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Rotman School of Management

VPN Configuration Windows Vista

What does a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) connection do?
A VPN connection allows you to use your network drives, as well as Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email on a computer outside of the Rotman network. This document assumes that you have already connected
to the Internet and have already installed a new copy of Microsoft Office 2007. Screenshots are provided for
illustrative purposes only. For more information on how to connect to the Internet, please consult
documentation provided by your Internet Services Provider (ISP).
Note: If your computer has a firewall installed, either software (ZoneAlarm or Norton Internet Security) or hardware
(on some DSL/Cable Modems), then you may have difficulties connecting to our VPN server and additional network
resources. You are required to adjust the settings on the firewall to allow PPTP traffic (TCP port 1723) to pass
through. For more information, consult the documentation provided by the firewall.

Create the VPN Connection

3. Click the link Set up a connection or network.

1. Log on to your computer as a user that has

administrative privileges. Make sure you are
connected to the internet.
2. Click Start Connect To.

4. Select Connect to a workplace and click Next.

5. Click Use my Internet connection (VPN).

6. For Internet Address, type

For Destination name, type Rotman VPN.
Enable the option Dont connect now; just set it so
I can connect later.
Click Next.

7. Leave User name, password, and domain blank

and click Create.

8. Click Close.

9. Click Start Connect To.

10. Right-click Rotman VPN and select Properties.

12. Click the Networking tab and select Internet

Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP v4). Click the
Properties button.

11. Select the Options tab and make sure Include

Windows logon domain is enabled.

13. Click the Advanced button.

14. On the IP Settings tab, disable the option Use

default gateway on remote network.

17. Enter your RWorld user name, password and

ROTMAN in the domain field and click Connect.
Do not click on the box that says Save this user
name and password for the following users:.

Connect to Rotman VPN

15. Click OK on each window to return to the window
titled Connect to a network. (Normally, you can
get to this window by clicking Start Connect To).
16. Select Rotman VPN and click the Connect button.
You will see the login window.

18. After VPN is connected, you should see the

following confirmation:

Add Shortcuts to Network Drives

22. Repeat the previous three steps and replace

\\fmadmin.rotman.utoronto.ca\username with

19. To add a shortcut to connect to your network

drives, right-click on your desktop and click New

the following for other network drives:

T drive

20. Type \\fmadmin.rotman.utoronto.ca\username

(where username is your RWorld user name) in the
location field and click Next.

U drive

Please contact the Help Desk to determine the path

of other network drives (e.g. I, J, L, O etc.).

Configure Microsoft Outlook

23. Open the Start menu and right-click the Outlook
icon at the top. Select Properties.

21. This shortcut is actually connecting to your P drive,

so under Type a name for the shortcut: you
should type P drive as the name of the
shortcut. Click Finish. There will be an icon named
P drive that will show up on the Desktop.

24. If you have already been using Outlook then click on

Show Profiles, otherwise, skip to step 26.

25. Click Add

27. Check the box option Manually configure server

settings or additional server types and click Next.

28. Select Microsoft Exchange, and click Next.

26. For Profile Name, type Rotman Exchange then

click OK.

29. In the field labeled Microsoft Exchange server:

Type your RWorld user name in the User Name
Click Next.

31. If you have more than one profile available, then

click on Prompt for a profile to be used and then
click OK.
Otherwise, click on Always use this profile then
click OK.

30. If a login prompt appears, type ROTMAN\username,

where username is your RWorld user name, and
your password. Click OK.

32. Start Microsoft Outlook and choose the Rotman

Exchange profile and then click OK.

Congratulations, you are now done.