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______ modern transport people can now travel a lot more easily than in the
a. Because
b. Instead of
c. Thanks to
d. Despite
1. Dear Sir,
I _____ to complain about a recent problem I had with a member of your
a. am writing
b. write
c. have written
d. wrote
2. I think successful writers and artists are very ______.
a. Imaginative
b. imaginary
c. imagination


3. I think that people who _____ serious crimes should be punished.

a. convict
b. conduct
c. commit
d. condemn
4. Our internship program ______ specifically for post-secondary students,
whether part-time or full-time.
a. has designed
b. was designing c. is designed
d. designs
5. At home, parents can teach children ____ to stick to a budget
a. what
b. how
c. when

d. where

6. The lack____ jobs usually means that there is a lot of poverty in big cities.
a. of
b. for
c. in
d. about
7. I was so _____ when my teacher made me _____ my song in front of the
whole school.
a. Embarrassing/ to perform
b. embarrass/ performing

embarrassed/ perform

d. embarrassing/ perform

8. Not only ___ fossil fuels pose an environmental hazard but there is also a
pressing need to find an alternative energy source that is renewable.
a. does
b. is
c. are
d. have
9. _____ life today is much more complicated than in the past.

a. everyday

b. every day

c. dairy

d. nowadays

10.If we consider the structure chronologically, we can see that construction

____ in more than two thousand years ago.
a. will take place
b. take place
c. took place
would take place
11.As a flight attendant, Jack makes a lot of money ______ most of his friends
who work in fashion.
a. Comparing with
b. comparing to
c. compared with d.
compare to
12.Carefully______ the English courses at I-genius with the ones at ABC, my
brother decided to study at the former one.
a. comparing
b. compares
c. compared
13._____ other schools at Central, I-genius offers more classes.
a. Comparing
b. Compares with c. Compared to
Comparing with


14.The main source of biodiesel is plant oil _____ from crops such as rapeseed.
a. derives
b. derived
c. deriving
d. which derives

15. The park _____ your mother

bumped into my sister is a few miles
a. which
b. where
c. about
d. on which
16 They are planning to stay here
when they have a chance ______ back
to this city.

a. come
b. coming
d. to coming

c. to

17 Coming on time every day is

_____workers are required to do.
a. when
b. which
c. why
d. what
18 He had not forgotten to return the
clients call, but he avoided doing so
because he knew there ______an
a. was
b. will be
c. would
be d. would have
19 It is essential that every worker
_____the office late.
a. doesnt reach b. not reach
doesnt reach to d. do not reach
20 We are considering ______
membership to foreign firms and
______ them to challenge our markets.

a. granting/allowing
grant/to allow

b. to

c. granting/to allow
grant/ allowing

d. to