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Set-21 dated 20/10/2015

The capacitance of the capacitor in a fuel quantity
indicator depend on
a) distance b/w the plates
b) area of the plates
c) dielectric constant of medium
d) all of the above
The capacitance of a capacitor depends on
a) type of dielectric
b) area of plates
c) distance between plates
d) all of the above


To convert a galvanometer into voltmeter

a) connecting high resistance in series
b) connecting low resistance in series
c) connecting low resistance in parallel


Electromagnetic induction depends on

a) no. of turns in the coil
b) speed of rotation
c) strength of permanent magnet
d) all of the above


In case of an isometric drawing

a) vertical lines are at an angle of 1200
b) vertical lines are vertical & horizontal lines at
c) vertical lines are vertical & horizontal lines at


Front, top and right side view correspond to

a) orthographic projection
b) isometric drawing
c) perspective drawing


Write the correct statement wrt MAC

a) it is an imaginary aerofoil in which all the forces
act in the same way as they would act on a wing
b) it is the average of all chords one foot a part
c) mean aerodynamic chord
d) all of the above



Which of the following are high lift devices

a) flaps & slats
b) flaps & boundary layer devices
c) slats & boundary layer devices
d) all of the above
An algorithm has
a) An input
b) An output
c) An assigned statement

10. Convert 11.75 to binary

a) 1011.10
b) 1101.11
c) 1011.11
d) 1110.10

11. The truth table corresponds to


a) AND
b) OR
d) NOR

12. Universal gates

a) AND & OR
d) None of the above
13. Triangular files are
a) Have safe edge
b) Tapered along 3 edges
c) Used to cut acute angles
d) Both b & c
14. Lift and drag depends upon
a) AOA increases Lift & drag both increases
b) drag depends upon frontal area only
c) lift depends on AOA only
d) all of the above
15. Delaminations in composites
a) are always visible
b) always accompanied by impact damage
c) cannot be detected by coin tap test
d) none of the above are correct
16. Ammeter is used for measuring
a) current supplied by a battery
b) current supplied by a generator
c) current during charging and discharging
d) current during charging and discharging when
electrical requirement change
17. Lead acid battery electrolyte can be neutralized by
a) bicarbonate of soda
b) vinegar
c) boric acid
d) both b and c
18. Composition of Pb acid battery in a fully charged
state is
a) 30% acid & 70% H2O by volume
b) 70% acid & 30% H2O by weight
c) 50% acid & 50% H2O by weight
19. Bonding is done during fuelling to
a) provide low resistance path
b) give way to stray current
c) dissipate static charge
20. Radiography depends upon
a) shape and size of object
b) nature of defect
c) film characteristics
d) all of the above
21. Ultrasonic test
a) ferrous
b) non-ferrous

c) all material
d) ceramic
22. when it is necessary to retighten a nut
a) retighten without backing off
b) retighten by backing off a single turn
c) retighten by backing off one flare portion
23. When it is required to turn the bolt head instead of
a) max. torque range increases
b) max. torque range decreases
c) max. torque range remains same
24. What is the purpose of flux in soldering
a) to remove metallic oxide
b) to provide more penetration of solder
c) for free flow solder
d) all of the above
25. Vortex generator is used for
a) high speed characteristics of wing surface
b) low speed characteristics of tail plaine
c) low speed characteristics of wing surface
d) both a and b
26. Co-efficient of lift depends upon
a) shape and area of aerofoil
b) shape of aerofoil and angle of attack
c) shape of aerofoil only
d) camber of wing upper surface
27. Hi tigue fasteners
a) can replace solid shank rivets of same dia
b) can replace solid shank rivets of one dia larger
c) can replace solid shank rivets of one dia smaller
28. Chord line is
a) curved line joining wing LE to TE
b) straight line joining wing LE to TE
c) max upper camber
d) line joining from wingtip to wingtip
29. Negative dihedral is employed in a/c to
a) to impart lateral stability
b) to improve the high speed characteristics
c) to generate more lift
d) counteract the effects of excessive lateral
30. Anodized Al is cleaned by using
a) steel wool
b) sand paper
c) Al wool
d) Carbide embedded paper
31. If the power drawn by a load at a supply voltage of
28V is 20W then the line resistance is
a) 78.4
b) 28
c) 82
d) d) 28.82

