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Hope for the Endangered World

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The world very clearly is collapsing due to human ignorance about Truth of Nature and
its Functioning. Science erred in its foundation when it isolated mind and consciousness
and looked for truth in matter. Advancement in science has turned one circle to a point
where it has concluded that mind and consciousness cannot be isolated form motion and
existence of nature. If you study ancient spiritual scriptures we note that ancient knew the
Truth of Nature and lived in harmony with nature. They seemed to connect to their
consciousness and worked from the inner intelligence or Light. Some where along the
cycle of time, when human “self” began to manifest and he started eating the forbidden
fruit, he began to loose his touch with consciousness and intelligence within. He began to
live by his mind that became slave to material world and its force. Science tells that
material world and its force directs to a center and collapses to a point in time
[gravitational collapse].

The modern world is inching to self destruction under human material quest. The
increased heat is producing shearing force in the environment, the matter that looses the
energy winds and is leading the world to gravitational collapse. We are witnessing this
increased heat and shearing force of the environment as climatic abnormalities and the
winding of matter leading to huge earth quakes. If this continues we would see huge
volcanic out burst destroying the civilizations. Logically there is no hope for humanity. It
is impossible to open the eyes of nations that exist and rule the modern world and its
destiny on material power given by science. The failure of Copenhagen Summit at a time
when the evidence of destruction coming our way exists right before our eyes, speaks the
power of ignorance. If the present situation continues unabated, it would lead to initiation
of chains of volcanic eruptions turning earth inside out. What will be left behind will be
few scattered populations, which later will reorganize. History of earth speaks of such
destruction of civilizations. The destruction to come however could be of enormous size.
Earth will survive but we human beings are left to pay a heavy price. As a researcher
reviewing the foundation of science, I never had hope for this world, unless science
advances to know the Truth of Nature and leads the leaders in a path of truth. But this
task is unimaginably huge and is beyond human mind. No human soul, mind and body
can swim and survive against billions of Nile, Amazon and Indus rivers collectively
flowing in one direction to death.

Yet, I see hope. This hope came to me when I died to be Born Again. Today in the midst
of destruction I see bright future for the world. I struggle for it against many odds. This
hope would manifest when we make paradigm shift in our thinking from material to
Living Universe that is Conscious and Intelligent and capable conquering death and
giving Life. This Knowledge or Light is not new, it was known to the ancient and the
concept of God who rules came from this reality. Humanity fell when he distanced
himself from God, His knowledge and from His protective field. We human beings are
only individuated consciousness and intelligence born from one super soul/
consciousness and mind/intelligence. In short we are the cells of one whole universal

system being born in time and destroyed in time to be formed again. By virtue of our
creation we can only take left or right position in relation to the universal soul and we are
governed by law – Not to eat from the tree at the center.

Soul and Life is basically anti-gravitational, but exist in a body that is constructed out of
matter and its force. The matter directs to center and collapse. Thus the law was a
resistive one to humanity from taking the world to gravitational collapse to a point. The
law and justice are fundamental to existence of the system. It is not a thing that is
enforced on an individual but it is the way of life. It is a choice one makes. But all human
by virtue of his creation [From mater] falls to the material force and directs to death in
time. Time is inevitable reality of nature both from material and living vision of nature.
This means that the Living Universe has a Life cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth. For one
Universal System there is no second body. This means the Universal Soul and Mind
should conceive to become recessive and go into recreation mode before death strikes.

The importance of Calvary Sacrifice and the teaching of Bible come from this reality.
This reality and secret of nature is spoken very much in the ancient Vedas. Yajurveda Vs
30-31 speaks that Universe is created by the Self-Sacrifice of the Creator and that this
sacrifice was conducted by His own people. Post Calvary is a period of freedom, where
humanity is expressing his material instinct. What is dominating is the inferior
knowledge of human mind that is in ignorance of Truth of Nature, its oneness and its
functioning. We are peaking in this ignorance or inferior knowledge. Knowledge by
definition should have brought order, peace, happiness, control and so on. Very clearly
modern knowledge is giving opposite results.

We have hope when we look to God. He is Light, Knowledge and Life. He has designed
the whole world to survive death. Just as at the peak of darkness light emerges, when the
whole system peaks and inches towards to collapse, the Creator reveals His Mind and
initializes the world into New Life. The Second Coming of Christ is revelation of Mind
of God. With it the whole world initializes it self into New order, where justice and truth
prevails. We are due to enter the Kingdom of God or Dharma Yuga. There is Golden
period Awakening to Green

The spiritual knowledge of the ancient, especially Vedas has immense knowledge hidden
to sustain the world. The modern world is built on energy and it needs huge amount of
energy and plans for maximum utilization of energy with least release of heat to sustain
the world. The life, its design and its functioning can come long way to sustain the world
and cause positive growth. Remember that a heart that is the size of left fist pumps and
sucks blood simultaneously through the minute blood vessels covering both internal and
external parts of all the organs of the body. The cumulative length of these blood vessels
of an adult human being is estimated to be nearly 100.000 miles that amounts to
encircling earth twice! The life does this work effortlessly 12-20 times every minute,
with few ounces of food you take! We have solution in nature to every problems and
needs of humanity. All we need is to become conscious and intelligent to know and use

The world needs a paradigm shift in thinking from materialistic to living. This call for
reviewing the foundation of science and advancing it know the Truth of Nature. I
struggle at this cause relentlessly against odds. If you feel there is substance in my
thought help spread this to the world. It is time to awaken.

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