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Camson announces the breakthrough technology of Natural Fertilizer in

the field of Agriculture

Becomes the first company globally to patent Natural Fertilizers
Bangalore, India, 16 August 2015 Camson Bio Technologies Limited, India's first
integrated IPR driven agricultural biotechnology company (referred to as Camson
or the Company), has filed patents for its discovery of Natural Fertilizer, a product
which is derived from microbial extracts. This is a breakthrough step wherein Natural
Fertilizer has the capacity to replace synthetic fertilizer throughout the world. Being
a clean technology it also addresses the concerns about the toxicity, safety and the
environment issues facing the world.
Camson has filed the following patents for the manufacture of NPK (Nitrogen,
Phosphorous and Potash):
1. 2826/CHE/2015 titled Phosphorus Fertilizer composition and method of
producing the same by microbial fermentation technology
2. 2827/CHE/2015 titled Nitrogen Fertilizer composition and method of
producing the same by microbial fermentation technology
3. 2828/CHE/2015 title Potassium Fertilizer composition and method of
producing the same by microbial fermentation technology
The efficacy of this Natural Fertilizer is at par with any synthetic chemical used by the
farmers currently. Camson has the capabilities to manufacture this in large
commercial quantities for meeting the increasing global demand without polluting
the environment (or ecosystem). This fertilizer is made from microbes available
within the environment (e.g. soil, water, air) and the derivation is absolutely natural,
hence, when applied it leaves zero residue in soil.
This Natural Fertilizer is water soluble and can easily be supplied through drip
irrigation. Furthermore, it does not harm the soil topography and is completely safe
for perpetual use by the farmers. This product will encourage healthy farming
practise on a global level. Eventually, on a macro level, this product/technology can
help the Indian government save a significant amount spent on subsidy for import
and sale of chemical fertilizers.


Commenting on the development, Mr. Santosh Nair, CEO, Camson Biotechnologies

Limited said: We continue to be the pioneer in the field of innovation and organic
farming. It will be extremely helpful to the Agri-input industry which is overly
dependent on imported synthetic water soluble fertilizers (NPK). Our joy is manifold
as we have the capacity of making any combination of NPK depending on the soil
type. These products will also be economically competitive in the market place. Our
water soluble Natural Fertilizer has been tested and found to be very effective as
compared to synthetic water soluble fertilizer as per the data received from DRR,
Hyderabad and MPKV, Rahuri (Maharashtra)

Commenting on the development, Mr. Dhirendra Kumar, Managing Director and

Chief Scientific Officer, Camson Bio Technologies Limited said: The unique method
to produce NPK through the microbial route is a yet another testimony to Camsons
R&D prowess. The Government of Indias continuous support for the Make in India
campaign will provide the necessary fillip to the growth of these revolutionary
Natural fertilizers.

About Camson:
Camson Bio Technologies Limited (Camson or the Company) is India's first integrated
IPR driven agricultural biotechnology company. Founded in 1993, Camson is headquartered
in Bangalore, with primary focus on biotech R&D. The Company is a pioneer in zero residue
farming products, which uses secondary metabolites (biological origin) of microbes to kill /
inhibit pathogens, with no use of chemicals. It has been recognized by Deloitte as one the
fastest growing technology companies in 2015 and conferred the Technology Fast 500
award and awarded the Leaders of Tomorrow Award by ET Now & Indiamart 2014-15.


Contact Details:
Camson Bio Technologies Limited (CIN: L85110KA1993PLC014944), C-7, 7th Floor, Corporate
Block, Golden Enclave, Old Airport Road, Bangalore - 560 017
Sumeet Chhabria
Camson Bio Technologies
Saket Somani
Churchgate Partners
+91 80 4076 8900
+91 22 6169 5988

Santosh Ramakrishna Nair
Chief Executive Officer

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