32. Triode consists of

a) plate cathode & heater
b) plate, cathode, tube
c) plate, cathode, heater & a wire mesh between
plate & cathode
33. Carbon fibre is anisotropic. This means :
a) the molecules are distributed linearly
b) molecules are in aligned thus physical properties
are different in all directions
c) molecules are in aligned thus chemical
properties are different in all directions
34. Junction diode is not used as an a :
a) rectifier
b) source of light
c) for detecting the intensity of light
d) as an amplifier
35. When bolts are rivets are used side by side
a) they are protected by greasing
b) they are plated for protection
c) they are lubricated for cooling
36. Failure by fatigue is identified by
a) marks that extend at 900 to loads imposed
b) marks that are symmetrical
c) marks that are at an angle to the part failed
37. Before DPT parts are cleaned using
a) kerosene oil
b) petrol
c) soap and detergent
38. To check a circuit for continuity it must be
a) connected to a power source
b) connected to a battery
c) isolated
d) both a and b
39. Tooth thickness of a gear is measured by
a) vernier micrometer
b) vernier caliper
c) at the point where pitch circle cuts the teeth
d) vernier micrometer & vernier caliper
40. A Bevel gear transmits motion
a) at an angle
b) perpendicularly
c) parallely
d) reduces speed
41. In a spur gear
a) diametrical pitch is equal to pitch diameter
b) PD/DP gives size of teeth
c) Teeth are cut ut an angle to the axis
42. Elastomer is
a) rubber tires
b) metal sheets impregnated with rubber
c) rubber containing metal chips for bonding
43. In a micrometer
a) anuil & barrel moving spindle moving

b) anvil & barrel stationary spindle movable

c) frame rotatable spindle stationary
44. In case of swaged fitting
a) if lesser the dia the fitting is overswaged
b) fitting must be rejected
c) lesser the dia the fitting is underswaged
d) both a and b
45. Information required in a blue print is
a) TPI, major dia, grip length , material , depth
b) Pitch dia, minor dia, TPI
c) Major dia, minor dia, TPI

55. Pitch dia of a gear is equal to

a) AXN
b) A/N
c) A+N
d) A-N
56. Resistance of a straight conductor does not depends
a) shape of cross section
b) material
c) length

46. Modern computers use

a) Binary system
b) Decimal system
c) Octal system
d) Hexadecimal system

57. Screw threads

a) square threads have equal width and height
distance b/w the threads is also same
b) Acme thread is a modification of the square
form thread
c) Acme thread has 29 degree of included angle
d) all

47. A semiconductor possesses

a) infinite resistance at 00C
b) finite resistance which
with temp
c) finite resistance which
with temp

58. Flap increases

a) camber
b) angle of attack
c) none

48. CRS consists of

a) 18 % Cr and 8% Ni
b) 18% Ni and 8% Cr
c) 20% Ni , 2% P and 8% Cr

59. Rockwell testing

a) lesser the Rockwell number harder the material
b) lesser the Rockwell number softer the material
c) dia of the ball

49. Peizoelectric effect

a) quartz crystal & Rochelle salt
b) semi conductors
c) freq. depends on thickness of crystal
d) both a and c

60. Convert these number in binary of 11.75:

a) 1101.11
b) 1011.11
c) 1010.11
d) 1001.10

50. Inductance depends on :

a) AC or DC (Type of current)
b) No. of turns in the coil
c) All

61. For neutralize the Pb-acid battery spillage with:

a) Sodium bicarbonate/backing soda
b) Boric acid and as in (a)
c) Vinegar
d) All of the above

