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Layout and formatting

Prepare for the final layout
ViewinvisiblesPage margins
Basic house keeping
Select alllayoutunlock format
Select allappearancereset note spacing
Select allappearancereset position
Select allappearancereset design (default text styles)
Select allLayoutReset space above
Select allLayoutReset space below

Formatting via documents setup
Layoutdocument setupclick the small icon to open document setup
Page size
Page orientation(
landscape or portrait staff
For this document: Portrait, 5.6 mm.
Cmd+D (document setup)(see sheet paper)

Adjusting vertical spacing
Justification = Engraving rulesstavesselect Justify staves when page
is at least 80% full
Lock the first page make into page
Viewlayout marks
Engraving rules (Cmd+shift-E)
Stavesextra space between groups of staves (1)
Spaces between staves (6)
We have collisionsselect alllayoutoptimize

Adjusting Horizontal spacing
The first thing we do for adjusting the horizontal spacing is creating
system and page breaks
We start from the beginning of score. Starting from the end could be
find important places to make adjustments
add system break add bar 16 (Rehearsal mark B)
add page break(cmd+enter) at DC al Coda (we want coda at separate

Formatting bar numbers
Engraving rulesbar numbers
Frequency every one bar
Select show on the first bar of sections
Show below bottom staff
Horizontal positioncenter in the bar
o Vertical position3 spaces

Edit text style


Final score adjustments
AppearanceDesign and position(click on the small button to edit)
Select title and change vertical position to 14
Composer (9)
Tempo Horizontal (-5)Vertical (8)
Metronome mark (-3) (5)
Select Moderato---reset score position
Change the space between group of staves
Engraving rulesstaves
Extra space above for System Object positions (2)
Delete extra rit. In the last page
Fix collison of bar numbers etc with magnetic layout
Magnetic layout setup---set the priority of objects
Turn on magnetic layout
Still some collisions(crescendo and bar numbers position)
Engaving rules
Bar numbers
Change vertical position Relative to staff to 5.5