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About myself

In summary, My name is Murat Ko. I graduated from university in

2009 years. And then I have about 5 years experience in network
design, parameter optimization, drive testing, post processing and
monitoring positions for Ericsson and Huawei vendors and so have
multi vendor experience. And worked in different projects such as
optimization, swap, rollout and initial tunning for three operators
(Vodafone,Turkcell and Avea). Currently Ive been working for gsm
and umts networks in planning and optimization project of Vodafone
at Huawei Technologies. I have lots of responsibilities at the position.
Some of these are daily optimizing the worst cells, routine kpi
analysis and reporting, checking network faults, cluster optimization
for all network, etc.. working in coordination with other departments
like transmission, rollout and maintanence units.. In addition to Im
responsible with the network problems of customer complaints. And
so on. Absolutely familiar with tuning and Optimization of
Ericsson/Huawei UMTS and GSM Parameters and Features. Im
knowledge of performance Counters and KPIs. On the other hand,
actively using network management, kpi analysis, rf design and post
processing tools

My experiences
First of all, I had started as a drive test and indoor planning
engineer. At my first position I did performe drive testing and
analyzing to the collected data actively by using Tems Investigation,
actix anayzer, mapinfo professional tools. On the other hand, I was
performing indoor design for new sites by using Ib wave planning
tool and of course running the predictions. I attended the technical
site surveys for new 2g and 3g sites. I effectively developed myself
in-building design, drive test analysis and reporting and radio
network structures of Ericsson systems.
After I gained the experiences , I moved up to the Ericsson company
as a rf analysis and optimization engineer

Ericsson Responsibilies
I did perform 3G and 2G Cluster optimization to monitored and
analyzed statistical data and drive test data for Avea and Turkcell

operators. Making the necessary changes to improve the network

quality. Evaluates and analyzes Pilot Coverage, CPICHRSCP, CPICH
Ec/Io, Pilot Pollution, Accessibility, Retainability and Mobility kpis for
CS and PS Services and also HSDPAs BLER and Throughput... I
recommended or generated modifications to enhance KPIs.
Analysis network problems like that cs and ps drops, access failures,
pilot pollution, handover failures, missing neighbor, poor coverage,
overshooting etc.
For example, if there is a pilot pollution at the locationin, i taked
precautions by performing or suggesting antenna tilting, azimuth
change, antenna height and related parameter such as PCPICH
power. Another example, to improve mobility performance of the
network, I performed neighbor optimization and parameter
optimization such as handover and reselection parameters. Basicly
Im familiar with Ericsson baseline parameters.
In addition to, at the Ericsson Checking network faults based on rnc
and bsc by Oss-moshell.
Monitor the network, checking the most important KPIs
(accessibility,retainability, usage, throughput, congestion) and
suggest change request to improve the quality of all the network.


Currrent Position (Huawei)

I worked about 11 months as rf planning and optimization engineer
for Vodafone network at Huawei technologies. I have lots of
responsibilities at this position. My some missions are;
Daily performance monitoring and worst cells optimization. Of
course working in coordination with the other departments like
this transmission, maintanence and rollout units. And so you

know that, fast actions can be taken to overcome the network

The other one, as a routine analyzing the
accesability,retainibility, mobility and congestion kpis for gsm
and umts networks. At this point Im familiar with kpi counters,
kpi analysis and performance management tools like that I
manager M2000 platform, I manager Nastar, P.I Web and
NORTH-I kpi analysis tools.
Perform MML commands in order to configure the radio network
parameter changes in the RNC and BSC.
Reducing congestion, failures and drops, improving the IRAT
Handover, Soft Handover,Location Update, Paging, CSSR, RRC
Connection & RAB.
For istance, to overcome the access failures like that basicly rab
failure rate, low rrc connection succes rate, I check the improper
RACH parameters, ho and cell relection parameters and if it is
necessary I can set new values of the parameters. Another example,
if there is a low throughput average, checking the hspa parameters,
tn capacities and Iub congestion etc.. You know that hs-pdsch code
usage must be set 15 codes to provide high throughtput value. At
the same time 64 QAM modulation feature should be enable, and
checking the hs-scch parameters (numHsScchCodes) as another.
In addition to, I daily examine the congestion problems on both
gsm and umts cells. So performing daily actions to handle the
congestion problems such as power, ce, code, tch and sd
The other mission, Cell and cluster optimization with parameter
and hardware changes. I prepare the cluster optimization
report which includes reasons of network problems such as
handover failures, blocked and dropped calls, low throughgput,
overshooting, pilot pollution. At this point I analyze
overshooting, coverage area of the cells and neighbour
analysis by actively using P.IANO and NCPR tools. On the other
hand, performing frequency and neighbour optimization By
Imanager NASTAR. After that I try to solve this problems to
provide high cluster performance.
The other responsibility, VIP/Customer complaint in all the
region. Some customers have different problems about the

network and we have to solve the problems of the customers

as soon as possible of course. What are the problems?
Specially low indoor coverage, call quality issues, low
throughput, network access problems etc.. Drive test teams go
to complaint location, then they test the coverage and service
quality in last situation at the location. At this point I check the
kpis of the serving cells covered to the complaint location.
According to these data I make performing soft changes.
Sometimes hardware changings can be needed to solve it.
The other one, creation the databases of the new umts and
gsm sites. It includes frequency planning, neighbour planning,
antenna system configuration, cell configuration, bsic planning,
sc planning so on.. I have goals per month in new site design.


To reduce the power congestion, maxTx power parameter of the cell should
be set the maximum value. If it has license for 490 it should be set to 490.
If the cell is overshooting, i can narrow coverage of the cell as well.
Another solution, if low powerfull RRU is used on the cell, i can exchange to
more powerfull RRU
The other one, traffic of the umts cell can be directed by using cell
reselection, handover parameters and directed retry features. So load on
the cell can be forced to the other system or frequencies...
Ce licence should be increased to solve the problem. Extra rax or tx board
should be integrated to the system
The other solution, Ican set 10 ms TTI value instead of 2 ms TTI value
The other one, I can reduce the HSUPAINITIALRATE parameter (D64 to D32)

I can put any limitation for the hsupa users, you know that hsupa users
spend channel element much more than the other users. But I think this
solution will not be effectively so much actually.
To overcome the problem, effective sollution is to add a new carrier to the
cell. So load of the cell can benshared between the carriers.
Other solution, hs-pdsch code number is restricted to the lower value.
Actually this sollution may cause the lower throughput average and this
can create a problem for the data users