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November 15,2015

East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church

Our Vision
To challenge and encourage everyone in our congregation to know and follow
Christ by:
Growing as disciples through Christs teachings
Connecting with one another in Christian community
Serving Christ by serving others
Praising God as we worship Christ

Sunday Services
Traditional 8:30 am
Contemporary 10:45 am


Stephen Ministry




College Students

New E-Mails


Sunday School/Discipleship Classes 9:45 am

Pastors Corner
If you were a part of our church in November 2014, you might remember that
we dedicated the entire month of worship services to mission. I and several
others, including several of the missionaries we support, spoke over a period
of five weeks about how God is moving in many places around the world. This
November, we are not dedicating a month's worth of worship services to mission, but it doesn't lessen the importance of mission in any of our minds, least
of all in the minds of our church's Mission Team.
This Sunday, November 15, the special mission focus in my sermon is on the
Persecuted Church. In our own country, where we have free speech, free assembly, and freedom of religion, we are (relatively) free of persecution. However, in many other countries around the world, whether because of totalitarian
governments, radical Islamist movements, or other causes, people are not
only not free to practice their Christian faith, they put themselves in danger by
doing so. It is important for those of us who are free to practice our faith to advocate, support, and pray for those who are not.
On the first Sunday of December, December 6, our Mission Team will sponsor
our Mission Fair. This will be a great time to meet with some of our missionaries (those who are located not too far away) and see and hear material from
others. It is always important to us to know how our funds are being used, and
to know what great things the Lord is doing through these myriad projects.
Please make sure you are present on the morning of December 6!

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Pastor Jim Todd

Pastors Corner cont.

We support our various mission projects through Faith Promise. Sometimes people get "Faith Promise" and "Family Promise" mixed up, and it's
easy to see why since the names are so similar. Faith Promise (we had
our name first!) is the fund, separate from our budget, which collects and
then disburses the funds to our various mission partners based on the
discernment of our Mission Team, under the able leadership of Pat Braun.
Family Promise is the organization we support (in part through Faith
Promise funds) in Monroe County which assists homeless families by
providing temporary shelter in various churches (including our own)
throughout the year.
Our Faith Promise goal for 2015 is $30,000, and in order to meet all of our
commitments, we are in need of another $6,550 by the end of the year. In
addition, our Bishop, Peggy A. Johnson, has called upon all of our churches to have offerings or fundraisers for our denomination-wide mission program called, Imagine NO Malaria (INM). INM has raised more than $66
Million toward the goal of $75 Million to help eradicate malaria in our
world. I was reminded just this past Tuesday about the importance of getting rid of malaria. I went to give blood as I always do at our Red Cross
Blood Drive in Fellowship Hall, and was turned away for an entire year,
even though the Red Cross desperately needs my O-negative blood.
Why? Because Karen and I had recently gone to the Dominican Republic,
and malaria is still active there. Despite all the testing that occurs with donated blood, there is still no accurate test which can guarantee a blood
donation is 100% malaria free within a year of the donor having been exposed. This shows how the effects of malaria can be felt even in a FirstWorld country because of how connected we are in today's world.
Karen and I saw first-hand the effectiveness of INM. One of the countries
in Africa where our INM program has been most successful is Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone was temporarily side-tracked by the Ebola crisis, but is
now back to its long-term strategy of fighting malaria and other tropical
diseases. When we were there in April 2014, we spent an hour with the
United Methodist bishop, John Yambasu. I specifically asked Bishop
Yambasu how INM had impacted his country, and he described all the
amazing things which had happened in his country to help combat malaria, and the number of lives saved because of our successful fundraising.
Bishop Johnson has asked each congregation to contribute $10 per worshiping member. For our church, that would be $2500. Combined with
the $6,550 we need to raise for Faith Promise, this is almost $10,000 in
mission dollars we need to raise by the end of the year. We can do it!
Pastor Mike Slaughter calls on members of his congregation in Ginghamsburg, Ohio, to give at least as much to Jesus on his birthday as people give to all of their family. This is inspiring and makes a lot of sense to
me. What if each of us were to give as much to Faith Promise
and Imagine NO Malaria as we give to our family members this year? It
could be transformative, and make a huge difference to those in need.
This is how it will work: If you make a financial gift to Faith Promise, the
Mission Team will sort it out. The first $6,550 will go to Faith Promise, the
next $2500 will go to Imagine NO Malaria, and if there is more left over, it
will become seed money for the work of Faith Promise in 2016. As we get
ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday in six short weeks, let us remember that
the face of Jesus is on every child in Family Promise and every child
harmed by malaria, and every person touched by our Faith Promise commitments. Let us be generous for Jesus, in the name of Jesus! See
you Sunday.
Pastor Jim, jtodd@esumc.net

