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George Marshall

27775 Stansbury Blvd. Ste 239 Farmington Hills, MI 48334 Phone: (248) 207-4059
Email: mrpharmquality@yahoo.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/mrpharmquality
A position in a company that could use my general experience, knowledge and hands on work ethic in any industry.
• In my past experience, which includes responsibility to customers, I was responsible to visiting
clients, exhibiting the company’s operation and testing facilities. These meetings and follow-up
contact on an ongoing basis to assure that the company I worked for was capable of manufacturing
a quality product, available on time, and that they had a contact for any and all questions.
• My responsibility for complaints was paramount for making and maintaining happy customers by
assuring that their questions and complaints were answered by phone, email, fax and/or letter and
following up, where applicable.
• On the floor, all operations had to be in accordance with appropriate regulatory and company
regulations. Sufficient supplies, personnel and proper training were of critical importance.
• I have been studying Naturopathic Medicine for 20+ years and am well versed in Natural
supplements often advising people on proper supplements (replacing drugs).

Fine jewelry sales associate 10/2009-12/2009
CARACO PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES Ltd, Detroit, Michigan 10/2000-12/2003
Director Quality Assurance
SKYEPHARMA, PLC (formerly DEPOTECH CORPORATION), San Diego CA 5/1993-9/1998
Quality Assurance Manager
AMVAX, INC. (Div. of NORTH AMERICAN VACCINE), Beltsville, MD 2/1987-3/1993
Director of Quality Assurance/Quality Control
MCLAS TECHNOLOGIES, INC., San Antonio, TX 2/1986-2/1987
Director of Quality Assurance/Quality Control
ABBOTT LABORATORIES, INC., Austin, Texas 6/1982-1/1986
Compliance Officer and Technical Service → Α sst. (Plant) QA Manager
ALCON LABORATORIES, INC., Fort Worth, Texas 9/1980-5/1982
Corporate GMP Specialist → Manager
Fairleigh Dickinson University – Teaneck New Jersey
20 credits towards M.S. Business (Business Management, Marketing, Accounting, Sales…)
B.S., Biology, City University of New York (Brooklyn College), Brooklyn, New York
Minors: Chemistry and Mathematics
Regents Scholarship, National Merit Scholarship
Research/Teaching Fellowship to Rutgers University
Quality Control Management, Statistical Quality Control
Zenger-Miller "Frontline Leadership" seminars (Leadership, Management, Handling Stress...)
PC: MS Office, Visio, Access, and Project, Lotus, WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, etc.
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