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1.What is the diff erence between position sketch and sliding sketch
?2.How the changes sketch support and how to isolate sketch support?
3.Is it possible to give fi llet to two parallel lines? If possible how?
4.How many constrains are required to arrest the degrees of freedom of a point
andellipse on a plane?
5.How to edit the grid spacing in sketcher?
6.What is inconsistence element?
7 . H o w t o c h e c k t h e s t a t u s o f a s ke t c h ?
8 . D i ff e re n t c o l o r d i a g n o s t i c s ?
9.How to draw inscribed hexagon and circumference hexagon?
10.What the difference connecting options are in connect option?
11.What happen if we increase the tension in connect option?
12.What is iso-constrain?
13.What is the difference between geometric constrain and dimensional
14.What is the difference between trim and break?
15.Explain the function of 3D geometry?
16.Difference between symmetry and mirror?
17.Different propagation modes in offset command?
18.How to give fillets to corners of rectangle at a time?
19.How to change a line into an axis line?
20.Is it possible to draw two axis lines in a sketch?
21.What is Intersect 3D element?
22.What is swap in dimensioning in sketcher?
23.How to give the angle between ellipse major axis and to a line?
43.What is the anchoring point in sweep option?44.How to define the depth of
the swept surface in sweep operation?45.Different laws available in seep
operation?46.When we need to go for a law?47.What are the different
parameters we can change by using law option insweep option?48.Explain three
sub-options available in with draft direction option in sweepcommand?49.Is
it possible to give a curve as center curve to rotate a profile about a curve?
50.What are the different parameter values for different conics?51.What is the
difference between solid and volume in CATIA V5?
Assembly design:
1.What is the diff erence between product and a component?2.What is
the function of selective load?3.How to insert an existing sub-assembly
into the assembly?4.How to identify a component, product and part in an
assemblyspecification tree?5.What is the function of graph tree reordering?6.What is the fast multi instantiation?7.What is the diff erence
between moving and constraining?8.How to constrain the fi rst part in the
assembly?9.What is the diff erence between mat and coincidence?
10.What is the difference between fix and fix together?11.How to assembly the
components in a pattern?
12.Different assembly features in the assembly work bench?13.How to check
the degrees of freedom of a component in the assembly?14.How to check the
constrains of a component in the assembly?15.What is the difference between
save, save all and save management?16.Why we have to generate numbers for
the components in the assembly?17.How to re-show the path of a part in the
assembly?18.What the difference is between replace component and replace

insession?19.What is the difference between save, save as, save all,

1.What is associative drawing and non-associative drawing?2.How to
change the standard of a drawing?3.How to change the angle of
projection in the drawing sheet?4.What is the difference between offset
section view and offset section cue?5.What is the diff erence between off set
section view and aligned sectionview?6.What is the diff erence between
detail view and quick detail view?7.What is the diff erence between
clipping view and detail view?8.What is the diff erence between broken
view break out view?9.What is the diff erence between sheet and detail
sheet?10.Function of Instantiate 2D component?11.What is new view?12.How
to generate stacked dimensions, Cumulative dimensions and chaineddimensions?
13.How to break a dimension line?14.How to create a datum symbol?15.How to
create a composite control frame?
16.How to create a balloon the assembly drawing?17.How to create a bill of
material in the drawing?18.How to generate a Bill of material in the brawing?
19.How to control the number of columns and column names in thedrawing?
20.How to generate a balloon in assembly drawing?21.How to generate the
numbers for the assembly drawing?22.Which dimensions are generated in the
drawing?23.Which dimensions are editable in drawing?24.How to generate hole
table?25.How to give the reference for the hole table?26.Is it possible to place a
existing text table in the drawing sheet? How?27.How to create center lines and
thread in the drawing?28.How to hatch an area?29. How a pattern appears in
the drawing if it is in the simplifiesrepresentation?30.How to change the scale
factor of a sheet?31.How to change the angle of projection?32.How to create
a user defied sheet size?33.How to insert a title block in the sheet?34.Different
ways to insert a title block?35.How to give the dual value for the dimension?
36.How to give fake dimension?37.How to change the dimension arrow shape?
38.How to create basic dimension?39.How to create a circular axis in a drawing?
40.How to link text with dimention?
41.How to align text to the view?42.How to break the association between
views?43.How to change the dimension text properties?44.How to display to
threads in the darwing?45.How to measure true length for a iso-metric