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Welcome Nottingham City Council provides a

number of services for local businesses.
to the first Business Arrow, the City
Council’s magazine for local businesses. Useful numbers
As well as providing useful information on the Business Advice 0115 915 2842
Provided by InBusiness
range of business services provided by the
Council, we also look at the massive regeneration Business/Street Trading Licences 0115 915 6970
the city is currently undergoing and the important Enquire about or apply for a licence
links Nottingham is building with international Business Grants and Incentives 0115 915 5431
markets including China. Find out about business incentive schemes
In this first edition of Business Arrow, we provide Business Rates 0115 915 4819
a special focus on groundbreaking proposals to For all enquiries about business rates
introduce a Workplace Parking Levy, aimed at Business Security 0115 915 5106
ensuring our future prosperity isn’t threatened Help protect your business from crime
by traffic congestion. Graffiti Removal 0115 915 2000
For graffiti removal and all types of enviro crimes
affecting your business
The Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council is
Michael Frater. He can be contacted by writing to Health and Safety 0115 915 6753
The Guildhall, Burton Street, Nottingham NG1 4BT; Health and Safety advice for your workplace
by telephone on 915 4500 or email Nottingham Business Centres 0115 955 2107
Get started with Nottingham Business Centres
Trade waste collections 0115 915 2111
The Leader of Nottingham City Council is Councillor For all types of trade waste and recycling collections
Jon Collins. He can be contacted by writing to
The Council House, Old Market Square, Nottingham Vision Nottingham 0115 915 5381
NG1 2DT; by telephone on 915 5636 or email
Our inward investment specialists

Nottingham Arrow
Communications and Marketing
Nottingham City Council
Notice Nottingham
Guildhall, Burton Street, Nottingham NG1 4BT
Sign up to receive Notice Nottingham – a weekly
915 4368 e-bulletin produced by Nottingham City Council.
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Climate City
We’re serious about tackling climate change in
Nottingham and finding ways to reduce the two
million tonnes of carbon emissions the City
produces each year, half of it from businesses
and 15% from transport.
We want to maximize the potential benefits of climate
protection and in doing so, make Nottingham one of the
country’s first low carbon cities - research indicates that
this new market could be worth up to £30bn over the next
ten years. Our universities and companies like Alliance
Boots and Experian are already active in that market,
innovating with new research, products and practices.
It’s why the City Council adopted challenging targets last
October to reduce energy consumption by 10% and
achieve EMAS accreditation within three years, on the way
to becoming carbon neutral within ten years.
It’s why we launched the Nottingham Carbon Club in April
to raise environmental standards amongst large employers
and to require local suppliers to raise their own standards. Set the wheels in motion
It’s why we adopted the ‘Merton Rule’ in May requiring all
new developments over 1,000m2 to generate 10% of their
with travel planning
own energy from renewable sources. If you want to get on board with transforming your
business, we’d really welcome your contribution.
It’s why an ambitious programme of events took place in
June under the banner of Greenweeks Greater Nottingham, One great way to start is by developing a Travel Plan,
featuring a climate change exhibition at Nottingham Castle, to encourage your staff to commute and get around at
an environmental education conference at Wollaton Hall work by sustainable means of transport. Many
and a green film festival at Broadway Cinema. businesses have provided secure bicycle storage
areas for those wanting to bike to work and many offer
It’s why we’re now consulting on a proposed Workplace incentives for public transport use or car sharing.
Parking Levy in order to reduce congestion and carbon
emissions from transport, through an extended tram
Find out more information about travel
network and further improved public transport.
planning, TransAct Grants and more at
It’s why we’re hosting a major summit for large cities in the new Big Wheel Business Club at
November and launching a new joint commitment or phone
between cities and government on
0115 915 5462.
sustainable economic growth.
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Nottingham’s ambitions to become

a major international city are taking
the city as far afield as China.
In June, the City Council launched the Nottingham Business Nottingh
a city of am
Development Ltd office in Ningbo – our Chinese sister city.
The office, based at the University of Nottingham’s ground-
breaking Ningbo campus, will act as an economic bridge
between Nottingham and Ningbo and will be a stepping
stone into the wider Zhejiang Province and beyond. China
has the fastest growing economy in the world and offers
fantastic opportunities for Nottingham based companies.
The office officially opens for business in September and
will be staffed by a team of business development
managers, representing the interests of both Nottingham
and Chinese businesses.
Nottingham has already been extremely proactive in China
developing long term links with the city of Ningbo (below)
through the University of Nottingham’s Ningbo campus.

