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Department of Education

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S. Y. 2012 2013
Direction: Choose the best answer then shade the circle that corresponds to the
letter of your answer.
For items 1-5. Listen attentively to the short story then answer the following
1. The story happened in a
A. garden
B. forest
C. city
D. castle
2. The king of the forest was the
A. deer
C. lion

B. fox
D. other animal

3. Who was not deceived by the lions trick?

A. fox
B. zebra
C. deer
D. owl
4. How do you describe the part of the story when King Lion told the fox to see him
in the cave?
A. beginning
B. climax
C. ending
D. resolution
5. The story ended when
A. other animals did not come out of the cave.
B. the fox went away as fast as he could from the lions cave.
C. the lion invited the fox to see him in the cave.
D. King Lion wanted to bid goodbye to the animals.
For Item 6 9. Listen to the story to be read by your teacher. Then arrange the
events in the order as they happened in the story. Use the letters A-D.
6. __________The king swell up, got bigger and burst.
7. __________The kingdom heard more beautiful songs than what they have ever
heard before.
8. __________ The king wants the beautiful voice of the bird.
9. __________ He ordered his cook to prepare the bird for his dinner.
Read the selection carefully. Then answer the questions that follow.
One day, when Mike was in his route delivering the morning newspapers, he
found a wallet with ten thousand pesos in it. Now, he could buy the bicycle he had
wanted for a long time. For the past two years, he had been saving money for a bicycle
but it seemed it would take him some years more before he could buy one.
However, Mike did not have the heart to keep the money. He requested Mr.
Cruz, the editor of the newspaper to look for the owner of the money. Three days later,
an old gentleman came to see Mr. Cruz and looked for Mike.
10. The story tells about _______________.

A. Kindness
C. Helpfulness

B. Honesty
D. Cooperation

11. Mike asked Mr. Cruz to look for the owner of the money because ____________.
A. he wanted to buy a bicycle
B. he wanted to be awarded
C. he did not have the heart to keep the money
D. he wanted to keep the money for himself
12. Which sentence do you think best describes Mike?
A. He is greedy.
B. He is an honest boy.
C. He is an extravagant boy.
D. He is a helpful boy.
13. Which makes a good title for the selection?
A. An Honest Boy
B. A Helpful Boy
C. A Rich Boy
D. A Poor Boy
14. Which detail supports the title of the story?
A. Mike delivers the newspapers daily.
B. Mike returned the money to the owner.
C. Mike was able to buy the bicycle he had long wanted.
D. Mike kept the money and used it to buy a bicycle.
15. Which would be a good ending to the selection?
A. The old gentleman rewarded Mr. Cruz.
B. The old gentleman didnt mind at all.
C. The old gentleman complained to the police.
D. The old gentleman thanked Mike and rewarded him with a bicycle.
16. Which of the following pictures show what will happen to a plant when is not
watered for several days?

17. What is the possible cause of the situation in the picture?


A. The water in the river heats up.

B. Many fisherman catch fish in the river.
C. People throw poisonous chemicals into the river.
D. People in the community killed the fishes and other water animals.

18. Liza got a high score in her English summative test because


she did not study her lessons.

she reviewed her lessons well.
she forgot to answer some of the questions.
she started the test earlier than her classmates.

For items 19-20. Read the selections then answer the questions that follow.
Former Filipino street kid wins international peace prize
A 13-year-old boy from the Philippines is the winner of this year's
International Children's Peace Prize for his efforts to improve the rights of
thousands of Filipino street children.
The boy, known as, Cris "Kesz" Valdez, received the prestigious award
from Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu at a ceremony in Hague, The
The prestigious award was created by members of the Nobel Prize
committee, and the Nobel Laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, presented the
prize to Kesz at a ceremony in The Hague.
Kesz has turned his life around, from begging on the streets himself, to
motivating thousands of poor children with a simple message of hope.
He says the 100,000 prize money he received will be put back into the umbrella
organization he founded, Championing Community Children.
19. Which of the following statements retells the news broadcast?
A. A rich Filipino businessman who is helping street children won 100,000 in
the Nobel peace prize.
B. Cris Kesz Valdez, a 13-year old Filipino boy and a former street child won
the International Peace Prize for promoting the rights of street children in the
C. Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize winner received 100,000 from the 13year old Filipino boy.
D. Cris Kesz Valdez, a 13-year old from The Netherlands received a peace
prize in the Philippines.
20. What was the news all about?
A. A winner in international childrens sports
B. An international childrens peace prize winner
C. A world class awardee in music
D. An international childrens literary grand winner
For items 21-22.

