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Primary address- 358 , Gitanjali Park,
Gitanjali Park 1st street, kalikapur (Jadavpur baypass connector)
Kolkata 700078
Secondary address- B-72 Asmant Appartments- Mira road
Thane 401107 maharashtra
Contact number: +91 9586504372, 8108181021
Email address: saptarishichatterjee@yahoo.com, saptarishichatterjee84@gmail.com
Date of birth: 29th November 1984.
Passport number: J5270633

Work Experience: 5 years

1. Currently working as Assistant manager at Wockhardt hospitals (North
Mumbai)- Areas of operations Emergency & Ambulatory services,
Radio diagnosis & Imaging, laboratory diagnosis, physiotherapy, Cathlab,
Dialysis, endoscopy.
2. Junior Office Manager in Public Relations at South India Surgical Co. Ltd. From 1 st
March 2011 to 15TH March 2012.
3. Junior Office Manager in Public Relations at C.L. Micromed Pvt Ltd. From 1 st
September 2008 to 15TH February 2011.
4. Rotatory House intern at Sri Ramachandra University/Dental College (Established
under Section 3 UGC Act 1956) from 17th May 2007 to 18th June 2008.

Education Qualification:
a) Graduation:
1. Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration 2012-2013 batch (IIHMR JAIPUR).
2. Bachelors of Dental Surgery 2002-2003 batch. (SRMC& RI CHENNAI)
3. Schooling: - Higher secondary- Army public school Pune 2002 batch.
b) Summer training:
World Health Organization(WHO) Head Quarters- Geneva (Switzerland).
1. Data entry from various countries into Emergency and Essential Surgical Care (EESC)
Global Database.
2. Assist in the WHO Global Initiative for EESC activities including WHO GIESC mednet.
3. Assist in preparation of country reports and papers.
4. Utilization of WHO Situation Analysis Tool to perform a Survey of emergency,
trauma, obstetrics, anesthesia and surgical services care capacity across district
hospitals and community institutions in Rajasthan, India: A cross-sectional study.

c) Additional courses attended:

- Training course for National accreditation board for hospital and health services
(NABH) Hospital Standards.
- Training course for Six Sigma.
- Course on Statistical Product and Service Solutions (spss).
- Basic and advanced Excel course.
- Basic and advanced WHO Datacol database training.
- Basic and Advanced life support training at Air force hospital Bangalore.
- Underwent training course in surgical and medical ward protocols and administrative
procedures, inclusive of biomedical waste disposal protocols, at Armed forces Base
Hospital Barakpore from 10.11.2012 to 17. 11.2012.
- Underwent capsule training in intensive care unit protocols and procures at Command
Hospital Kolkata from 09.06.2013 to 18.06.2013.

Achievements/ Extracurricular activities:

1. Attended, 66th World Health Assembly, Geneva, Switzerland 20.05.2013-30.05.2013.
2. Certificate of Participation and Scientific Poster Presentation Oral health a public health






challenge at South East Asia Regional Public Health Conference, IPHACON, Kolkata,
Certificate of Participation and Scientific Poster Presentation Immunohistochemistry
analysis of P63, P27, and Clyclin D1 in Keratocystic odontogenic Tumor, at 20 th National
conference IAOMP, on 18.11.2011-20.11.2011 Hyderabad.
Certificate of Participation and Scientific Paper Presentation on Micronucleus Assay, of
exfoliated buccal mucosal cells at Saveetha Dental College on 21.07.2011. Chennai.
Certificate of Participation and Scientific Paper Presentation on Increased Micronucleus in
workers exposed to Crystaline Sillica at National conference IAOMP Manipal college of
Dental Sciences, On 09.07.2011-10.07.2011.
Certificate of Participation and Scientific Poster Presentation Role of HPV 16 & 18 in
potentially malignant Lesions PCR analysis, at first International Conference IAOMP,
10.12.2010- 12.12.2010 Chennai.
Certificate of Participation and Scientific Poster Presentation on Micronuclei Assay at
coastal region of Kerela at 10th International Conference on Radiation Biology, (SRMC)
15.11.2010-17.11.2010 Chennai.
Certificate of Participation and Scientific Poster Presentation on Tumor markers P63 and
carcinoma at 22nd National Conference of Indian Society for Dental Research (ISDR)
Government t Dental College, Ahmedabad, Gujrat.

Languages known:


Flexibility: Available for duty within 15 to 30 days of notice.

1. Brigadier (Dr) S.K. Puri VSM (Retd.): Advisor IIHMR Jaipur, phone- +919413007288.
2. Soumitra Joshi: Assistant Professor IIHMR Jaipur, phone- +91 9829013466.
3. Vijay Tomar- Manager Wockhardt Hospitals - +918108108182