A Vision for Nottingham

Nottingham City Council’s inward investment specialists Vision
Nottingham are busy forging further international links. Team
Nottingham will again visit the world’s leading and most
influential international real estate forum, MIPIM, in 2008. It’ll
be Nottingham’s fourth visit to the Cannes based real estate
summit, helping to further establish the city as a key player in
the global economy by raising its international profile.
Vision Nottingham works to attract business and investment to
the city, and with £3.5bn of investment already earmarked for
Nottingham, they’ve helped to develop strong links with local,
regional, national and international businesses. The city is
undergoing one of the most far-reaching, substantial and
exciting development programmes taking place in any of the
UK’s cities and a team of inward investment specialists help
Nottingham to make the most out of this regeneration boom.
Find out more about the work of Vision Nottingham at:
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Nottingham’s ‘Eastside’ development

ham –
Core Cities Summit 2007
Nottingham is hosting the 7th annual Core Cities
Summit this year on 7th and 8th November,
expecting up to 500 delegates from across the

UK to attend.
We’re one of eight Core Cities, along with Birmingham,
Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and
Sheffield – all identified by Government as the country’s
economic powerhouses. The Summit this year will focus
on sustainability and will examine how cities and their
surrounding regions can become key players in tackling
the increasing effects of climate change. We’re
encouraging local businesses to come along to the
Summit to help shape the future of cities like Nottingham.
For more information or to register to attend visit:

A city booming
Two recently published studies carried out by Nottingham Become a
based company, Experian, show Nottingham is out-performing Nottingham Ambassador
other similar cities. Experian’s economic review of the
performance of cities and regions in the north, compared with Set up in 1993, the Nottingham Ambassadors Scheme
the south, shows an ever increasing north/south divide. now has nearly 600 members, drawn from the key
However, Nottingham, along with only a handful of other cities, decision makers of successful local businesses and
is bucking the trend, showing strong economic growth. representatives from the education sector, the media,
leisure and retail operators. All our Ambassadors are a
Another Experian report put Nottingham’s Science City status team who are firmly committed to spreading the word
under the microscope and made a breakthrough discovery – it’s about Nottingham and are undeniably dedicated to
one of the fastest growing science sectors in the country. The investing in our City. It is a non fee paying scheme and
report, commissioned by Nottingham City Council and the only contribution we require is to ‘sell’ Nottingham at
Nottingham Development Enterprise, put Nottingham in the top every given opportunity. The Scheme is facilitated by
half of England’s ten largest cities as a truly competitive location Nottingham City Council and our hugely popular events
for science-based businesses and in ICT employment – second programme provides great business networking
only to Oxford and Bristol. Experian’s own long-term forecasts opportunities for members.
suggest that employment in the city-region’s science sector is
likely to grow by over 15% over the next decade – equivalent to Email
almost 10,000 jobs. for more information about becoming a
Nottingham Ambassador. 5
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Nottingham City Council is encouraging Nottingham’s NHS Stop Smoking

all local businesses to implement Service, New Leaf, can provide FREE
a ‘Gold Standard’ smoking policy. support and advice on how to quit.
‘Gold Standard’ policies go a step further than As well as running clinics in over 70 locations
Smokefree legislation and could have significant across Nottingham, New Leaf advisors may be
financial benefits to your organisation, as well as able to run support sessions in your workplace.
contributing to improved workforce health.

For more information on any of the above please contact James Thomas
on 0115 915 6446 or at
Alternatively contact New Leaf on 0115 934 9526 for support to quit smoking today.

