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Title: Stippling Technique on Synthetic Fabrics for a Wildlife Inspired High Street

Fashion Collection
Author: Bea Therese D. Bajarias
Year: March 2015

This study was conducted to determine the acceptability and marketability of

the Stippled High Street Fashion collection. One hundred (100) respondents were











questionnaire. Set A was handed out personally to forty respondents while Set B
was sent online through Facebook. Based on the results of the thesis survey
questionnaire the researcher has conducted and given to the one hundred random
Cebuana respondents ages twenty (20) to thirty (30), majority said that the stippled
design collection is marketable. In the result of the survey questionnaire, it showed
that the stippling designs were rated as highly achieved by over half of the
respondents which goes to show that creating garments of this nature is feasible
because the tallied survey also presented a favourable feedback on marketability
and acceptability as they were willing to purchase the garments. To those who are
interested to exploit and expand the application of stippling with the use of hot iron
tips to decorate outfit constructed using thermoplastic fabrics, the following
recommendations are offered: Collaborate with engineers that can design and
fabricate equipment that can mechanize the application of the hot-iron tip stippling
technique in decorating fabrics.

Title: Multifunctional Convertible Raincoat with Safety Features for Pupils in Pajo
Elementary School,

Lapu-Lapu City

Author: Sharmaine Marie Y. Beltran

Year: March 2015

The Multifunctional Convertible Raincoat with Safety Features is a study

focused on creating a multifunctional convertible raincoat design with safety
features using PVC coated nylon, water-proof nylon ripstop fabric and taffeta lining
with silver.
This study utilizes the descriptive method of research. It identifies the types
of multifunctional convertible raincoat with safety features and describes the
raincoats characteristics in terms of flexibility, water-resistance, aesthetics appeal,
and color. Its respondents are the grade-six pupils of Pajo Elementary School, LapuLapu City selected through convenience sampling.
The researcher of this study concludes that it is feasible to create a
multifunctional convertible raincoat with safety features. Using PVC coated nylon,
water-proof nylon ripstop fabric and taffeta lining with silver, the coats flexibility,
water-resistance, aesthetic appeal, and color meet the requirements of a
serviceable raincoat.
The researcher recommends that through the creation of multifunctional
convertible raincoat with safety features, people will appreciate even more
raincoats as essential garment for pupils protection during rainy season. The
researcher also hoped that the abseentism, drop-out, and low performance problem
of pupils caused by weather changes (rainy season) be indirectly addressed through
this raincoat design.