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Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta is Indonesia's largest metropolitan city.
Jakarta is the center of economic, social, political, and culture in Indonesia. Jakarta is the busiest
and most populous city in Indonesia and even one of the densest in the world. Millions people
from different regions of arrive in Jakarta. Jakarta as a beautiful maiden who lured many people's
hearts so that throng to look for it.
Jakarta is the biggest metropolitan city and the most populous city in Southeast Asia. The
town is inhabited by approximately 8 million inhabitants with all the problems and irragular.
City with a complex past history with social and cultural conditions vary of course with a series
of problems. One of the problems is quite crucial and important urban transport problems.
During this metropolitan Jakarta is known as the worst in arranging transport citizens who reach
8 million people. Traffic jam is always happening everywhere. In fact according to a famous
encyclopedia site, Wikipedia, Jakarta has more than 100 critical points of congestion are spread
evenly throughout the territory of the city.

Infrastructure facilities and lack of transportation to be one of the main causes of traffic
jam. Jakarta does not have mass transportation system and integrated infrastructure.
Transportation can serve the needs of its citizens with fast transfer, safe, inexpensive, convenient
and bulk. Besides, the existence of pockets of population in the suburbs of Jakarta who every day
take a trip to Jakarta, contributed to the complexity of transportation in the city. Commuting
from Depok, Tangerang, Bogor and Bekasi further increase in the flow of vehicles in the city that
has been so solid. As a result, the inevitable severe congestion on the main roads to the cities.
I think the main cause of traffic jam in Jakarta is :
1. Didn`t of road widening. While the number of vehicles continues to increase from year to
year. A part tax should be set aside for the cost of widening or new road construction.
2. Prosperity makes all people can afford to buy a vehicle, supported also by the loan
system. Also of Jakarta as the purpose of migration to the city is compact.
3. Round Direction (U-Turn). It is not well-designed. Almost on every u-turn there is traffic
jam. Part of urban traffic, especially not carry out their duties properly. Many cases do a
u-turn vehicle until 2 or 3 lane roads while only 4 lanes wide.
4. The behavior of public transportation is raising and lowering in any place. Often times
also increase or decrease the passengers on the road because the driver tengah2 lazy pull
5. Rain, just half an hour just to make Jakarta a total standstill. And again urban systems
that not good. Other reasons, all opted to take the car itself and finally narrow the road so
to make a long traffic jam.
6. Technical errors such as traffic lights are dead. Or there is a strike on the side or middle
in the road.
7. Intersections without traffic lights.
8. Low discipline us all. Both owners of cars, motorcycles, public transport driver,
passenger public transport, road users, vendors. All also have contributed to the traffic
jam in Jakarta.

Jakarta Transportation Council said losses due to traffic jam along this year to
reach Rp 28 trillion. Nationally, losses of up to Rp 32 trillion. Because of traffic, many
road users lose time and so on. During 2011, losses due to traffic jam in Jakarta at Rp 28
trillion or 32 trillion for number of bad losses nationally. The number comes from wasted
fuel, wasted user time and environmental damage caused by carbon gases.
Traffic Jams in Jakarta has been crazy and stressful of all people. Businessmen
also worry jammed in the capital could bring psychological impact on employees and
finally can reduce productivity. In addition to the psychological impact that can reduce
employee productivity, jammed in the capital have also increased the cost of production
is greater. Therefore, the employer was intending to move their operations to overseas.

Respiratory disease, heart disease, and cancer are some side effects that are often
a concern. University of Southern California who analyze the effects of air pollution on
the brain health of 7,500 women in 22 states in the United States, reported that motor
vehicle exhaust gases can affect mental capacity, intelligence and emotional stability
1. Parking surcharge, instead of road pricing
Road pricing is good, but the implementation and trouble-prone offense. There
are easier and more effective way: wear any additional parking fees are quite high (Rp
20,000 per one entry) Outside the official parking fee for all vehicles parked in the main
business district of Jakarta. People will be reluctant to take the car to the region. If
bringing a car, when it's parked be reluctant to remove it again. For traveling they will be
compelled to choose to walk or use public transport.
2. Strip pedestrians not bike lanes
So that people do not bring the car a little bit, sidewalks should be available at all
crowded streets of Jakarta. Thus, for example the purpose of lunch, one should not be
driving. Good pedestrian path will also encourage people to ride public transportation.

Build a bike path currently too excessive. Jakarta is too large, bicycle isn`t transportation
solutions. Public transportation plus excellent pedestrian path was the right solution.
3. Enforce labor laws for transport workers
Currently the driver and helper metromini and microbus driver was not tied into
the employment agreement is clear, that in accordance with the labor laws. They are not
paid but are subject to targets deposit (and get the excess). They were compelled to
behave as we see it now: stop carelessly to raise and lower the passenger, ngetem,
serobot play, and so on. As a result, they add to the complexity of the already traffic
jam. If they are paid like other workers urge to compete for passengers will be reduced
and they will be expected to drive a car with a more orderly.
4. Gradually improve the quality of public transport
Public transportation in Jakarta, especially metromini and the like, many of which
are already not roadworthy. Frequent strikes and uncomfortable ride. If it strike covered
roads. No need to be replaced entirely directly. Only gradually. Requirements for new
procurement plus (eg, need to use the air conditioner).
5. Road Normalization
Roads in Jakarta, many of which are not standard: lanes abruptly narrowed or
even disappeared, turning lanes or turn right turn no one wants to disturb the vehicle
straight, and so on. Rather than build new roads, the government of Jakarta better
normalizing streets is not standard. Sure necessary land acquisition, especially around the
intersection but definitely not the land that needs to be freed as much as if building a new
6. Traffic rules are enforced correctly
The rider must be taught discipline. Each violation must be ticketed. Vehicles that
do not qualify mainly public transport must be grounded. I am sure with 6 easy steps
above, Jakarta traffic will be much better. The number of passing vehicles will be
reduced, public vehicles will be in demand, and people will be willing to walk close to
the objectives.