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For just as the sufferings of
Christ flow over into our lives,
so also through Christ our comfort overflows. 2 Corinthians
Think about your life and the lives
of the people around you. Are you
going through a time of crisis or
challenge? Do you know someone who is suffering from grief or
loneliness? Is someone struggling
to find meaning in life after retirement or an empty nest? Could
you or someone you know benefit
from the care of a Stephen Minister? For more information about
Stephen Ministry, please contact
Peggy Strack, 570-421-3280, ext.
Members of ESUMC who are
unable to attend church, due to
illness, always enjoy hearing from
you! Get well cards and notes of
encouragement may be sent to:
Ed Hendricks
69 Grandview Street
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Hearing Assistance
Devices are Here!
ESUMC now owns several hearing
assistance devices which can be
worn to improve your ability to
hear our worship services. Please
contact an usher to pick up your
hearing assistance device and
return to an usher after use.



New cycle begins this

week with three new

To All Welcome Team
Please consider serving
on Sunday, November
22nd for the Ecumenical
Thanksgiving Eve Service
beginning at 7
pm. (Report time would
be 6:30 pm) Ushers and
Greeters are needed to
greet and seat all who will
be attending this service. What a wonderful
way to serve our God and
to meet people in the
Please let me know by
November 15th if you will
be able to assist.

Junior Church for

Children Age 4 to
Grade 3
We need 2 volunteers
each week. It will begin
at about 11 a.m. when
the children are dismissed from the Contemporary Service and concludes at the end of the
service. Material will be
provided to conduct Childrens Church. Please
pray and think about volunteering for this important ministry. Email
Erica Dorsch
edorsch@esumc.net or
(570) 421-3280 Ext 1017.

Childrens Workshop Rotation 9:45

a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
The theme of this years
workshop rotation is
Healing, Miracles, Compassion and Power

We are actively evaluating our

processes for Sunday morning
discipleship, so please bear with
us through the changes. In addition to the three new ones listed below,
we have four other ongoing studies, which are always glad to welcome
newcomers. There is the Brown/Rosenberger Class which meets in
rooms 8-9 downstairs, the Stine Class which meets in room 10
downstairs, the Women's Class led by Arlene Staples focusing
on Discovering God's Will for Your Life, and the class led by Cathy
Saunders in the Stephen Ministry room of the office building, Believe
as Jesus Believed; the Transformed Mind. Please check out these
three new offerings below, and attend the class of your choice from
9:45 to 10:35 a.m. each Sunday!

Be Prepared:
Equipping Kids
to Face Today's

A powerful, entertaining series from Focus on the Family. Essentials of

Parenting brings top childrearing experts into your home and church with practical wisdom, honest confessions, and decades of
experience. It presents practical plans for dealing with dangers
including internet porn, alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, and premarital
sex. You'll see how to resist the impulse to overprotect your child - and
gain insights to help you prepare him or her for the world of today
and tomorrow. Meets in the office building, first floor Conference
Room. Led by Tim Malefyt.

Impromptu Bible Study and Fellowship.

Did you ever want to do a bible study but couldn't

be there every week? Now you can come when
you are able and not miss a beat. Each week we
will pick a 15 minute video and then break into
table groups to discuss a different topic each week; no set groups, just
come and join when you can. Meets in the back of Fellowship Hall. Led
by Rich and Deanna Mayers.

New Members Class.

Three sessions on consecutive Sunday

mornings, beginning November 15. In these
sessions we will look at a brief history of our
church and denomination, Wesleyan (Methodist)
"core values" and emphases, unique emphases
of our church and mission in the community, and
spiritual giftedness and how it is used in the
church's ministry. This class is for those who either know they want to
join our church, or simply want to find out more before they make their
decision. Meets in the "Bridal Lounge" (Classroom B) off of Oberholtzer
Hall. Led by Pastor Jim Todd.

