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We can recall the event what happened yesterday, 23 June 2003, the kidnapping of 30

Britanian citizens visiting the Gargel Center by Kurdish terrorists. Most of them were
young students and among them were young children. It was a frightening situation for
both the people being caught up in the kidnapping and for the families. The government
received a call from the leader of the group which was responsible for the terrorist
attack, (called the rebellions) stating that they will not rest until their nationality becomes
independent from the Britanian Empire or at least for the Kurdish minority to get the
same rights as the Britanians. They threatened to bomb the building, along with the
citizens held captive there. The authorities had to work fast to avoid a tragedy
happening, but they didn't wish to take a rash decision. The "rebellions" announced that
if an answer were not to be given by 3 pm, they will start to throw at every hour a citizen
from the 23 floor building and if at 6 pm the government would have not given an
affirmative answer, they would end up bombing the building. The leaders of the country
faced with this extremely difficult dilemma, they did not know which decision should they
take. They were stuck between saving human lives and keeping the territory of Kurshia
in their possession, but they knew that they must come up with an answer before 3pm.
There was a conference at 11 am, which the authorities and leaders of Britania had a to
come up with a solution which would benefit their country, yet to save human lives.
Many of the delegates present there presumed that if they were not to give an answer to
the liking of the Kurds it would be quite possible for the Rebellions to initiate another
terrorist attack, thus killing more Britanian civilians. After three hours of heated
arguments among the representatives of Britania, the president announced that he,
along with his colleagues, had came up with a decision. Quoting his exact words
"Although I do not agree with terrorism as a way of manifesting an minorities opinion, we
have come up with a decision after 3 hours of debating. We have come to the
conclusion that the Kurds to receive the same rights as the Britanians. We are
respecting their wishes and also we believe this is a method of integrating the Kurdish
minority into Britanian society".
After receiving the leader of the Rebellion the answer, he let the captive free and they
promised that no such thing will ever happen as long as the Britanian leaders keep their
promises. For the families it was great joy that their loved ones are safe and today

everything seems to be peaceful. We can definitely call this "a terrorist attack ending