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[Plugin] 2D Wall Section Tool v1.

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by tomot Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:02 pm

I recently completed my first set of working drawing using SketchUp and Layout. This is a 2D
wall section tool, which grew out of the need to show more detail in cross sections, particularly
once they were imported into Layout. This tool should help users that do working drawings in
Layout using wood framed construction.
My first attempt WallSectionTool1.rb served its purpose for a simple transfer of a wall section
from SU to LO. However it failed to take into account that sections are also View related. Hence
this newer version tries to fill in some of those gaps. Because sections can either horizontal or
vertical I have also given this newer version a new name: 2DSectionTool.rb Since the only
difference between a wall and a floor section is fundamentally a change in lumber and
insulation thickness, I have combined both into one ruby.
Here is a more detailed explanation:
This new 2DSectionTool.rb creates a 2D Vertical or Horizontal Sections, using Standard North
American Lumber dimensions. and Architectural Material Symbol.
1. Choose: View (Top, Front, Right, Back, Left) this tells 2DSectionTool's in what view its STUFF is
going to be drawn.
2. Click: 2 Pick Points. This tells 2DSectionTool's at what location the STUFF is going to be
3. 2DSectionTool: Can draw its STUFF over top of existing 3D Section Elements.
2DSectionTool: Can't read your intentions. Be sure to change the settings in the dialog box
before using this tool.
"The Default": 2DSectionTool's draws: a 2D Vertical Section using, 2x6 Studs, Dbl. plates, Batt
Insulation, with default 1/2" Interior and Exterior finishes, in Front View.
If you choose 2 vertical pick points (one above the other), "The Default" will be drawn,
If you choose 2 horizontal Pick Points (one left, the other to the right), "The Default" will be
drawn, horizontally.
Before using 2DSectionTool, always decide if your Section is going to be a Vertical Section using
Front, Right, Back, or Left Views.
Or Horizontal Section, which uses the Top View.

Make the appropriate setting changes first, otherwise you may end up deleting unintended
2DSectionTool: will also draw walls or floors at any angle. It depends on your 2nd Click, if your
2nd Click is not vertical or horizontal, your section will be drawn at the angle between Click 1
and Click 2.
Example: You may want to Insulate only: Turn Draw Insulation ON, Turn all other Draw
functions OFF. Now use 2DSectionTool to Insulate a Rafter Section assembly.
2DSectionTool will also always automatically create a layer named "Layer0section" on which it
draws the section stuff, hence it wont stick to any other existing 3d geometry your model may
contain. When you have finished using 2DSectionTool it will by default go back to activate
Important: If your not using SketchUp to produce working drawing in conjunction with
Layout this plugin wont be of any use to you. I'm looking forward for some feedback, I'm not
entirely sure if combining both wall and floor section into one tool is better than separating it
into 2 parts?
Also depending on geographical location not all exterior walls maybe be entirely of wood
construction , in which case there is room to add brick veneer or rain screen principle type
walls, to this script.

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