51. A gyro having 3 degrees of freedom and 3 mutually

1 axes :
a) space or free gyro
b) rate gyro
c) turn gyro

62. Piezoelectric effect is caused on:

a) Quartz
b) Rochellsalt
c) As in (a) & (b) are correct

52. As the speed of a/c

a) static pr
b) dynamic pressure
c) both static & dynamic pr
d) static pr Dynamic pr

63. Function of slat & flap:

a) To increase the speed of A/c
b) To decrease the take off & landing run
c) As in (b) & is used in high speed operation
d) As in (b) & also to reduce the fuel consumption

53. All purpose rust preneutine compound is

a) paralketone
b) lubricating oil
c) grease

64. In pure semi-conductor having resistance:

a) Infinite resistance at 0C
b) Finite resistance with increase in temperature
c) Finite resistance with decrease in temperature

54. An 310 is used with

a) clevis bolts
b) undrilled shank bolts
c) hexhead bolts

65. Language of computer is:

a) Decimal
b) Octal
c) Binary
66. Titanium is:

a) Having more U.T.S. than Al & stainless steel

b) Having light wt. & high strength & corrosion
resistance in salt water
c) High strength-to-weight ratio
d) All of the above
67. In florescent penetrate inspection the defects will
a) Brilliant yellow & green color in black light
b) Deep blue violet
c) None
68. Capacitor plate in a capacitor type fuel quantity
gauge depends upon:
a) Directly proportional of plate area
b) Inversely proportional with distance b/w the plates
c) Type of dielectric material
d) All are correct
69. Pn Zn diode does not used as a:
a) Light intensity
b) Rectifier
c) Amplify the sc signals/transformer & light radiations
70. Bevel gear is used for:
a) Transmission of load b/w shaft at an angles to each
b) For variation of speed
c) In speed reducer
d) All are correct
71. Circular magnetization method used in MPI correct
detect which type of defect:
a) Longitudinal cracks
b) Deep sub surface
c) Lateral cracks
d) Torsional cracks on a shaft
72. 7 x 19 cable indicates:
a) 7 strands of 19 wires each
b) 19 strands of 7 wires each
c) 7 strands of 19 mm wires each
73. Microprocessor at least consists of:
a) CPU
b) Memory
c) Arithmetic logic unit
d) All are correct
74. The greatest size drill amongst the following is:
a) No. 1
b) No. 30
c) 3/16
d) E
75. Find the micrometer reading from the given
a) 0.4699
b) 0.4569
c) 0.4692
76. The primary cause of inter granular corrosion is:
a) Dissimilar metal contact
b) Improper heat treatment

c) Due to non-metal & metal contact

d) Due to corrosive gases
77. Weft threads are:
a) At 45 to warp threads
b) Perpendicular to warp threads
c) Along with the warp threads to form the edge
d) None are correct
78. Rigid tubing in the a/c are classified according to:
a) Outside diameter
b) Wall thickness & outside diameter
c) Inside diameter & wall thickness
d) Inside diameter
79. 4 in a circuit the resistance is R & reactance is r
then impedance Z is expressed as:
a) Z = R + r
b) Z = R + r
c) 1/Z = 1/R + 1/r
d) Z2 = R2 + r2
80. The given figure indicates:
a) X NOR gate
b) X OR gate
c) C MOS NOR gate
d) NOR gate
81. Calculate the power when voltage = 28 volts &
Resistance = 10
a) 28.4W
b) 784W
c) 78.4W
d) 7.84W
82. In steady & level flight, if the angle of attack
a) Lift increases
b) Drag increases
c) Lift increases & drag decreases
d) Lift & drag both decreases
83. In straight & level flight, the dynamic pressure
qeting on the tip of nose of the a/c is:
a) Maximum
b) Minimum
c) Zero
d) None of the above
84. In pitat static system, the static pressure is sensed at
two points by placing flat plates on either side of
a) Eliminates position error
b) Freedom from ice formation
c) Eliminates static & instrument error
d) Both (a) & (b) are correct
85. In ATA 100 specification, the codes for hydraulic,
pneumatic five protection system & engine
indicating system are:
a) 29, 26, 39, 77
b) 29, 36, 26, 77
c) 36, 26, 29, 79
d) 29, 71, 36, 27

