supporters.

Mardi Gras
side 1 dising! Thanks to Cameron,
WWW. Address

Chuck, and the Outsider for

TULSA their distribution “Donations
point style- black

Galveston Wizard

Texas Graciously accepted!” See

green barrel

“Fight For Your Writes.” 2010
nice work, rush signs!
white trim

.COM GalvestonWizard
you out at the next event!
Tulsa Wizard

www. .com

Where do we grow from here? side 2

We’re looking to help communities share their wisdom, create a global mar-
ketplace for Galveston. How do you franchise until you can name and account?
Seattle Amsterdam
If your wizard arrived and you paid no gold, help support us by not-
(Read all about it!)
Minneapolis Koozies by Rush Signs
Portland Boston ing our advertisers, telling others about us, buying merchandise, and
Special Thanks To Our Vol #16 Supporters.
Detroit Boston Boston
participating in and discovering opportunities that surround you!

not just a font, also a serviceperson.

Los Angeles Boulder St. Louis Washington D.C.
Salt Lake City Tulsa racks Be on the lookout for our first, highly-
Mesa anticipated, official Rack at Randall’s. This
Dallas B
Chapook 2
vest G’W
iz is made possible by Dr. Detail, and is another way businesses help
ter 6
d valu
on W
. #16
“N . Bo
ow ok

us reach you! Why not pay them a visit for their efforts! ?
e Pu 2, Ch

bl apt

ish er 6.

ing Ga
Un lvesto

n Wiz
Ne ard
w Per
an iodica
Imp l. Pre
ro vious
ve Vol
Ma umes

Mexico tambien?
na On
ge line

me .

Galveston Jamaica now
Modeling our distribution to
What city should we include? Have a friend that would enjoy organizing and run--
ire create maximum impact in the
ning a G’Wiz Franchise? in their city? Each city’s own wizard affiliate will each take 661
community, we discovered and are working to imple-
Galv1 Stewa
on their own characteristics, help will be available, proofreader, consultant, etc. es rt R
409-ton, Tx 77o5ad
740- 54 ment Vendors with badges to directly distribute our
Inquire at 7 500
publication to you with a suggested donation amount.
Owner Orbe presents:
Specials Everyday! Now Serving Central American Beer
Breakfast All Day, All Night
At Seafood Dinner

All Day-All Night

Homemade Soups
Salvadorian Food
Homemade Flour and Corn tortillas
Now Serving Central American Beer

“Best Priced Burger Combo On Island”

2823 Broadway
Galveston, Texas 77550
Galveston Network Alliance
You are cordially invited to the

IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - YOU SHOULD BE. Don’t miss any of the benefits. Visit www.galvestonchamber.com/

Get New Business Leads, meet New Friends and it’s Absolutely
FREE! YES I said FREE! Come join us, share your business and watch it
by these participating businesses.

“We now offer new and used Tires!”
grow! Don’t Forget to Bring Your Business Cards!

Will help you live your
Layoff Jitters?


Today USA

Galveston, Texas 77550

Linda Meyer
Put yourself in charge! Build an exciting 6611 Stewart Road
career with Primerica Financial Services, Galveston, Tx 77554

3226 Avenue S

where you’re the boss. You determine your

best life!
own hours, territory, even compensation!

Call Stuart Holifield at 832.264.5425 for details.
Repairs / Upgrades

 
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 MTUSA
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Phone # 409-763-5782
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Fax # 409-763-6127 MTUSA bizcard (front).pdf 1 1/25/10 11:30 PM MTUSA bizcard (front).pdf 1 1/25/10 11:30 PM
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MTUSA bizcard (front).pdf 1 1/25/10 11:30 PM
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Linda Meyer


the Galveston Cham- Will help you live your
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Thursday mornings at Introductory One Hour

Rejuvenating Massage
7:30am - 2803 53rd Street



, (corner of 53rd & U) At $


Moody Memorial First Introductory Offer, does not require membership

help Will
Additional local taxes and fees may apply, prices subject
to change, includes a 50 minute hands on session and time

United Methodist Church for consultation and preparation for the scheduled hour.
3226 Avenue S

– 1st floor, Youth Center Gift Certificates

832-419-2639 832-419-2639

Linda Meyer Available! best life!


