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Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier

It has been our commitment and dedicated spirit that has contributed to the growth and
success of Friends Engineering Overseas Exports, a widely renowned company engaged in
the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Die Cutting Machine, Toilet Roll Making
Machine, Paper Carry Bag Making Machine, Book Pressing Machine , Corrugation Machine
and Paper Cutting Machine. We have also gained expertise in the manufacturing of Flexo
Printer, Carton Folding & Pasting Machine, Lamination Machine, Disc Ruling Machine,
Paper Napkin Machine, Perfect Book Binding Machine, Thread Book Sewing Machine and
Book Stitching Machine.

Die Cutting Machine

Salient Features
"FRIENDS" Platen Punching Machine is designed for Die Cutting, Creasing & Embossing on

Paper, Card Board, Corrugated Board, Leather, Plastic and P.V.C. etc.
Totally standardized (i.e. all parts are inter-changeable)
All shafts are from EN-8/9 steel and pins are grounded & bushes from Phosphorus Bronze Alloy.
All bearings are of SKE/NBC/NACHI only.
Fail-safe combination clutch brakes system with adjustable system (up to microns).
The main driving shaft is equipped with two sets of double helical self-lubricated imported
polyamide/steel pinion.
Main electric panel (operation and control) are equipped with Detachable Socket System with
international standardized components i.e. Siemens/L&T/Schneider (France) etc.
Self diagnostic system software with visual
Main flywheel is locked with check-nut system.
Centralized Lubrication System is provided.
Quick and simple adjustment of impressions is made through two worm gears and eccentric
bushes in the cam for left-right and up-down of platen to make the four corners equal.
Machine is having quite silent running and outlook is excellent with best quality paint and powder
coated fitting.
Moveable footbrake is provided for extra safety.
"FRIENDS" Fastest Platen opening (8-degree) to provide press Operator Increased Time to feed
delivering greater productivity.
All features that make the "FRIENDS" Platen Punching Machine most simple, reliable and
maintenance free.
In the interest of product upgradation/improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to
change the specifications and features without notice.

The sizes are standard, any special size required can be supplied on Request.

Paper Bag Making Machine

Paper bag making machine is designed to manufacture flat and satchel paper bags from kraft

paper, greaseproof, white paper and poster paper etc. In different size for packing confectionery,
food stuff, ready-made garments, tobacco, tea powder grocery, dry cleaners etc.
Our Paper Bag Making Machines are successfully working in Libya , Iran , Oman , Tanzania,
Uganda, Zambia, Sudan, Poland , Turkey , UAE , Zanzibar , Mauritius , Mexico ,China ,Tunisia ,
Qatar , Philippines , Canada , Ukraine , Mauritania , Congo and Algeria and soon will be in
We are the only CE Certified Company for Paper Bag Machines in India.
Paper Bag Making Machine is Made of rigid and Robust Construction to Avoid Vibration. All Paper
are Arranged in Most Accessible Way Thus Making Operation and Adjustment Very Simple and
Quick So That Even an Unskilled Labour Can Easily Operate the Machine Successfully. The Change
of Size is Very Easy And Can be Done in Few Minutes Time. The Machine is Supplied with One Size
Plate and One size Gears to Manufacture One Size of Paper Bag. Different Size Plates & Size Gear
For Flat And Stachel Bags Are Available At Extra Cost. Mill Reels Upto 34 Dia and 34 Width Can be
Accommodated of the Machine. The Width of the Paper Reel to be Fed on the Machine Can be
Calculated as Under.
Flat Bags Twice the Bag Width Plus 2 CM for Centre Seam.
Satchel Bags Twice the Bags Width Plus 4 Time Depth of the Gusset Plus 2 CM For Centre

Bag Formation: The Required Size of the Bag us Obtained by Fixing The Exact Size Plate For

Flat or Satchel to the Size Plate Holder And the Length to the Tube Is Obtained by Changing the
Size Gear Wheel, Each Tooth of Which , Represents One Centimeter in Length, The Tube After
Being Cut by the Beater Into Exact Size As Per the Size Gear is Carried Forward By Means Of
Conveyor Rollers to the Delivery Cylinder the Delivery Cylinder As the Bottom Fold Is Made is the
Bag it is Pasted and the Bag is Carried by the Folding Cylinder to the Delivery Table Where it is
Released and Delivered in a Vertical Stack.
Printing Attachment: Our Two or Four Colour Flexo Printer Can Be Coupled With the Paper Bag
Making Machine.

Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

We are involved in offering a wide range of Paper Cutting Machines to our most valued clients. Our
range of Paper Cutting Machines are widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round
the nation.

Salient Features
Machine with Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake System , heavy duty spring clamping system , Photo
cell for hand safety of operator , auto-Measure back gauge system , Lubrication oil pump system ,
Extended side tables for easy paper handling and storage , Lighting provided on cutting line , Stain
Steel Plate on front of the bed to avoid Rusting , Two ISI Electric Motors with machines.
In the interest of product upgradation/improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change
the specifications and features without notice.
The sizes are standard, any special size required can be supplied on Request.

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Paper Napkin Machine Single Size

Napkin Folder is used to automatically fold the jumbo roll into the square or rectangular Paper
napkin. The machine system includes printing, embossing, counting and folding. The speed of the
machine is controlled by the Frequency drive. The counting could be varied according to the
Each Printing Unit Consists of
Two / Four Colour of Flexo graphic Printing EACH PRINTING UNIT CONSISTS Forward &
Backward adjustment one Ink Roller Dipped in Duct One Ink Carrying Roller Could be adjustment fir
the required ink.
Embossing Unit
One Female Embossing unit ( Design as per your requirement)
Folding Unit
Rotary Cutting Unit
Two Vetical Drum for th Folding
Digitally variable counting with Totaliser
Extra Band Saw Blade, Toll Kit, 2 ps Grinding wheel
Attachment With : Antistatic Eliminator

Technical Specifications for Fixed Size Paper Napkin Folder Machine

Working Width
Printing Unit
Embossing Unit
Folding Size
Max. Unwind Dia
Raw Material

40 cm / 30cm / 27 cm /22 cm
Two Colour Flexo Printing
As per Requirement
400-450 sheets per minute ( 2 Lane )
One Operator, One Helper
100 cm
Tissue Paper 16-22 GSM
220 V , 50 Hrz

Paper Napkin Machine Variable Size

Each Printing Unit Consits of

Stereo Cylinder Changable from 9" - 13"
Forward and Backward Adjustment.
One Ink Roller Dipped in Duct.
One Ink Carrying Roller could be adjustable for the required ink.
Embossing Unit
One Hard Chrome Plated Design Roller.
One Bowl Paper Roller.
Folding Unit
Rotary Cutting System.
One Drum.
Stacking Plate Form.
Automatic Electronics Counter.

Specifications of Paper Napkin Folding Machine

Raw Material
Max. Unwinding Dia
Inner Core Dia

9" to 13" Napkin

200-250 Sheets Per Minute
2 Colours Flexo Printing
2 HP DC Drive
Tissue 21 to 27 gsm
9" - 13"

Toilet Roll Making Machine with Embossing

Specifications of Toilet Roll Making Machine

Toilet Roll Making Machine with Embossing
81 cm working
Slitting distance
99 mm
8 Rotary Cutter with Holder & Bottom
Repeat on 110 mm above
Maximum rewind
2 HP DC Motor with thyrister control drive
1500 to 1,800 Rolls/8 Hrs/100gm
Unwind Station
Man Power
One Operator & 1 Packer
Raw Material
16 gsm (2ply)
Maximum Unwind Dia
1200 mm Max
Auto cut Digitally Counting
Attachment with mechanical Embossing ( Metal to rubber) design as per requirement

Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Friends Engineering Company offers a very Specialsed
Model of Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine, please
go through the under mentioned Strong Points for more
Salient Features
Friction clutch system for maximum efficiency and
minimum maintenance. Rapid type hand clamp and Foot
Clamp for smooth and easy operation Easy replacement
of knife. Fine adjustment of knife height by eccentric
levers. Adjustable back gauge for accurate parallelism
with knife edge. Device provided with locking
arrangement to avoid shift in the position of back gauge
during operation. Safety and saving of space. Centralised
lubrication of moving parts.

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