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This temple of Lord Krishna is situated in Udupi at about 55 kms from Mangalore.
The presiding deity is Sri.Krishna. The temples sacred water is Madhvapushkarni.
Temple dates back to 1000-2000 years. Lord Krishna in the temple is of Salagrama stone
worshipped by Mother Rukmini. Lord Krishna graces the devotees in the temple facing west which has
a five tiered Rajagopuram. The entrance is through the gate facing south. There is a tank on the
eastern side made by the Acharya with a mandap made of stone at the centre. Mother Gangadevi
graces from a shrine in the southwest corner. This was called Viraja theertha in Krutha Yuga, Ananda
Sarovam in Thredha and Dwapara Yuga and now Madhwa Sarover in Kaliyuga.
Nirmalya Puja is performed from 4.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Shri Madhwacharya was the first pontiff of the
Mutt. Sri Vidyasakara Theertha Swamigal is the 37th pontiff heading the mutt. Of all the
festivals, Madhwa Navami in February is celebrated very devotionally in the temple. Sri Bariyaya
Swamigal in the chamber near the temple kitchen graces the devotees. The government of Karnataka
supplies 4 tonnes sandal to the temple to meet puja requirements. As prayer commitments, devotees
offer choice things equal to their weight (Tulabaram), cow donation and perform Car Festival to the
Lord. Sri Chandramouleeswarar and Anandeswarar temple are near the main temple. There is a shrine
for Lord Shiva in Sri Krishna temple and a shrine for Navagrahas. Feeding is done both at midday and
night. There is very big Cow Shed in the temple.
The word UDU means stars. PA means leader. The word Udupa changed as Udipi. Planet Chandra
worshipped Lord Krishna here with all the 27 stars to get him freed from a curse. Hence, Lord is
considered the captain of all the 27 stars and the nine planets. Bhagwan Madhvacharya was born in
the year 1238 as the son of Sri Narayana Bhattar and Smt. Vadavathi and was named Vasudeva. His
Upanayanam Holy thread ceremony- took place when he was 8. He is the proponent of Dwaida
philosophy saying that God and Humans are not one but different and separate. The temple grew in
fame after his life time. He reached the Lotus Feet of Lord at the age of 79 in the year 1317. While a
boatman was bringing this idol by sea, he was caught in a storm. Madhwacharya controlled the storm
with his divine power, rescued the idol and walked four miles chanting His glory, reached this place
and installed the Lord here. His hymns are praised as Dwadasa Stotras which are sung in the temple
even now. The young ascetics-Bala Sanyasis- appointed by him conducted the puja in the temple. The
door on the eastern side of the sanctum sanctorum is ever kept locked. This opens only on some
special days as Vijayadasami. The priests enter the sanctum only through the other door. Devotees
can have the darshan of Lord Krishna only through the nine window holes, called the Navagraha
Dwaras. Lord Krishna is depicted with 24 of His different postures. There is a mandap nearby called
Theertha Mandapa where the Samara and Mandala pujas are performed. Garuda Bhagwan in the
Theertha mandapa was brought by a devotee named Vadiraja Theertha from Ayodhya. In order to
continue the pujas to Lord Krishna, Bagwan Madhvacharya established 8 mutts known as Ashta Mutts.
They are, Krishnapoora, Bandhike, Seerur, Kaniyur, Sode, Palimer, Adamar and Bejewar Mutts. Only
those belonging to these mutts are performing the pujas here. Of the eight, Krishnapoora Mutt is the
important one, where pujas are performed to manuscripts of Sri Madvacharya. The walls around the
sanctum sanctorum are fixed with lamps lit on important festive occasions as Vaikunta Ekadasi,
Deepavali. A special room north of the sanctum sanctorum is dedicated to the Acharya. It is believed
that he is blessing the devotees in the form of lamps from this room.
It is believed that the Holy Ganga joins the Madhva Pushkarini once in a year. The water for Abishek of
Lord Krishna is taken from this Theertha only. It is also believed that pronouncing the very name of the
Theertha brings multi-fold benefits to the devotee, particularly in the month of Margazhi-DecemberJanuary. People spill the water on their heads.Mother Rukmini desired to see Her Lord Krishna as an
infant. She expressed Her desire to Mayan the divine sculptor. He made a Krishna Vigraha of
Salagrama stone with a curd churning stick (Mathu in Tamil) in the right hand and butter in the left and
named it Balakrishna. Allured by the beauty of Her Lord in idol form, Rukmini kept it with Her

performing pujas. Then the idol came to Arjuna. Later, the Vigraha-idol was kept safe in Gopi