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TEACHERS NAME: Mu Eliza Sorina

SCHOOL: coala gimnazial Nr. 1 Rmnicu Srat
LESSON TOPIC: Grammar: The Present Simple, Vocabulary: domestic and wild animals
TYPE OF LESSON: consolidation
GENERAL AIMS (teacher and students):

to practise writing, reading and speaking;

to revise and reinforce grammar concerning the Present Simple and When /

What time questions;

to check students knowledge of wild and domestic animals;
to make students confident in their ability of using the language;
to create interest in the topic of the lesson;
to enhance communication during class;
to create a pleasant atmosphere.

SPECIFIC AIMS (students):

By the end of the lesson:
- students will be able to make sentences using the present simple;
- students will be able to turn sentences from affirmative form into negative or
interrogative forms.
- students will be able to identify and describe wild and domestic animals
SKILS: writing main skill, reading, speaking,


methods and procedures: conversation, pair work, independent work

materials and equipment: students notebooks, printed materials,

whiteboard and marker;

organization: individual work, pair work;
techniques: communicative approach, conversation, exercises: gap filling
exercises, match, sentence transformation.

TIME: 50 min
ASSUMPTIONS: Teacher assumes that students are familiar with the present simple rules,
exercises, when / what time questions and words related to animals.
ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS: - if teacher thinks it is necessary, she will offer the students
guidance in solving certain exercises;

some students might need further help and extra indications in solving the
tasks and they may also need some of these indications to be given in

some of the students might feel nervous and reluctant to participate in the
activity, so they may need assistance.

ACTIVITY 1 Warm-up

Aim: - to create a pleasant atmosphere;

-to motivate and stir students interest in the topic
Procedure: Teacher enters the classroom, greets students: Hello children! She introduces herself
to the pupils and ensures a friendly atmosphere so that they might feel encouraged to fully
participate in the class. Ss respond back: Hello teacher! Teacher has a short conversation with
them and asks them questions like: How are you today? Whats the weather like today? What
kind of animal do you like? etc. They pay attention and answer the teachers questions then they
participate in the discussion.
Interaction: T-Ss;
Time: 5
ACTIVITY 2 Homework- checking
Aim: - to give students the opportunity to demonstrate what have they done independently
Procedure: Teacher asks students if they had any homework and read it. They discuss it.
Interaction: T- Ss
Time: 5
ACTIVITY 3 Lesson presentation
Aim: -to announce the topic and the objectives of the lesson
-to prepare the context of the lesson.
Procedure: Teacher announces the topic of the lesson and writes the title on the whiteboard. She
explains to children that todays lesson aims at revising the present simple, what time / when
questions and their knowledge of words related to animals. Ss pay attention to the teacher and
write the title of the lesson in their notebooks
Interaction: Ss T
Time: 4
ACTIVITY 4 Vocabulary
Aim: revising previously taught vocabulary
Procedure: Teacher asks students to look at the first exercise from the worksheet, read it and
solve it. They are also required to translate the new formed sentences and to find other animals
that have the same characteristics as the ones from that exercise
Interaction: Ss T, T - Ss

Time: 6
ACTIVITY 5 Grammar
Aim: revising the present simple, developing writing skills;
Procedure: Teacher asks students to look at the next exercises and try to solve them together.
Teacher helps students and provides them the necessary information. They are asked not only to
solve the exercises but also to translate the sentences and to try to form similar ones.
Interaction: T Ss. S T, Ss - Ss
Time: 25
Aim - to make sure that students understood the lesson and they have no other questions about it
and if they have, the teacher will answer them;
- to assign the homework
Procedure: Teacher asks students to describe their favourite animal, what it can do and cant do,
where does it lives, what does it eats, etc
Teacher appreciates students behaviour during the class.
Interaction: T Ss; Ss T
Time: 5