Study the following poster then answer the questions that

21. Which statement tells the most accurate announcement based on the given poster?
A. Participants of the tree planting activity will bring planting tools and own snacks.

B. A tree planting activity of the Kabataan Para sa Kalikasan Club is at San Isidro
C. There is a tree planting activity of the Kabataan Para sa Kalikasan Club on
September 8, 2012.
D. There is a tree planting activity on September 8, 2012 at San Isidro Mini-forest
at 8:00 oclock in the morning.
22. Whom will the interested participants contact for more information about the project?
A. The adviser of the Kabataan Para sa Kalikasan Club
B. The president of the Kabataan Para sa Kalikasan Club
C. The secretary of the Kabataan Para sa Kalikasan Club
D. The members of the Kabataan Para sa Kalikasan Club
23. The Philippines __________ a beautiful country.
A. is
B. are
C. has

D. have

24. Ilocos Norte is one of the most-visited place particularly Pagudpud. Many tourists
enjoy surfing in the place because of the big waves. The underlined word is
used as
A. verb
B. gerund
C. adjective
D. noun
25. They also love __________ the panoramic view of the sunset.
A. taking
B. watching
C. showing

D. dreaming

26. Some have their picture taken with the refreshing and breathtaking view of the
place. The word some is _____________.
A. Noun determiner
B. Indefinite pronoun
C. Verb
D. Gerund
27. Nothing can _________ the beauty of our native land.
A. compares
B. compare
C. is compare

D. will compare

28. Christmas is fast approaching. ____________ is eager waiting for this big day.
A. anybody
B. everybody
C. someone
D. no one
29. The pupil in charge in the different committees are preparing for a Christmas
program. The plural form of the underlined word is
A. pupil in charge
B. pupil in charge
C. pupils incharge
D. pupils-in-charge
30. The chairman of the different committees had a meeting with their__________.
A. Teachers-adviser
B. teacher advisers
C. Teachers-advisers
D. Teacher Advisers
31. The pupils suggested series of activities which will make everybody enjoys.
Which word is plural in form but singular in meaning?
A. series
B. activities
C. pupils
D. enjoys
32. ________ are saving money for their gift-giving.
A. Everybody
B. Each
C. Many
33. The underlined word in item No. 32 is
A. a compound noun
B. an adjective

D. Neither

C. a compound verb
D. an adverb

34. _______________ is a very contagious disease caused by a virus.

A. Meseals
B. Measle
C. Measles
D. Measels

35. Which of the following simple sentences has a simple subject and a compound
A. Mary loves to go out for dinner.
B. Children need parents to nourish them.
C. Life is full of surprises.
D. Mother baked a cake and served the cake for the children.
36. When he handed his assignment, he forgot to give the last page to the teacher.
The sentence is
A. A simple sentence
B. A compound sentence
C. A complex sentence
D. A simple and a compound
37. All the sentences are simple sentences except one. Which is not?
A. Soccer is a popular and exciting sport.
B. Gymnasts undergo intensive training regularly.
C. Accidents and injuries are common in sports so athletes must be careful.
D. The airplane flew over the house.
38. I was at the mall ________ the parade began.
A. although
B. however
C. when

D. so

39. Our lively class sings jolly songs each time there is an occasion. The simple
subject in this sentence is ______________.
A. lively
B. class
C. sings
D. songs
40. The coach and his players practiced tirelessly in the gym.
predicate of the sentence is
A. coach and his players
B. practiced tirelessly
C. practiced tirelessly in the gym
D. in the gym

The complete

41. How do you arrange the given entries in writing a home reading report?
I. Personal Reaction
II. Introduction (About the author, type of reading material, setting)
III. Title of the Book/Reading Material
IV. Summary
42. Which of the following is the correct arrangement of the entries of the minutes of
a club meeting?
I. Report of the English club officers/Discussion of Agenda
II. Attendance
III. Presentation and Approval of the Agenda
IV. Welcome note by the club president
V. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting
43. How will Nathan change the command of Rico into a reported sentence?
Keep on studying
your lessons.



