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s eHolocaust
a r c h Survivors’
S t u dMemoirs
i e s Project

A photograph A photograph
of children, of two children,
Slovakia Siedlce, Poland,

The Holocaust Survivors’ Memoirs Project

Yad Vashem and the Holocaust
Flora: I Was But a Child On the Fields of Loneliness 33
Survivors’ Memoirs Project, with
Flora M. Singer Hersch Altman
the World Federation of Bergen-
In association with The Holocaust In association with The Holocaust
Belsen Associations assistance, have Survivors’ Memoirs Project Survivors’ Memoirs Project
embarked on a mission to publish 2007 2006
Holocaust survivor memoirs in English.
With a grant from Random House, this This is the gripping story of a young girl and her The remarkable memoir of a young boy, who
joint project hopes to publish several two little sisters who were hidden in convents in survived the murder of his family and the
memoirs annually over the next few Belgium during the Holocaust. Their mother’s destruction of his home and town, while evading
years. Our goal is to collect, preserve, remarkable intuition and initiative, together his pursuers throughout the Holocaust. He vividly
with the selfless assistance and vigilance of two depicts his early years in Brzeżany, and recounts
and make available to interested Righteous Among the Nations, George Ranson the hardships his family endured during the
readers the autobiographical accounts and Père Bruno, helped save them. Flora’s story Soviet occupation. He goes on to relate the
of survivors of the Holocaust, so that is one of the uncommon cases where good brutality of the Nazi occupation, the intolerable
their memories can be transmitted to triumphed over absolute evil in the Holocaust; life in the ghetto, the horrors of the Aktionen, and
it is a tribute to those who took great risks to the ingeniously constructed bunker that eluded
future generations. thwart the Nazis. the Nazi soldiers and their dogs.
As Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie
Wiesel has observed, “The Holocaust ISBN: 0-9760739-8-6, Cat. No. 466 ISBN: 0-9760739-7-8, Cat. No. 442
must never be studied exclusively from 180 pp., soft cover, 15X23 cm. 184 pp., soft cover, 15X23 cm.
Abroad: $21 (airmail included) Abroad: $21 (airmail included)
the perspective of the perpetrators.
In Israel: NIS 69 In Israel: NIS 69
Each survivor’s story is unique, and
adds to our understanding of the
Holocaust and the understanding of
future generations”.
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C a t a l o g

