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for a safer world of work

Introducing IOSH

Vision A world of work which is safe, healthy and sustainable

Established in 1945

Over 40 000 members in over 90 countries, 45 00 international

The Chartered body for health and safety professionals

A registered Charity in the United Kingdom

Recognised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as a NonGovernmental Organisation (NGO)

International Branches
International branches:
Ireland I Middle East I Hong Kong I Isle of Man I Singapore I Caribbean

Middle East Branch

launched in 2006
Over 900 members
Country coordinators in UAE, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
Bahrain, Iran, India, Egypt and Qatar
Country webpage for UAE, Qatar, Egypt & Iran


International projects

The New Accession Countries Initiative

Helping new EU member states and candidate countries to
improve their standards of safety and health
Links with Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary,
Latvia, Malta, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and

Encyclopaedia of Occupational Safety and Health

ILO project with funding and support by IOSH

Why join us?

We can open up a wide range of networks to you,

support your work and guide your professional development.
As the only body in the world with Chartered membership for
health and safety professionals, we can offer you the ultimate
professional status.

Youll find that employers increasingly ask for IOSH membership

when theyre recruiting an making promotion or pay decisions.

What youll get out of membership

Great opportunities for networking
- get involved in our branch network
- join a group to suit your industry
Free subscription to Safety and Health Practitioner
- read about the latest news and thinking
- get ahead with one of the professions biggest
recruitment sections
Free technical information
- get guidance on any health and safety issue
- check up on best practice

What youll get out of membership

First class technical guides
- use the free Direction and Direct info series to get
strategic and operational help with managing health and
- keep up with global developments with our international
journal Policy and Practice in Health and Safety
- get clear, practical books to support your study or work
Low-cost and free seminars and conferences
- choose from more than 300 events every year, including
a series of webinars

What youll get out of membership

The chance to have your say
- be part of consultations on new law and guidance
- get involved in shaping the future of the profession
Thriving online communities
- get in touch with your colleagues all over the world on
our OSH discussion forum and through social media
including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
- tap into a wealth of experience to support your studies
- get careers advice from experienced members

What youll get out of membership

A growing research resource
- apply for development funding for your projects
- use our online research database
- benefit from research we fund
A unique professional development scheme
- map your career, boost your skills and enhance your CV
Top quality training for you
- choose from more than 80 courses to keep your
knowledge fresh

What youll get out of membership

Top quality training for your teams
- get cutting edge training programmes for everyone in
your business
- take advantage of our training delivery and support
- get all your membership news and information in a
single email
- keep up to date with industry and IOSH news, branch
and group information, events, features, jobs and more

Become a member
Theres a place for everyone at IOSH.
We welcome:
- full time health and safety professionals
- people with a job that includes a health and safety role
- students working towards a health and safety

Become a member
Once youve filled in your application form and paid your fee of
135 youll become an Affiliate Member and get immediate access
to all our benefits and services.
You can then send in details of your qualifications and experience
and well review them to decide which membership category is best
for you.
We have five membership categories:
- Affiliate Member
- Technician Member (Tech IOSH)
- Graduate Member (Grad IOSH)
- Chartered Member (CMIOSH)
- Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH

Membership structure at a glance

The Strategy

Strategy reviewed in the context of good

progress (April 2011)

Membership was over 39,000 (up 35% in 5 years)

Member satisfaction maintained - survey
International members over 4,000 (up 47% in 5 years)
Commercial donation of 2.63 million (during tough trading
Reserves 13.5 million (up 48% in 5 years)
Much stronger media profile
Improving thought leadership and influence in the UK
Impressive research funding and academic presence
Management and organisation development review
Branch, Group and Committee reviews

A world of work which is safe, healthy and sustainable
As a leading international health and safety body, IOSH is working to:
- make sure that people are at the heart of safety and health;
- be the definitive voice for health and safety at work;
- advance high professional standards;
- champion pragmatic risk management, based on professional advice;
- sponsor research and share knowledge;
- support its members as leaders in safety and health whilst working and
promoting safety and health in their communities;
- promote the benefits of effective safety and health whilst working.

Strategic Directions

1 International Impact

To focus on supporting improvements in health & safety for

people at work, wherever they are, and to explore and
develop commercial opportunities around the world.

2 Membership Development

To continue to increase the number of members by offering

a range of membership categories suitable for the UK and

To continue to provide members and member networks

with a range of value opportunities/methods to engage with
and support the Institutions wide range of activities.

3 Influential Leadership

To extend and strengthen IOSHs leadership, influence and

profile in the field of occupational safety and health in the UK
and internationally.

4 Commercial Expansion

To expand IOSHs range, and distribution, of profitable

commercial products and services in the UK and internationally.

5 Health and well-being

To continue to protect and promote health and well-being,

including awareness of IOSHs related activities, services and

6 Infrastructure and resources

To review its reserves policy regularly so that more funds can be

made available, if needed and appropriate, to invest in activities
in support of its vision and mission.

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