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AR Setups

System Option

Run Validate Application Accounting Definitions program

Define Collector

Remit to Address

OM Responsibility

If you are not done this AR Create Accounting Program will ended with an error

Open AR Period

Transaction Source

Transaction Type
Credit Memo



Auto Accounting

Receivable Activities

Approval Limit

Receipt Write off

Miscellaneous Receivable Activity

Bank Charges

Miscellaneous Income


Receipt Write-off

Customer Creation

AR Transaction

Complete the transaction

Create Accounting

Journal Entry

Credit Memo

Create accounting transfer to GL

In GL Journal entries

Apply Receipts


Ok and saved

Journal Entry

Miscellaneous Receipts
Receipt Type Miscellaneous

Save the record

Create Accounting

Journal Entry

Adjustment to Invoice
Create Invoice for Rs.10000


Go to Tools and select Adjust

Adjustment amount Rs.5000

Select Activity Name Adjustment and save the record

Invoice Balance amount reduced to Rs.5000

Adjustments to Receipt
Receipt Amount Rs.1500

Selected Invoice amount Rs.2100

Balance amount Rs.600 to be adjust

Click on Adjustments and
Select Activity name Adjustment
Rs.600 will be default

Amount has been adjusted

Create Accounting

Period Closing Process

1) Run Incomplete Invoice Report to find out the incomplete invoices

Report output

Query and compete the invoices

2) Run Create Accounting Program

Transfer to GL

Standard Reports
1) Transaction Register
2) Receipt Register
3) AR Reconciliation Report
4) Aging 4 Buckets report
5) Create Accounting
6) Adjustment Register
7) Unapplied Receipt Register
8) Applied Receipt Register
9) Transfer Journal Entries to GL
10) Customer Merge
Account Details

AR Refunds

Receivable Activity
Approval Limits
Receipt Class, receipt method and assigned with bank account
Payment term assigned at Payables system Setup
Process Steps

1) Receivable Activity

2) Approval Limits

3) Receipt Class, Receipt Method and assigned with Bank account

4) Payment term assigned at the Payables system setup

5) Process Steps
Create Receipts

Click on Refund Attributes

Apply and save the record

You will find the Refund Status

Click on the Refund Status button

You will find the invoice number details

Go to Payables module and query the invoice

Pay the invoice