– Enter into the parking

For more information and directions,

s Improve flexibility
3226 Avenue S
lot on the 53rd street side Galveston, Texas 77550Linda Meyer s Sleep Better

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s Strengthen your immune system



and come through the 832-419-2639

you live

3226 Avenue S
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covered walk way en- Linda Meyer Galveston, Texas 77550 s Improve circulation

at 409-766-0350 or ngalveston@yahoo.com.
s Feel Better
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trance. 2nd Thursday of 3226 Avenue S

Galveston, Texas 77550


each month we meet for Galveston, Texas 77550
Linda Meyer




an On Site Spot Lite.


help you

3226 Avenue S

3226 Avenue S

best life!

best life!

you live yo
Texas 77550

live yo

In loving memory of DJ Chron
“Tulsa mourns the loss of a wonderful DJ, and beautiful human being. David Palmer passed
away the 3rd of september from health problems, Chron was a dear friend of mine and
most the tulsa night life. David was a very recognized DJ in the tulsa scene, known for his
great talent and greater soul. A staple for hip hop and D&B in local clubs for the last decade
, I wanted to share a part of his memorial party for those who were not able to make it.
We made it a night to celebrate his life . The love and kindness he showed me and my family
& so many others in tulsa & OK city will live in our hearts forever. Here are some pictures
that show the joy he still brings in spirit to his friends and family.” -Joel David

Some words from Susan Mcconnell

“...I don’t have many photos of Chron and I together,
I was always the one BEHIND the lens. I didn’t really
think about how I’d want them later when someone tagged mural for chron by sker
or other would come to take pictures of us and I hid
loved him and then I went to the bathroom and cried what wonders I can only imagine. I like to think of
from the camera. That’s just how it is, you never think
with his mother and Amber. I kept telling them “He’s him spinning, surrounded by beautiful women, with a
to yourself that that person will ever be gone. I kept
gonna be ok, He’s gonna be ok”. rum and coke, chillin with Bob Marley. I’ll be there to
thinking to myself that there would be plenty of time
I got a call a few hours later telling me they’d dance, just give me a little while, Skillet, I’ll be there
to do and say all the things I meant to when he got
pulled life support because there was just no hope to dance.
out of the hospital. I went and saw him several times
and I felt like I’d been hit by a train. I’m still in disbe- I am grateful for his friendship, and for all
and sometimes things looked better and sometimes
lief. I can’t believe that I won’t ever get to text Three the things I’ve learned from him. Tolerance, pa-
they looked worse, but I just wasn’t prepared to say
Little Birds to him anymore, I won’t get to see his tience, strength, joy in middle of mourning, and to
goodbye to my friend. Thursday the 3rd of Septem-
huge smile when I go dance, I won’t ever get chewed take from life every- G.I. Joel
ber I recieved a call from Troy saying that I needed to
out by him again, I won’t ever have the chance to thing I am given, the
get up to the hospital to see David and so of course I
thank him for believing in me when no one else did, good and the bad. He
went right away. The last time I’d seen Dave he was
for being my friend when everyone else had either was and always will
sitting up in a chair and we spoke for a few minutes.
forgotten me, thought some bull$hit about me, or just be my friend. Rest in
He didn’t seem quite the same but I figured it was just
didn’t give a f*ck about me. He made sure I never Power.”
that he was still feeling poorly. He knew who I was
spent my birthday alone, cause his birthday is one
though. So I get to
day after mine, he made sure I had a reason to smile
the hospital and
when I thought I didn’t have much to smile about,
deliver the flow-
he was a good friend that I’ll miss dearly and I hope
ers and food and
that everyone who cared about him knows how lucky
then I go to see
we’ve all been to have him as a friend. I’ll miss the
him, I was warned
way he outspokenly voiced his views on life and love
that it wasn’t like
and friendship and music and pretty much everything
last time but I had
in between. He was an original.
to see my homie. I
I know that he’s better now, I know that now
stood for a moment
chrons mural pic tagged he doesn’t have to hurt anymore and he’s gained
by his bed and said
on the wall of the flytrap a few words to him, what I don’t have yet. He knows everything now. The
greatest mystery of all has been opened and he sees susan,kim,chris,joel&chron
club in Tulsa. I told him that I

the birth and evolution of the Tulsa Wizard Periodical

Perhaps we should have been in Galveston at ground zero, taking pictures, getting the story of a lifetime during Ike. The story for us was absolute distance and separation from our Is-
land home, helpless to help our people. Proactivity, learning discovering, networking, working to create jobs, community relation, the value of friendship-All of these things are stronger
with us now since our Tulsa quests. We are with you now and always. Let us love and live the lives we are given. We’re all in this together. The Tulsa Wizard, now coccooned, awaits.

