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Name: ________ Period: ______


Match the characters with their descriptions.
___1. The Dragon

A. Beowulfs people

___2. Herot

B. King of the Danes

___3. Hrothgar

C. Successor to Beowulf

___4. Geats

D. mortally wounds Beowulf

___5. Grendel

E. Greatest of mead-halls

___6. Wiglaf

F. leaves claw behind in Herot

___7. Grendels mother

G. lives in a lake of fire

___8. Edgetho

H. Beowulfs Father

Match the vocabulary term with its definition.

___9. reparation

A. making twisting or turning motions

___10. solace

B. comfort; relief

___11. purge

C. disgusting

___12. writhing

D. something making up for a wrong

___13. loathsome

E. purify; cleanse


___14. In phase two of the hero cycle the hero becomes famous.
___15. Beowulf is set in England.
___16. The Geats built Herot.
___17. The author of Beowulf is anonymous.
___18. Physical strength, bravery and compassion for others was valued by the Anglo-Saxons.
___19. Boasting was considered rude and was not tolerated back then.
___20. Beowulf asks that Hrothgar give him an army of men to fight Grendel.


___21. When do most scholars believe Beowulf was written?
a. in the 400s
b. in the 700s
c. in the 1100s
d. in the 1300s
___22. The monsters thoughts were as quick as his greed refers to the fact that:
a.the monster is hungry
b.the monster is an intelligent creature
c.Grendel has sharp, dangerous claws
d.Grendel cannot be trusted
___23. The man who challenges Beowulfs strength, heroism, and past is also famous for killing
members of his own family. His name is:
a. Hrothgar
b. Wiglaf
c. Higlac
d. Unferth
___24. Following his death Beowulf is:
a. buried with his ship
b. burned by the dragons flames
c. reincarnated
d. cremated by funeral pyre
___25. What does Grendel resent about Hrothgar and his men?
a. that they drink mead
b. the ease and pleasure with which they live
c. that they try to kill him
d. that they desire gold
___26. What does Beowulf bring King Hrothgar from the monsters lair?
a. Grendels head
b. gold
c. Grendels mothers tail
d. a sword
___27. Who was Beowulf?
a. son of Edgetho
b. nephew of Higlac
c. brother to Unferth
d. both A and B
___28. Which of the following is characteristic of Old English poetry?
a. use of kennings
b. use of caesuras

c. use of alliteration
d. all of these
___29. Which of the following is NOT true of Grendel?
a. killed by Beowulf
b. breaks into mead hall while men sleep
c. has heart ripped from his chest
d. leaves claw in Herot
___30. Why does Beowulf sail to Hrothgars kingdom?
a. to bring home treausre
b. to help Hrothgar destroy a monster
c. to win glory by slaying a dragon
d. to take over Higlacs throne
___31. Beowulf is perhaps most curious in its inclusion of both
a. good and evil
b. Kingdom society and national government
c. Christianity and pagan religions
d. historical dates with incorrect histories
___32. Why does Wiglaf think he and his comrades should help Beowulf fight the dragon?
a. because Beowulf is too old and sick to fight
b. because it will increase beowulfs chance at victory
c. because then Beowulfs comrades can claim the monsters treasure
d. because the warriors swore oaths to Beowulf for his kindness
___33. Beowulf is:
a. a sonnet
b. an epic poem
c. written in iambic pentameter
d. an elegy
___34. Although Beowulf is the focus of the poem, his character would not be possible without the
presence of:
a. his strength
b. the monsters
c. Herot
d. Wiglaf and his comrades
___35. What does Beowulf ask of Hrothgar, should he die in battle against Grendels mother?
a. give his King gold
b. be King to his men
c. pass his sword on to Wiglaf
d. send Unferth to kill her
36. Based on Beowulf, what qualities do you think were valued by Anglo-Saxons?

37. In The Battle with Grendel, how does the poet create an effect of suspense?

38. Why does Beowulf toss aside his sword in the battle with Grendels mother?

39. Why is Beowulfs battle with the dragon a turning point in the poem?

40. How is Beowulf commemorated in his death?

41. Select TWO of the three themes listed below that appear in Beowulf. Be sure to:

identify each theme

2. provide TWO examples of each theme

3. explain the significance of each example you chose






warrior culture

Theme #1:
Example #1:
Example #2:
Theme #2:
Example #1:
Example #2:


Choose one of the two themes below. Define the theme and then provide at least three examples
of how the theme was evident in the poem Beowulf.