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The Great ‘Penal Sum’ Court Remedy


In court the government (corporation) agents need you (man/woman) to attach

yourself to the strawman/artificial entity. They also need your consent to the
subsequent express (written, clearly stated offers/agreements) and implied
(assumed/attached/unspoken) offers of contract/agreement. They can obtain your
consent in many ways such as your acquiescence (silence), answering their questions
with a statement (master – slave) and allowing them to address you as the
strawman/legal fiction entity.

If they do keep trying this last one even after you have clearly explained that the
strawman isn’t you, simply say, “I grant you that courtesy.” This takes care of the
problem and doesn’t get you into any controversy. By the way, the government agents
really dislike this technique, so have fun and remember the legal world is laughable.

Now what the courts do NOT want you to know is that inside the judges/magistrates
private file (the Clerk only has access to the public file which is very different) there
exists a great remedy; this is called the ‘penal sum’, or some like to call it the ‘True
Bill’. Now this penal sum (a sum agreed upon in a bond, to be forfeited if the
condition of the bond is not fulfilled – Blacks Law 5th Edition) is basically the total
outstanding amount (set by a bond) to cover the whole case on that particular day.
(By the way it will also have VAT attached to it; sounds very much like a run for
profit business does it not?)

Now you might believe you are in court to assist the government agents, corporative
police authorities and the legal fiction strawman in say an alleged £50.00 speeding
ticket, yet the penal sum amount will be much higher, and if this amount does not get
settled then the strawman will receive a fine and penalty points etc as punishment for
not settling the accounts in this matter. Yet if this secretive amount gets taken care of
with ‘accepted for value’, then the case is terminated as no further debt/liability exists
to act upon on.

By the way, the penal sum remedy works in all alleged statutory offences, not
just speeding tickets etc.

Now once you have worked through creating the void between you and the strawman
and have this on record, it is time to deal with the great hidden remedy matter at
hand…the penal sum.

1. For and on the record sir, will you be fair, open and honest here today and
assist me in assisting the court?
2. What is the penal sum for this case? (Now this will get a response that might
surprise you; as your question will surprise them all! If they try to squirm on
this issue, try, “For and on the record sir, are you refusing to disclose the
penal sum and therefore obstructing me in attempting to settle this matter?)
3. To assist me in assisting the court, can you please hand it to me?
4. (Now your pen comes out for the - Accepted for Value, Returned for
Settlement, Pre-paid Exemption # NI NUMBER, signature & date – written
across the penal sum sheet)
5. For and on the record sir, I have now accepted the penal sum for value and
returned it to you for settlement. It is my understanding that this action has
now effected payment for the full amount regarding this case; is this not
6. For and on the record sir, I require a true and full copy of the transcript of this
case within the next 3 days, as well as a true copy of the accepted for value
penal sum; will you make sure of these matters please?
7. It is my understanding that my assistance in this matter today is now finished
with; does the court possess any evidence to show otherwise?
8. For and on the record sir, I am now leaving this court under my own free will;
good day to you all.

The ‘Penal Sum’ technique is extremely powerful and therefore the government
agents are not going to want to give this information up easily. Like all the questions
that appear on this site, get a feel for them and make them your own. If you have to
go to court then get at least two matters confident in you; splitting the artificial entity
from the real man/woman, and accepting the penal sum for value.

And remember the word ‘Refusal’. If you can get on the record that they are refusing
to cooperate/assist in any way, it is all going terribly wrong for them! Refusal is a big
‘NO-NO’ in commercial/admiralty courts. You are the Sponsor of the Credit on this
planet and have the ability to take care of the whole case. Wake up to the
remembrance of what you really are. Study why and how AFV works. Accept
everything with your signature and National Insurance/Social Security Pre-Paid
Account Number…and most of all have fun!

Hope these questions assist you in growing more confident with the fictional and
laughable legal system.