Opportunities to Serve


SWAT - Seasoned Workers Action Team

The next meeting will be on Monday,

November 23 at 9 a.m. We had a poor
turnout in October, I know who was
missing, and a report will be turned in as
to your un-excused absence. We worked
on new coverings for the room dividers in
Fellowship Hall, and more need to be
completed. New people, show up, help
keep our facility in good order and enjoy
a few laughs.

Questions, call Bob, 223-7076.

Helpers are needed on Friday

December 11 for set up and Saturday, December
12 for kitchen duties, crafts, photography, games and
story telling. Please contact Pat Braun at 570-4245481.

On behalf of the Christian Overcomers once again I would like

to thank Bob and Mary Tulloch
for helping with getting one of
the Christian Overcomer campers out of a small plane at East
Stroudsburg airport.
Her name is Ann Marie
MacWhinnie and without their
help she would not be able to
attend camp. The owner and
pilot of the plane is Bob Bisbee
and fly's for Wings Of Angles.
How wonderful that these folks
share the love of Christ in what
they do for the disabled community. Once again, a big THANK
YOU for all they do in their faith
Blessings my friends, Dennis

Bell Choir

The Bell Choir is delighted to have a director again! Chris Perfetti

will lead rehearsals for youth and adult ringers together every Tuesday at 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Bell Room. New ringers are invited to contact Pauline Fox.

Bakers Needed for Breakfast with St Nicholas-especially

cookies but also-brownies, muffins, candy, jelly. Items can be

dropped off Thursday afternoon or Friday by noon on Dec 10-11.
Contact Linda Drake at 570-856-9305 .

Did you know that someone attending a Thursday Community

Cookout during the summer made
a commitment to Christ in our
prayer tent at that event? We are
God's hands and feet changing

Reminder - Please bring your

commitment forms and giving
cards to church on Sunday,
November 8, as we joyfully
celebrate Commitment Sunday.

Youth Praise Band

Doug Malefyt--director of contemporary worship, has agreed
to work with any youth who have
an interest in singing or playing
an instrument in the youth praise
All levels are welcome, and we
will start practicing and getting
together in a few weeks!
Practices will be on Wednesday
evenings, typically twice a
month. The best part is that
Youth Praise band will be practicing right before the Adult
Praise Team's practice
time. This will allow for other
adult leaders to help as needed
with the youth praise band.
Our first meeting will be
Wednesday November 18th,
from 6:00 - 7:00pm. If you are
even considering it, come on out
to the first meeting to learn more
and/or ask questions.
The next two practices will be
Wed December 9th and Wed
Dec 16th, also from 6:00 7:00pm. If you would like to participate--please send an email to
myself or to Doug Malefyt

Dollar Challenge

November - Stocking stuffers

for adult men and women in
local nursing homes.
December - hats, mittens,
scarves - all ages
Everything can be found at the
Dollar Tree.

The Stine Sunday School Class
is collecting used cell phones
once again for our soldiers
overseas to call home. If you
have any old phones around the
house, please drop them in the
red box in Oberholtzert Hall
inside the door on the breezeway entrance, on the
Military Support, Outreach
and Care
Dear ESUMC Congregation,
If you have an immediate family
member currently in the military who
would appreciate encouragement through cards and possibly
care packages, on behalf of ESUMC. Please contact Randy Johns
at superuncle113@yahoo.com or call (570) 476-5639.
More information will be available in upcoming issues of the
Trumpet Call.

College Students

College Care Packages

Do you have a college student in the family?
We are getting ready to send out our traditional care
packages to our college kids from the church family.
Please send an updated address to the church
office by next Sunday November 15 so we don't miss anyone!
If you have leftover goodies from Trick or Treat, we'll take them!
Traditionally, we send items such as chap stick, gum, mints, granola
bars, popcorn, gift cards, encouraging notes or bookmarks-anything
that can pack in a (very) small box.
Boxes for donations of items will be in Oberholtzer and the church
office until Sunday, November 15.