Rediscover the


213 22nd St.
“Locally Owned and Operated” Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: (409)762-6177

1228 39th Street Ave M 409.765.9767

2013 Postoffice St. 35 Beers on Tap Wednesday is Big Ass Beer
Galveston, TX 77550Thursday is Big Ass Beer $5 Medium Pizzas, Mon/Tues
Phone: (409)763-4466 Downstairs Fully-Renovated!

Save big bucks. 7days a week 2015 Postoffice St. Serving fine brandies,
We sell money orders. 2022 Postoffice St. Sporting 100 varieties Galveston, TX 77550 scotches, wines, and ci-
Galveston, TX 77550 of imported bottled Phone: (409)763-4477
gars, with a full-service
We cash payroll checks.
Meat Market Phone: (409)763-1731 beer, boasts an excel- bar and only the best

& Produce
lent selection of pub imported and domestic
We have money gram service. foods wrapped inside a comfortable atmosphere. beers and ales.
Come check out our meat deals. Complete information at www.galveston.com/nightlife
www.thechildrenscenterinc.org The Children’s Center, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit organization
located in Galveston, Texas. Children’s Center programs have
served the Galveston area since 1878. The Children’s Center was
established to provide care, education, treatment, research and
training to promote and restore the physical and emotional health
of children, youth and their families.
Gulf Coast Community Outreach and Texas Medicaid - Provides health care services for low-income children,
Assistance Program pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities. Medicaid pays for
Provides application assistance to clients doctor’s visits, lab and X-ray charges, hospital and nursing home care, eye-
applying for TANF, Food Stamps, Women’s Health glasses, hearing aids, dental, maternity and other health care services.
Program, Medicaid and Children’s Health
Insurance Program (CHIP). Resource services are Texas Medicaid for Long-Term Care Services - The Medicaid program
also provided to the aged and disabled. also provides Medicaid for Long Term care services providing care for older
adults and people with disabilities who need help with their daily activities
Our purpose is to provide community outreach in their home, nursing home, or other facility.
and assistance to individuals and families living
in Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston, Liberty & Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) - Provides health insurance
Matagorda Counties. coverage for Texas children. $50 or less covers all of your children for one
year. Services include regular checkups, vision and dental services, immuni-
Andrea Hypolite zations and prescription drugs.
Program Director
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Provides temporary
For Information Call financial assistance for needy families with children under age 18. Monthly
(409) 765-6561 benefits help pay for food, shelter, utilities and other basic needs. Emergency
Toll Free at aid also available for families facing financial crisis.
1-866-770-1791 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)- The new name for
4700 Broadway, D102. Galveston, Texas 77550 the Food Stamp Program, helps individuals and families with low income buy
AndreaHypolite@thechildrenscenterinc.org the food they need for good health.


Ken’s Towing
All American & Paint & Body Shop
Wrecker Service
AAAA Wrecker Service Phone:
A+ Collision Center 409.762.2700
Unlock Any Vehicle 409.762.4000
Jump Starts 409.938.3633
Mud & Water Stuck
Private Property Tows 5100 Post Office Street
Local & Long Distance Towing Galveston, Texas 77551
Heavy Duty Hauling La Marque, Texas 7568

Gloria’s Gloria Mulvaney


La Estacion Mexican Restaurant

hours of operation 2428 Ball St.
Monday thru Saturday 6am to 3pm Galveston, Tx 77554
Dine-In or Carry Out
Sunday 71m to 2pm (409)762-4262 “Come say hello to Gloria and check
out the recently remodeled restaurant.”
In and out of
Austin’s City Limits!
“Good friends.”
“Wizardly guides.”
Day 1
We were given a rare opportunity to visit Austin, participating in
“stolen view.” a huge music event in Austin. Our Press Pass Credentials were
presented too late and we were given the oppor-
tunity to study the event, it’s participants and Pearl Jam
revelers, from the outside, and finally on in. Be
where its at, open to opportunities, and ready
“Someone Like You!” to improvise and make the most of any experi-
ence. The payoff is well worth the effort. All the
Kings of Leon while we were smiling, thinking on G’Wiz’s own
Galvestock, evolving now.
“the Samaritan.”
Day 2

“the locals.”
Citizen Cope
“the wristband.”
Day 3 “the best time ever.”
Who among you recently had an interesting experiences beyond the island?
“the Man.” “the masses.” Share the adventure with your fellow readers!
Email Pics &
stories to: thewiz@galvestonwizard.com
Galveston.com’s Epicurean Evening (.com)
Don’t get too excited, this content is coverage
(Great Food) occurring Epicurean Eve-
of the October 2009 occur
ning, aand not an upcoming preview of the event.
(though an Epicurean Spring Preview would be
a hot ticket indeed, we think.)
So many of Galveston’s locals and businesses
all w
work harmoniously, know of and relate, &
offer support and care for each other through
these shared efforts and showcases.

