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Introduction of Hibah

Benefit of Hibah

Hibah Institution




Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Praised to Allah because give us strength and capability for us to complete this

assignment. Through doing this assignment we have gather a lot of

information and useful knowledge that can be useful to us in the future. There are
many people who help and giving us guidance for completion our Hibah report.

Our gratitude goes to our Personal Finance lecture, Madam Rohani A. Ghani , who
are giving full support and guideline on how to write and collect all the valuable
information that be need in this assignment.

Lastly our gratitude for our friends and family who giving full support to us and
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Introduction of Hibah
Definition :
Hibah according to Islamic term is a contract (akad) that entails granting ownership
of a property to someone else during his lifetime without any reprisal. Hibah is one of
the ways in Islam for the person to entitle the fortune other than will and usually
hibah are being practical for giving to

non-Muslim or not blood related family


Pillar of Hibah


(ijab &
(gift or


A person who own the property and have the desire to grant a gift to other

Mauhub Lah

A person who received the gift from wahid

The receiver could be any person,donor family, apart from donor family,
step children, adoption family, friends, new muslim member, or non-muslim


Is the gift or object that donor want to give to the receiver

Mauhub could be money or any other property,


Consist process of Ijab and Qabul.

Ijab are the speech of offer that being made by Wahid (donor)
Qabul are the speech of acceptance that being made by Mauhub Lah

Condition of Hibah
Condition of Wahid (donor)

- Legal owner of property

- Eligible to give the property voluntary to others
- Not under aged

Condition of Mauhub Lah (receiver)


any person with or without legal capacity

if the receiver are under aged the receiver will received through trustee
until his or her 18 years old

Condition of object

Gift must have value

Donor as the owner
Object must be exist time of contract
Must be legally tradable and can be consider as a gift

Types of Hibah


Al - Umra
Process of granting Hibah in a temporary basis. In this type of hibah it
being giving upon to the receiver with requirement :
a) if receiver die the object will be return to the donor back.

b) If the donor die, the object will be return to the heir of the
Speech :
tanah ini aku berikan kepada kamu (umra), semasa kamu
hidup dan jika kamu mati maka harta itu kembali kepadaku atau
jika aku mati kembali kepada warisku


Al Rugba
-process of granting Hibah in situation

of the receiver will only get the

object when the donor are dead

tanah ini aku berikan kepada kamu sebagai ruqba dan jika
kamu mati dulu harta ini akan kembali kepada ku dan jika aku
mati dulu maka harta ini milik mu

Revocation of Hibah

The revocation of hibah are the situation when he receiver or donor denial
the process of Ijab and Qabul. However this situation are not permissible.

The ownership of object are being bind by the Sighah. After Sighah being
done the ownership of object will be transfer and cannot be revoke.

However parent who doing the Hibab to their children can revoke the

If one of the donor/receiver die before the process completed the

revocation will take place.

Benefit of Hibah
Strength the relationship

It can strength the relationship with other people apart from our own family.
With Hibah adopted children, new muslim can benefit from the object
when they are not entitle for will.

promote the generosity


Hibah canpromote generosity spirit in the Muslim life. Because through

Hibah others people can benefit from the objective it can shape the inner
self to care to other people and be generous.

Care for community


Hibah can be done with other religion not only for Muslim community.
Hence it can strength the relationship between other people not only our
family and close friends.

Not limit amount

-In Hibah the donor are allowed to give as many as his/her wish amount to
the receiver. Different from the will there will be part and amount that can
be inherence to their children, like a daughter she will get some portion
from the will

The conclusion is, the approach of Hibah already excist ling time ago and
still being practise until today time. Hibah already being introduce in the
history of Islamic Finance and the practise are based on Al-Quran and
Sunnah. It prove that through this approach it give equality to the receiver
and the donor. This approach also strength the relationship of the
practicioner, promote generosity, increased care for community and the
donor can be limitless for amount they want. That why now days many
people start to give attention and practise Hibab approach in their life.


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