A. We are told to study our lessons right away.

B. Rico told me to keep on studying my lessons.
C. I told Rico to keep on studying his lessons.
D. Rico asked me how to study my lessons.
44. Mr. Tineza, please come and attend the groundbreaking ceremony on Monday,
asked the principal. You will report this statement by telling
A. The principal told Mr. Tineza that the groundbreaking ceremony is on Monday.
B. Mr. Tineza asked the principal if he will attend the groundbreaking ceremony.
C. Mr. Tineza asked the principal to attend the groundbreaking ceremony on
D. The principal asked Mr. Tineza to attend the groundbreaking ceremony on
45. Why did you not come to see me? asked the king lion to the fox. The reported
sentence of the question is
A. The fox asked the lion why the lion did not visit him.
B. The lion asked the fox why the fox did not visit him.
C. The lion requested the fox to visit him.
D.The fox told the lion to visit him.
46-50. Read the paragraph then write an ending to the situation. (5 points)
Once there was a little boy who lived in the mountain near a river.
He took care of the river. He would not let other children play in the river and
make the water dirty. An old beggar came and asked him for a little water.
But the boy pushed the beggar. The old beggar got angry with the little boy
and said, Because you are selfish, the water will be your home.



L U C K!

Prepared by:
Master Teacher I
Gabu Elementary School


Master Teacher I
Shamrock Elementary School

Master Teacher I
Vira Elementary School

Teacher III
Calayab Elementary School


Master Teacher I
Laoag Central Elementary School


Education Program Supervisor I

For Items 1-5. Elements of a story. DIRECTION: Listen carefully as I read the selection
then answer the questions in items 1-5.
All the animals in the forest were happy because they heard their cruel king was
sick. The lion did not come out of his cave as he usually. He sent out a message to his subjects
that he wanted to bid them goodbye before he died.

Why does he wants to see us for? asked the deer? Maybe he will give each
one of us a share of his wealth.
All the animals went to see their king lion except the fox. He sat on a tree and
watched the animals go inside the cave. He waited for them to come out, but no one did. Later
that afternoon, the king lion appeared at the entrance of the cave. When he saw the fox, he
said, Why did you not come to see me? Dont you want to share with the other animals what I
have given them?
I really want to visit you, my king said the fox. But I am sure your home is
crowded now. All the animals have gone inside your cave and no one has come out yet.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Laughed the king lion. They all wanted to stay inside the cave. You
will be staying there for a long time, if you will wait for them to come out.
He went away happily because he was still well and alive. He knew well why not
a single animal came out of the cave. Our king lion thinks he is wise but he cannot deceive me
with his trick. He will never catch me alive.
With the decision never to come back again, the fox went away as fast as he
could from the lions cave.
For Item 6-9. Sequence events of a story listened to through guided questions.
DIRECTION: Listen to the story attentively. After listening to the story sequence the
events using the guide questions in item 6-9
Once upon a time, there was a bird that had a beautiful voice. The bird lived at
the top of the tallest tree in the forest. Every morning, the bird sang beautifully that all the
animals in the forest felt glad to be alive.
One day, the bird far-away sang so loudly and happily that the king in his castle
heard the beautiful melody. I want the bird, shouted the king, who was used to getting his own
way. Hunters were sent out to capture the bird. They brought the bird in a cage to the king.
Sing for me announce the king. The bird refused. Then Ill eat you for dinner
said the king. The cook was afraid but the bird told her not to worry. Even a king cannot destroy
a beautiful idea, the bird said.
The cook gently stroked the bird before putting it into the pot. At dinner, the king
ate the bird. The king started to swell up. He got bigger and bigger until finally, he burst. All the
wickedness of his life poured out to him from all over the land.
Then the people in the kingdom heard a song more beautifully than what they
have ever heard before.
Guide Questions:
Why did the king wants from the bird?
How did the king expressed his anger when bird refused to sing?
What happened to the king after eating the bird?
What happened to the kingdom?