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Introductory DVD Set

DVD 1 Content (5 lessons):

1 Introduction: history, background, features of VM

2 Basic Devices: completion, number splitting, extending your tables, doubling & halving etc.

3 Digit Sums: 9-point circle, Vedic Square, divisibility

4 Checking Devices: First by First, Last by Last, digit sum

5 Number 11: multiplication, divisibility, new checking device

DVD 2 Content (5 lessons):

6 Left to Right: addition, subtraction, multiplication

7 Subtraction: money, general method using bar numbers

8 Multiplication: near a Base or multiple of a base, proofs, squaring, near different bases, table patterns

9 General Multiplication: one-line, reversible, including algebraic and combining fractions

10 General Division: crowning gem, one-line divisions & HCF

DVD 3 Content (5 lessons):

11 Squaring (including algebraic) numbers of any size, the Duplex, general Square Roots

12 Special Division: numerical/algebraic

13 Divisibility: using the osculation method

14 Equations: one-line solutions, general method, simultaneous, special, quadratic

15 Special and General: special multiplications, temperature conversions, Vedic Numerical Code, the value

of pi

Advanced DVD Set

DVD 1 Content (Introduction plus 4 lessons):

Introduction course introduction, history, background, features of Vedic Mathematics

1 Algebraic Division - two methods, dividing the remainder, series expansions

2 - Recurring Decimals left to right and right to left, short cuts, variations, use of special numbers

3 Factorising quadratics (incl 2 and 3 variables), cubics, etc., evaluating polynomials

4 Algebraic Square Root - to any number of terms

DVD 2 Content (5 lessons):

5 Calculus Methods quadratic equations, partial fractions, derivatives of products and quotients and trig functions, series expansions, integration by ‘parts’ etc.

6 Triples addition/subtraction, double & half angle triples, geometry

7 Transformations rotations of points, lines & curves, reflections

8 Coordinate Geometry equation of a line, linear interpolation, angle between two lines, distance of a point from a line

9 Trigonometry compound angles, inverse functions, trig proofs, trig equations

DVD 3 Content (8 lessons):

10 Complex Numbers multiplication, division, square root

11 Simple Harmonic Motion using three triples

12 Projectile Motion solving problems using three triples

13 Forces in Equilibrium solving force problems with triples

14 Left to Right - working left to right, addition, multiplication, squaring

15 Combined Operations adding squares, algebraic, Pythagoras

16 Trig Functions and Inverses evaluating sine, cosine and tangent and inverses

17 Polynomial & Transcendental Equations solving polynomial & transcendental equations, Kepler’s