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Document Nr.

TP A4000-01

ARCHITECT c4000 stand-alone System specifications:

1. System specifications
Primary components
Operator interface

System control center, sample handler, and

processing module
System control center
Touch-screen monitor
Keyboard and pointing device
Processing module keypad
Optional bar code scanner

Throughput c4000 stand alone:

Photometric assays only

ICT (integrated chip technology) assays

Photometric and ICT assay mix

Individual assay time

Warm-up time from cold start

Service Department
Inter Bio-Lab, Inc.

Up to 400 tests per hour.

Up to 600 tests per hour
Up to 800 tests per hour
Up to 10 minutes
Approximately 30 minutes

Document Nr.
TP A4000-01

Sample types

Sample probe carryover performance

Quality control

Onboard data storage

Serum, plasma, whole blood, or other body

Less than 0.1 ppm (serum, plasma, urine, or
cerebrospinal fluid)
Levey-Jennings and Westgard rules, Control
range tracking
Hard drive

Stored data protection

Optional UPS (uninterruptible power supply)

2. C4000 System processing module specifications

Bar code readers

Reagent supply center and RSH

Dispensing volume:
Sample (Photometric):
Sample (ICT):

1.5 - 35.0 L per test in 0.1 L increments.

15 L per sample.
20 - 345 L per test in 1 L increments

2C to 10C.
36.7C to 37.3C.
Minimum of 10C below room temperature.

ICT Reference Solution:

Alkaline Wash:
Acid Wash:
Reagent supply center:

500 mL
500 mL

Outer carousel:
Inner carousel:
Reaction carousel:

40 - 60 positions
25 - 30 positions
99 cuvettes

Onboard reagent refrigerator

Reaction mixture
Sample carousel

3. C4000 System processing module capacities

Bulk solutions:

Reaction cuvettes:

Service Department
Inter Bio-Lab, Inc.

Document Nr.
TP A4000-01

Minimum volume:
Maximum volume



160 L
360 L

4. Sample handler capacities

Sample carriers:

5 positions per carrier

RSH (robotic sample handler) bays:

4 bays on a stand-alone c4000

RSH (routine sections)

Up to 20 sections on a stand-alone c4000

RSH (priority sections)

0-7 sections (up to 35 positions) on a standalone c4000

5. Physical specifications:






21" (53.3 cm)

15.5" (39.4 cm)

22" (55.9 cm)

55 lbs. (25 kg)


36" (90.7 cm)

63" (160 cm)

49" (125.1 cm)

1132 lbs. (513.5

processing module and

sample handler

6. Weight and force specifications

Service Department
Inter Bio-Lab, Inc.


Document Nr.
TP A4000-01

Total weight

1132.0 lbs. (513.5 kg)

Weight at each foot


264.5 lbs. (120.0 kg)

291.5 lbs. (132.2 kg)
328.5 lbs. (149.0 kg)
247.5 lbs. (112.3 kg)
60.5 lbs./sq. in. (4.3 kg/sq. cm)
66.7 lbs./sq. in. (4.7 kg/sq. cm)
75.2 lbs./sq. in. (5.3 kg/sq. cm)
56.6 lbs./sq. in. (4.0 kg/sq. cm)

7. Electrical specifications and requirements

AC power:

Circuit breaker that can be reset:

Voltage: 200, 208, 220, 230, or 240 10% VAC

(180 - 264 VAC)
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz (47 - 63 Hz)
North America: 20 amp

Outlet (one)

North America

Power cord length

20 amps - NEMA L6-20R (250 VAC, 20A, twist

With 30 amp UPS - NEMA L6-30R (250 VAC,
30A, twist lock)
13' (4.0 m)

Rated power consumption:

3000 volt amp (3 kVA) maximum

8. Optical specifications
Light source:

Tungsten-halogen lamp


Silicon photodiode array

Light path length:

5 mm

Photometric method:

Concave diffraction grating

Reaction cuvette:

Rectangular glass cuvette


Photometric range:

Force at each foot

Service Department
Inter Bio-Lab, Inc.

16 wavelengths (340, 380, 404, 416, 450, 476,

500, 524, 548, 572, 604, 628, 660, 700, 748,
and 804 nm)
-0.1 to 3.2 Abs (converted to 10 mm light path

Document Nr.
TP A4000-01


2% at 2.0 Abs

9. Water and liquid waste specifications and requirements.

Deionized water consumption:
15 L per hour during normal operation
25 L per hour (maximum)
Average liquid waste output:
15 L per hour during normal operation
25 L per hour (maximum)
Water quality:
1000 colony-forming units/mL
Maximum microbial contamination:
1 Meg Ohm - cm @ 25C (77F)
Minimum resistivity:
15 - 25 psi
IMPORTANT: Do not process samples on the
System when you are performing maintenance on
your DI water system. After maintenance is
complete, check the pressure to be sure it is within
Drainage port:
You must have a drainage port that meets the
following specifications or you must use the
external waste pump (optional accessory) if the
drain is located in a sink or otherwise elevated.



Drainage capacity:
Liquid waste configuration:

Two gravity-fed waste tubes:

High-concentration waste tube:

Service Department
Inter Bio-Lab, Inc.

Within 9.5 ft. (2.9 m) from the rear of the

4" (10.0 cm) above floor level
200 L per hour
Drain into the drainage port or the external
waste pump
Drains into the high-concentration waste
bottle, drainage port, or the external waste

Document Nr.
TP A4000-01

10. External waste pump

The external waste pump is optional for use with the c4000 System when a floor drain is unavailable and
a sink drain is used. This accessory pumps waste from the processing module(s) to an elevated drain
located in a sink.
11. Environmental specifications and requirements
Heat dissipation while in the typical Running 3050 BTU/hour (894 watts)
Noise level:
Does not exceed 85 dBA during normal operation
above a reference sound pressure of 20 Pa.
Temperature, operating:
15C to 30C (59F to 86F)
10% - 85% (non-condensing) RH (relative humidity)
at 25C (77F)
8500 ft. (2590.7 m)
For indoor use. Do not place in direct sunlight.
Avoid drafts from heating and cooling vents.
Storage and Transport:
Keep dry. Fragile - Handle with care.

12. Consumables
a. Large, 90 mL cartridge: White or natural.
b. 20 mL cartridge: White.
c. Small, 55 mL cartridge: White or natural.
d. Sample cups.
e. Detergent A.
f. Detergent B.
g. Alkaline wash.
h. Acid wash.
i. Water bath additive.
Electrolytes (ICT)
a. ICT module (electrode set).
b. ICT cleaning fluid.
c. ICT reference solution.

Service Department
Inter Bio-Lab, Inc.

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