86. Fatigue over a man is caused due to:

a) Long hours of work
b) Emotional stress
c) Noise
d) All of the above

97. Ac motor is used in respect of DC motor or

advantage of a/c motor over DC motor:
a) Less weight
b) Less manufacturer cost & maintenance
c) Brush & commutator is not used in A.C. motor

87. Static discharge wicks is mentioned in which chapter

of maintenance manual:
a) Chapter number 22
b) Chapter number 23
c) Chapter number 24
d) Chapter number 25

98. In A/c seeps in fuel tank is specified by:

a) Low seep, seep, heavy seep
b) Stone, low seep, heavy seep, running leak
c) Running leak, leak
d) All of the above

88. Elevator is used to:

a) For lateral control
b) Rotate a/c around lateral axis
c) Establish a/c about lateral axis
d) Both (b) & (c) are correct

99. Annealing of steel is done for:

a) Maximum ductility
b) Softness
c) Low strength
d) All of the above

89. Angle of incidence is defined as:

a) Angle b/w longitudinal axis & relative wind
b) Angle b/w longitudinal axis & chord line
c) Angle b/w chord line & relative wind
d) None of the above

100.High resistance load in electrical ckt. Is checked by:

a) AVM meter in DC ohm
b) DC battery with lamp
c) Maneto synchronizer
d) Both (b) & (c)

90. Torque tube is:

a) Act as rotating member in cable system
b) Compression & tension both load can withstand
c) Used along with bell crank
d) Convert rotary motion along with bell crank

101.In given figure of welding is indicates:

a) V-weld
b) U-weld
c) Double beveled weld
d) J-weld

91. In an electrical ckt. If capacitance is 100 microfarad

& charge is 1 micro colomb, then voltage rating
would be:
a) 100 V
b) 10 V
c) 1 V
d) 1000 V

102.Conductor having 4 resistance, stretched twice in

length then new would be:
a) 4
b) 8
c) 16
d) 12

92. Given figure indicate:

a) Splined shaft
b) Meshing gear
c) Gear & pinion
93. Given figure indicate:
a) Double pole double throw
b) Double pole single throw
c) Single pole double throw
d) Push pull s/w
94. Given figure indicates:
a) Bucking bar not held properly
b) Excessive drive
c) Upset head

103.Titanium is heat treated to:

a) Relief internal stresses
b) Annealing for further cold working
c) Thermal hardening to improve
d) All of the above
104.If two battery A & B such that A having greater plate
area than B, then internal resistance of A will be:
a) Greater than B
b) Smaller than B
c) Equal to B
d) None

95. If one wheel is be jacked:

a) Tripod jack is used
b) Remaining wheel should be chocked
c) Wheel raised should be raised by 6 to 8

a) In nacelle it is measured from the front spar of
the wing
b) Water line measure height in inches in parallel
to the horizontal plane
c) Butt line measures width from left to right,
parallel to the vertical plane
d) All of the above

96. Shunt a/c motor is used to drive:

a) Landing gear
b) Gyro & servo motor
c) Flap

106.Hose colour of 100 LL fuel is identified by:

a) Red band
b) Black band
c) Red band green strip

d) Black band yellow strip

107.Colour of fuel line is:
a) Red colour
b) Black
c) Brown
a) Reed & prince s/w driver having blunt point
b) Phillips s/w driver is blunt
c) Phillips s/w driver having pointed
109.Kirchoffs law is applicable for:
a) A.C. ckt.
b) D.C. ckt.
c) Both A.C. & D.C. ckt
d) Both A.C. & D.C. excluded capacitive &
inductive element
110.Fatigue crack detected by:
a) Ultrasonic
b) Magnetic particle inspection
c) Eddy current
d) All of the above
111. In composite impact damage & water disbond is
inspected by:
a) Thermal halo graph
b) Laser halo graph
c) Ultrasonic
d) X-ray