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We all want Nottingham to

grow and pro

Pulling together Shared opportunities
In Nottingham we get our partnerships right. Nottingham is transforming.
We believe this puts us ahead of the game, With £3.5billion of investment in ambitious developments
helps us to stand out from the crowd, and gets over the next ten years, the city is being reshaped and
us to a better place by getting there together. regenerated. Key retail developments totalling £500million are
sure to enhance Nottingham’s position as a shoppers’
Without this boldness of approach, without this
paradise. Also in the pipeline are exciting regeneration
recognition of a greater good – when a more self-centred
schemes on the Eastside, Southside and Waterside that will
approach might seem more obvious to some of us – there
see the transformation of almost 200 hectares of land close
would be no new tram, no new Old Market Square, no
to the city centre. Greater Nottingham’s economy now
new Centre for Contemporary Arts, no new Broadmarsh
exceeds £10billion a year and it’s predicted to continue to
or any new planning for our future together.
grow by over 10,000 jobs from 2004 to 2014. Since 1997,
Our partnerships are forged in response to Nottingham’s City Centre population has doubled with
shared recognition of shared needs amongst more people finding the heart of the City a desirable place
the people and businesses of this City. to both live and work.
But the growth of the City, fuelled by greater investment in
local businesses and housing, has the potential to lead to
increased traffic volumes and worsening congestion.
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Shared challenges We’ve already started
One of the biggest challenges we share in Around 125,000 people everyday help fight
Nottingham today is supporting the city’s congestion by getting the train, tram or bus
economic vitality whilst reducing traffic into work, by using park & ride or by walking
congestion and protecting our environment. and cycling.
A recent report by the East Midlands Development Agency The City Council’s record on transport issues is one
counts the cost of congestion to the region’s businesses of the best in the UK because of effective integration
at over £900million a year. There is little disputing that and innovations that include the hugely successful NET
there is a shared desire for a city that’s easier to get Line One tram.
around by public transport, a city that’s not a slave to ever
Over the last five years traffic growth in Greater
worsening congestion and a city that’s taking steps to
Nottingham has been contained to less than 1% per
protect its environment.
year - whilst traffic on urban roads in Great Britain as a
We know congestion is forecast to get worse in the whole has grown by nearly 4%. Over the same period
future - but with more and more traffic blocking our public transport use in Greater Nottingham has
roads everyday how can we sustain economic activity increased by 8% - the highest rate of any
and prosperity? The answer is to reduce car dependency of the UK’s big cities outside London.
by providing more and better public transport offering
real choice for smarter travel. 9
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Better buses
Nottingham has some of the best buses in the
country with award winning bus operators.
Over 300 buses, running seven days a week, operate across
the City and offer some of the best value services in the UK.
Fleet investment is good, with most buses under five years
old, and reliability performance is exceptionally high. The
quality, safety and accessibility of both buses and stops have
all been improved and bus lanes have been introduced to
allow buses to whizz past other traffic standing in jams.
We’re especially proud of the new Link buses which serve
areas not covered by the commercial network. WorkLink,
SkyLink, MediLink, UniLink and LocalLink services have all
been highly successful. The city’s universities and hospitals
benefit from these services as well as key out of town
employment sites and industrial estates. However, the Link
services depend on fragile funding sources and need long
term funding support.

There is no disputing the contribution that
the tram has made to life in Nottingham.
There are well documented transport benefits including
a 20% increase in public transport use in the Line One
corridor. With NET carrying more than 10million passengers
per year we already have fewer cars on our roads than
would have been the case.
NET is ripe for expansion and the Government has already
agreed to fund most of the costs to double the length of
the system. The NET Phase Two extensions would spread
the tram service benefits to the south and west of the city.
But some of the costs must be found locally. To enjoy
the benefits of new tram lines we need to contribute
ourselves - no locally raised funding means no more
trams - simple as that.

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Everything must be paid for

A Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) is one possible
way we could raise enough funds to deliver NET
Phase Two as well as the bus and station
improvements which will help fight congestion.
The WPL is designed to encourage employers to
manage and reduce their workplace parking spaces.
The Council would support businesses with this
through travel planning to help employees commute by
public transport.
Nottingham City Council is currently running a
widespread consultation on WPL proposals to help us
understand the views and opinions of Nottingham’s
residents and businesses. See page 13 for details of
how to have your say.