By the Grace of Days of Rain Fighting for Survival
Strangers Enzo Tayar E. H. (Dan) Kampelmacher
Two Boys’ Rescue During the In association with The Holocaust In association with The Holocaust
Holocaust Survivors’ Memoirs Project Survivors’ Memoirs Project
2004 2006
Gabriel Mermall; Norbert Yasharoff
In association with The Holocaust
Survivors’ Memoirs Project Drawing on the diary that he kept for the This is the story of an eighteen-year-old boy
2006 pivotal year 1943, Enzo Tayar recounts who left his family and fled his native Vienna
the impact on his family and friends of the to Holland. There, as an illegal refugee,
increasingly severe anti-Jewish measures he was imprisoned in the state prison at
Includes two father-son rescue stories, one in instituted by Italy and of the German invasion Veenhuizen, where he wrote a diary relating
Hungary, as told in the father’s diary with an of their former ally. For safety, Tayar fled his his experiences in 1938 in Vienna and
Afterword by the son; the other in Bulgaria, once tranquil Florence separately from Holland.
his sister and parents, taking refuge on a
as told by the son. The book goes on to tell of his survival during
succession of farms throughout Tuscany.
the war working on Dutch farms, acquiring
The volume includes: Gabriel Mermall, Seeds They were not reunited until after the Allied
forged documents from the underground,
Of Grace: The Diary of Gabriel Mermall, with conquest of Italy.
and hiding in Charlotte van Dijk’s home in
an Afterword by his son Thomas; Norbert After liberation, Tayar served as a U.S. Army Utrecht from late 1942 onward.
Yasharoff, Reaching the Light at the End of interpreter, taking part in the interrogation
the Tunnel. of Fascists as a prelude to postwar
ISBN: 0-9760739-6-X, Cat. No. 3932
172 pp., soft cover, 15X23 cm.
Abroad: $21 (airmail included)
ISBN: 0-9760739-4-3, Cat. No. 432
ISBN: 0-9760739-0-0, Cat. No. 3901 In Israel: NIS 69
174 pp., soft cover, 15X23 cm. 282 pp., soft cover, 15X23 cm.
Abroad: $21 (airmail included) Abroad: $21 (airmail included)
In Israel: NIS 69 In Israel: NIS 69
The Holocaust Survivors’ Memoirs Project
Guarded by Angels Stolen Youth Yesterday
How My Father and Uncle Survived Five Women’s Survival in the My Story
Hitler and Cheated Stalin Holocaust Hadassah Rosensaft
Alan Elsner Isabelle Choko-Sztrauch-Galewska; In association with The Holocaust
In association with The Holocaust Frances Irwin; Lotti Kahana Aufleger; Survivors’ Memoirs Project
Survivors’ Memoirs Project Margit Raab Kalina; Jane Lipski 2005
2005 In association with The Holocaust
Survivors’ Memoirs Project
Widely regarded as one of their matriarchs by
The dramatic story of Gene and Mark, two Holocaust survivors, Dr. Hadassah Rosensaft
young Jews forced to flee their home in (1912-1997) was imprisoned in Auschwitz-
southern Poland in 1939, only to be arrested Includes the memoirs of five young women Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen. She kept 149
by Soviet authorities the following year and during the Holocaust. For some among them, Jewish children alive in Bergen-Belsen from
transported to labor camps north of the their paths crossed during the Holocaust, December 1944 until their liberation on April
Arctic Circle. Near death from starvation, they whether in Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, or 15, 1945, and then served as administrator
were released after 18 months and traveled elsewhere, although they did not know it at of that camp’s hospital. She was one of the
thousands of miles across the Soviet Union the time. leaders of the Jewish Displaced Persons in
before finding refuge in a Cossack village the British Zone of Germany, was one of the
in the Caucasus. They survived six months The volume includes: Isabelle Choko- principal witnesses for the prosecution at the
of Nazi occupation and were later drafted Sztrauch-Galewska, My First Life; Frances first trial of Nazi war criminals in 1945, and
by a Polish brigade of the Red Army and Irwin, “Remember to be a Good Human played a pivotal role in the creation of the
participated in Soviet advance through Being”: A Memoir of Life and the Holocaust; United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Poland and into Germany, where Gene was Lotti Kahana Aufleger, Eleven Years of
Suffering; Margit Raab Kalina, Surviving a “Reading Yesterday in the context of the
seriously wounded and counted for dead.
Thousand Deaths (Memoir: 1939-1945); challenges now facing the Jewish people
Alan Elsner is a journalist and author based Jane Lipski, My Escape into Prison and Other is an uplifting experience. In the opening
in Washington, DC. In 25 years working for Memories of a Stolen Youth, 1939-1948. chapters Rosensaft, clearly a charismatic,
Reuters News Service, he has covered the cultured and articulate woman, describes
U.S. State Department, headed coverage of the warm Jewish roots she inherited from her
U.S. presidential campaigns and is currently ISBN: 0-9760739-2-7, Cat. No. 419 hassidic parents… She graphically describes
their U.S. National Correspondent. He is 336 pp., soft cover, 15X23 cm. her arrival in Auschwitz… She depicts in
author of “Gates of Injustice: The Crisis in Abroad: $21 (airmail included) riveting detail the survival, horrors, heroism
America’s Prisons.” In Israel: NIS 69 and resistance… Here are true role models
which our generation… would do well to
emulate.” [Isi Leibler, The Jerusalem Post, 11
ISBN: 0-9760739-1-9, Cat. No. 3918 July 2006]
256 pp., soft cover, 15X23 cm.
Abroad: $21 (airmail included)
In Israel: NIS 69 ISBN: 0-9760739-3-5
210 pp., soft cover, 15X23 cm.
Abroad: $21 (airmail included)
In Israel: NIS 69