(Easy Access) Like you, we look forward to events. Mardi

Gras, Dickens on the Strand, Lone Star Rally, all grow and evolve amazingly
each year. We made free samples of our previous work and information for
(Good People) Epicurean Vendors of interest, and set out for one of our
favorite island events. Tickets included admission to the
event, sampling of entries and an array of promotional
beverages, and were available for $30 in advance or $35
at the door. Advance tickets were available online, or by
phone aat (888) 939-8680. Another amazing evening.
We love and appreciate our hospitality and service in-
(Gettin things Crackin’) dustries, recognizing and appreciating they are the life-
blood of our tourism industry! You all are the reason
they come back for more! “Locals card” in works now.
We look forward to opportunities to work with
(Shaken, not stirred) you to help organize, promote, and cover your
(Tasty Elissa brew) upcoming events. We can also captur
capture events for
(picture perfect) our readers that should unfortunately miss the
good times to be had, and cultivate our readers
to help get them “where it’s at” in the future.
Keep us in the loop with a call or email!
(Bragging Rights) thewiz@galvestonwizard.com * 409.354.6641
You don’t get a

FREE TATOO Without Paying For It Later.


WALK-INS WELCOME 409-974-4133

Island Cycle Repair

“The Original Island Bicycle Shop” Shrimp ‘N Stuff wif’ Steph
Joey Chavarria
10-6 Mon-Sat.
409 766 7878.
! ” “great
2505 Market St
e o p l e food!”
Galveston, Texas 77550
islandcycle@gmail.com “good p
Just a few short blocks off of Seawall
6th Flat Fixed Free (See Store For Details) on 39th Street, on the One Way of ‘Ave.
Where the wind is always in your face. Stop in while you’re out. O’ is offering delicious lunch special.
Treat your supervisor to lunch today!
Star Parker is the “Pimps, Whores & Welfare created monstrous moral

founder and president of Brats” was released in 1997 and spiritual problems -- the
CURE, the Coalition for Urban by Pocket Books, “Uncle Sam’s kind of problems that are
Renewal & Education, a 501c3 Plantation” is released by inevitable when individuals
non-profit think tank that Thomas Nelson in the fall of turn responsibility for
provides a national voice of 2003, and “White Ghetto: How their lives over to others.
reason on issues of race and Middle Class America Reflects The legacy of American
poverty in the media, inner Inner City Decay” was released socialism is our blighted
city neighborhoods, and public in 2006. inner cities, dysfunctional
policy. inner city schools, and
Star Parker on broken black families.
Prior to her involvement government “social programs” I thought we were on
in social activism, Star Parker and public housing: the road to moving socialism
was a single welfare mother. Her A benevolent Uncle out of our poor black
personal transformation from
Star Parker welfare fraud to conservative
Sam welcomed mostly poor communities and replacing
it with wealth-producing
Editor’s Note: We were searching to bring you work- black Americans onto the
ing viewpoints from Jul Kamen, with ‘Reasoning crusader has been chronicled government plantation. Those American capitalism. But,
behind the petition’ by GARD: Galveston Alliance by many in the media. Today, in who accepted the invitation incredibly, we are going
for Responsible Development, or David Stanowski’s addition to heading CURE, Star switched mindsets from “How in the opposite direction.
insights regarding Galveston Open Government Proj- is a syndicated columnist for do I take care of myself?” Trillions of dollars
ect’s efforts. Due to space and time constraints we were Scripps Howard News Service, to “What do I have to do later, black poverty is the
instead given the opportunity to spotlight another per- offering weekly op-eds to to stay on the plantation?” same. But black families are
son of interest with insights on current social issues more than 400 newspapers Instead of solving not, with triple the incidence
at hand. We will continue to explore dialogue, ideas worldwide. Star has written
and opinions on many issues of island importance in economic problems, of single-parent homes
three books. Her autobiography government welfare socialism and out-of-wedlock births.
future volumes. Share your thoughts with us.
“Always on the scene, we bring you some images from Parents Night Ball High Varsity Volleyball Girls. Congratulations Ladies!”
place like Galveston.’ More Galveston Wizard @ www.galvestonwizard.com
*“Don’t Worry, Dorothy!...The Wizard is still here to remind us that ‘there’s no

n on busines
s Trip Gather up your Notes, scripts, pictures, ideas, and thoughts to discover your...
Laptop stole