Recovery Meetings Available in The Community Room in Office Building Basement

NA MEETINGS Monday through Saturday 12:00 P.M. to 1:30 P.M. Just for Today
Wednesday 6:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. New Beginnings (Womens Group)
AA MEETINGS Thursday & Saturday 8:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Keep It Simple

Youth Events


9:45 - 10:40am: Sunday

School in the youth room.
10:45: Worship in the sanctuary
5:30 - 6:30pm Sport Ministry
(Invite a friend!!)
6:30 - 8:30pm Sunday Night
Youth Program.


6:30 - 8:30pm: Sr. High Bible

Study at Scott and Sarah's


2:45 - 5:00pm JAM Jr. High

Afterschool Program

New e-Mail Addresses for

ESUMC Information.
We have created separate mail boxes for
Trumpet Call, Calendar, Prayer Requests and
Altar Flowers. Of course we always welcome the
personal touch of a phone call or coming to the
office and speaking with us. However, we feel
the best method is e-mail, to be sure your
information is correct.

Calendar ItemsPlease include date(s) & time(s)

of meeting or event, setup & tear down times,
and any resources required, i.e. chairs, tables,
video, computer, etc.
Send to: calendar@esumc.net
Trumpet CallPlease attach any pictures or
artwork as attachments. Article can be in body
of e-mail or an attached document.
Prayer Requests

5:00 - 6:00pm Fellowship

Meal (Free meal for all participants)
6:00 - 7:30pm. Jr. High Boys
and Jr. High Girls Bible Study.
More Information, forms, and
permission slips are available
on the church web site, or
contacting the youth director,
Scot Kuhnle at

Please keep senior high

youth members and
their leaders and chaperones in your prayers,
as they travel to Atlanta
Georgia this weekend,
to spend some time
with Charles Stanley.

Send to: prayer@esumc.net

Flower Sponsor Requests should include the
number of arrangements at a cost of $25 per
vase, the information to include in the bulletin
notation, i.e. In loving memory of, In honor of,
etc. Also, let us know if you will pick up the
flowers, or we should give them to shut-in or
hospitalized members.
Send to: flowers@esumc.net

Thanks for your cooperation in this

endeavor, this will help us better serve the
congregation with correct and timely
Maria & Mike


Giving is a spiritual issue, reflecting our

beliefs and priorities. As we become
more intentional about giving of our time
and money, past habits lose their grip.
We can become more generous and it feels good. We become
cheerful givers and we participate in changing lives for God.

Safe Sanctuary
November 21
9-11 A.M.
All volunteers
working with
children and youth are invited. Call church office for
more information. (570) 421-3280.

Contact Us
Church Office
(570) 421-3280
Hours: 9 am to 3 pm
Mon thru Fri
Jim Todd
Ext. 1014
Maria Ragonese
Ext. 1010
Congregational Care
Peggy Strack
Ext. 1023
Youth Ministries
Scott Kuhnle
Ext. 1013


The hike in October was

awesome, with nine people and three
golden retrievers. The hike in November will be on Sunday, Nov. 29. Meet in
Church Parking Lot at 12:30 p.m. we
leave at 12:45 SHARP. Where are we
going?, Depends on who shows up.
Call Bob, 223-7076, for any questions.

OK 55

The OKs will be going to our annual Thanksgiving dinner at

Vo-Tech School on Nov. 16th. No transportation will be provided. Meet
there at 12 noon. To register, call Erma at 570-421-1422 . The deadline is
Nov.8th to register. Thank you, Erma

Labels & Box Tops Thank you f or continuing to save Campbell

Soup Company Labels and Box Tops for Education. This past June I
mailed 700 labels and a big bag of box tops to Red Bird Mission. Im sure
they could put them to good use. Please cut the labels down the f ront of
the can to avoid tearing the label. They will not accept the badly torn
ones. Thank you, Erma Powell

Childrens Ministries
Ext. 1017
Sue Mertz
Ext. 1015
Financial Secretary
Cyndie Faunce
Ext. 1025
William Mack
Ext. 1018
Pauline Fox
Joe Dorsch
Contemporary Music
Doug Malefyt

East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church

83 S. Courtland St.
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Technology Support
Michael Corey
Ext. 1012