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Model Number RTH20227

Tankless Water Heater Pipe Gover Assembly

Installation Instructions
For use with these models of Indoor or Outdoor
Tankless Water Heaters

Water Healer*














I 59(DVIX)

The purpose of this manual is to provide the

installer with tbe basic instructions necessary to
properly install the pipe cove, assembly. This
manual assumes that the installer has basic skills
and plumbing knowledge. Local codes may apply to
this installation. All local building, electrical, and
plumbing codes should be followed.
It is very important that all persons who are expected

to install, operate or adjust this pipe cover assembly

and/or water beater, read these instructions along
with those instructions provided with the tankless
Pipe Cover

water heater.

Recognize this symbol as an indication of

.... Important Safety Information!

Refer to the Usc and Care Manual provided

with your tankless water heater for the proper
-Waler Heater NOI Provided


installation procedures and requirements.

Gasoline, as well as other flammable materials and liquids (adhesives,

solvents, paint thinners etc.), and the vapors they produce are extremely dangerous. DO NOT handle,
usc or store gasoline or other flammable or combustible materials anywhere ncar or in the vicinity of a
water heater or any other appliance. Be sure to read and follow the labels on the water heater, as well as
the warning printed in this manual. Failure to do so can result in property damage, bodily injury or


Dimensions and Piping

This pipe cover assembly is for indoor or outdoor

The pipe cover assembly extends about 16.5"(42 em)

installations and should be installed directly to the

below the bottom of the water heater. Pipe openings

bottom of the water heater. The water heater is not

for the water, gas, and electrical connections

included with the pipe cover assembly.

should penetrate the wall within the 16.5" (42 em)

Tbe water heater must be installed in accordance

allowable space from the bottom of the water heater

with the Use and Care Manual provided with the

water heater. All considerations of the Use and Care

to the bottom of the pipe cover assembly. Provisions

should be made for cut off valves and service unions.

Manual along with any applicable local codes must

be followed.

AP16034 (09/10)

Pipe Cover Assembly/Installation

Pipe Covel' Installation

Once the water heater is mounted and installed, prepare
the pipe cover installation. Assemble wall flange

Mounting screws (indoor) or

Water Healer Mounting Slots

holes (outdoor)

to bottom panel (2 screws). Locate four (4) holes in

bottom of outdoor water heater near front door, or 4
screws in bottom of indoor water heater. Mount pipe


cover to water heater by attaching 2 screws in each slot

of side panel to the fore mentioned holes. Assemble



fTont panel to the bottom panel (2 screws). Mark hole

locations on wall behind wall flange and drill holes for
Detail of Bottom View
(Water Heater)


a #8 or #10 screw (not provided) in the wall. Mount

pipe cover to wall.

Outdoor Installations
Side Panels

Additional holes may be drill1!d through the pipe

cover if needed. Weather resistant insulation may be
used to cover the pipes in cold climates.

Indoor Installations
A hole may be drilled in the bottom of the pipe cover
to allow the for power cord if needed. All other pipes,
gas, water, and relief valves, should be plumbed into
the wall.

Technical Service

Wall Flange

For questions regarding the installation of this pipe

cover assembly, please contact Technical Service at

Typical Installation - Indoor/Outdoor

Pipe Cover

--lII---- Water Heater


<:::::: =-:.<:::::: =- :.<::::::::.<::

:: :: =-:.
: :::.<::::
: :::.c::::.<::::
: :::.

Condensate Drain

16.5" (42em)
Gas Shut Off

Hot Water Valve

Cold Water Valve

Relief Valve

Wall Flange

A hole may be drilled in the

bottom of the pipe cover
assembly to allow the for
power cord, and I or relief

Wall Mounting Screws

(not included)

valve, and I or condensate

drain if needed

Note: Power Cord Not Supplied in Outdoor Units. Refer to the Use and Care Manual provided with
your tankless water heater for the proper installation procedures and requirements.