ork also
! 2 Weeks w
to Houston case.
, Karma police on the
Our cell
phone w
all cont ent mis (Underwhelm yourself, if necessary.)
acts hav sing,an
d (Don’t Get Diluted.) Your going to
connect e been lost Upcoming Content:
with us , re- need investment capital , make your plans, revise them as
. 409.35
4.6641 necessary, and be ready for anything. invest in a notebook Smoking ban- Clearing the Air
to track your day. dry erase board. the galveston wizard Linda Sivy- Making it Real
Calvin W.
allows us to zero in on our goals, have other people put in
The Outsider looks in.
their time, or even still, their effort and money into mak-
mak Codependents Anonymous by Doug
ing this publication for you to read and enjoy now. It’s Downtown Music Event Petition
organization, cooperation, and mutual relation...uh, and Introduce www.mylittlegreenthing.com
deadlines. We’ve got countless more wizard’s in store for Galvestock/Galveston Island Mixtape

* you, what do you want to see in it? Let us hear from you.

We’re interested in you!

We’re interested with Joint Ventures WITH you, that is.
Organizations of Interest:
City of Galveston
Park Board of Trustees
Port of Galveston
Help us help you get the word out! Missing a few pieces? UTMB
Who isn’t? We can help you connect. Historic Downtown Strand
Seaport Partnership
Galveston Historical Foundation
Galveston Chamber of Commerce
Anthony McCann GISD
Isaac Almaguer Galveston College
Linda Sivy Poco Loco Comedy
Shane Lassiter Jason Gorham Galveston Alliance for Responsible Development
Brandon Baughn Stephanie Bederka G.O.G.P.
...And you too! Artwalk
The race is on! Who can we count on to help get things done? Who will help us move things into the
future? How can we help your business or organization? We hope you enjoyed your Issue! Volume
Seventeam coming soon! Email us at thewiz@galvestonwizard.com or call us at 409.354.6641
Realize that Getting to Deadlines on Time is absolutely essential to our Success in reaching you.
@ TôC Bar
Friday May, 7th
presale $15
www.aceoproductions.com door $20

Save the scene,

Boys and Girls Club
Keep it green.
2 0 1 30% of all tickets
go to the
Boys and
Girls Club !

Night Owls Helping Kids Sleep Better at Night!

ACEO invites you to a unique electronic music event that gives back to the people.
We’ve gathered some of Houston’s finest DJ’s and producers to show the world
how much we love great music and helping others.
What better way to impact the future than by helping kids
and what better way to raise money for them than with 3 floors of
bangin beats, dirty synths, lasers, fog machines, projectors, flat screen TVs
and the hottest looking bar in Houston at TôC Bar on Friday May 7th at 9pm.
Get NOCTURNAL, do something SUB_STANTIAL and get on that dance floor!
Let’s show the world how Houston Night OWLs throw it down and we can all
share the good KARMA!

F u l l c o n tr o l l ig h tin g by RJM
Bjorn Larsen - REVERSE Nathan Stewart - Headset/Llama Farm/6th Sense
Daniel Allen - PMR/Kolour Recordings Lance Morris aka KCK - ACEO/Blue Bishop
DJ Lullaby - L.O.T.U.S. DJ Fix - ACEO/Blue Bishop Records
DJ Jasmine Rose - L.O.T.U.S. Maximilian - Blak Audio
Candice Elliot - L.O.T.U.S. -with live percussion by Fabio Daniel
Courtney Shay - L.O.T.U.S. Lucas Keizer - H.U.H.M.
Jessica Partin - L.O.T.U.S. Kung Fu Pimp - KARMA
D.M.J. (live) - ACEO/Blue Bishop Chris Calix - REVERSE
tickets at : www.wantickets.com
doors open from: 9 pm-5am
112 Travis St. Houston, Texas 77002, (713) 224-4862


Cycle Repair Enjoy
Original Island Bicycle Shop”
What Smoking Ban?
Joey Chavarria 4613 Fort Crockett Blvd
Located @
Owner/Mechanic Galveston, TX
Galveston, TX
2202 61st St
10-6 Galveston
Galveston, TX 77551
409 766 7878.
Offering up traditional Northern Fine wine beer and liquor
Collectible I t a l i a n C u2505
i s i n Market
e , e x pSt

6th Flat Fixed Freeof
(See Store
prepared for

you byTexasour 77550
Dine in, Delivery, or Carry Out.

For Details)
Call Today:

Galveston Liquorbehind Academy on Seawall

Take Care Reservations or “Now open under new management.”
It’s always sunny in Galveston. Stop in while you’re out.
Your Galveston Wizard
And It Will Last.
gautamamin1958@yahoo.com 409.765.7003