Super station
Nottingham Station is to become a world class
facility, a fitting gateway to the City and – from
November this year when Eurostar moves to St.
Pancras – Nottingham will be less than five hours
from Paris.
The plans integrate rail services with the existing and
future tram lines. Platforms will be refurbished and the
Grade 2 listed main entrance will be renovated to
transform the passenger experience. A new building will
be provided for better station facilities, including more
space for new shops and cafés, and multi-storey car park
will be built providing easy access to trams, trains, buses
and coaches.
But again we will need to find some of the funding for
these improvements locally before the City can benefit
from the exciting transformation.
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What are the proposals?

A WPL would be a charge made to City of
Nottingham employers, with more than 10 parking
Top Ten facts
spaces, for each parking space they provide for Around 70-80% of businesses in the City
their staff or certain types of business visitor. 1 would not have to pay the charge.
Public organisations and bodies, including Nottingham
City Council, will be treated in exactly the same way as Businesses with 10 or less parking spaces
private employers. It would be up to each employer to 2 would not have to pay the charge.
decide whether or not to pass the charge on to their
employees. All the funds raised from the Levy would be
It’s currently envisaged that from 2010
invested back into funding more and better public
transport - reducing congestion and ensuring
3 each liable space would cost employers
£185 per year.
Nottingham's economic vitality.
The cost of each liable space would rise to
Over the next 15 years the Levy, and the public transport it
funds, could increase public transport journeys in and out
4 £350 in 2014 – when NET Phase Two opens –
with future increases tied to inflation.
of the city centre by over 20%. It would also reduce the
growth of traffic by over 15% for journeys to, from, or Once up and running, the WPL would raise
within the City Council boundary. 5 about £12million per year.

The money raised would be ring fenced for

6 investment in public transport.

Around 500 businesses in the City

7 would have to pay the charge.

The WPL would be introduced everywhere

8 within the City Council boundaries.

The charge per space would be set to cover

9 the cost of public transport improvements.

There could also be a 100% charge

10 discount for emergency services, the NHS
frontline services, for disabled spaces,
fleet vehicle spaces, loading/
unloading only spaces, and
powered two wheel
vehicle spaces.
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Working towards
the solution
In Nottingham we pride ourselves on our
partnerships. We all want the City to grow and
prosper while protecting our environment and
tackling congestion.
We all know that more tram routes, more bus routes and
a better train station are key to any solution. The
challenge now is to work together towards that solution –
towards proposals that will reduce congestion and raise
funding for the transport improvements.
Nottingham City Council believes the Workplace Parking
Levy could be the solution. However no decision has yet
been taken and we’d encourage all of Nottingham’s
businesses to join in the consultation and share their
views on how we can best move forward together.

How can I have my say?

To find out more about the WPL proposals and
to take part in the consultation please:
Visit us at:
Write to us at:
Workplace Parking Levy Proposals
WPL Consultation Team
Nottingham City Council
Lawrence House
email us at:
call us on: 0115 915 6600
The consultation runs for a 12 week period and
closes in week ending 12th October 2007.
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Firms save cash – and help

staff pay for child care
Employers can save £373 per employee in
National Insurance contributions - and help staff
with child care costs.
Companies can pay part of an employee’s salary in child
care vouchers that can be used to pay for registered child
care including nursery places or after-school clubs, or can
be saved up to pay for school holiday clubs or holiday care
– and both parents can take advantage. Local company
Paragon Law uses childcare charity Linking Up to manage
the scheme for them. “Setting up the scheme was really
simple. A nominal monthly fee is paid to Linking Up which
is covered through the reductions in NI contributions we
pay. We are proud to offer our employees childcare
vouchers,” said a spokesperson.
For more information see the panel opposite.

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Get creative
Nottingham’s thriving business community is not
only the largest in the East Midlands, it is the
creative centre of the region and its national and
international reputation is growing.
The first Nottingham Creative Business Awards take place
this year on 18th October and celebrate the creative
people and businesses that make this city one of the most
exciting places to live and work. You can enter one
of 14 categories from fashion to photography, from
interior design to film and television. You can enter online
at the address below.

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