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PhilHealth Circular 016-2015

Registration of Household Employers and Coverage of Domestic Workers

(Kasambahays) in the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP)

Household (Kasambahay) Employer
o General Househelp;
o Yaya;
o Cook;
o Gardener;
o Laundry Person; or
o Any person who regularly performs domestic work in one household on
an occupational basis.
Duties of Household Employer


Register themselves as Household Employers with PhilHealth;

Register their Kasambahays and their qualified dependents with PhilHealth;
Report their Kasambahays within thirty (30) days upon employment;
Pay corresponding PhilHealth premium contributions ; and
Give notice of separation from service within thirty (30) days from separation
of the Kasambahay;
Registration Procedure

1. All individuals engaging the services of Kasambahay/s shall register with

PhilHealth as a Household Employer by submitting the following duly
accomplished forms to any Local Health Insurance Office of PhilHealth or to
any service office of PAG-IBIG and SSS:
a. Household Employer Unified Registration Form (Annex A)
b. Household Unified Report Form (Annex B)
c. Kasambahay Unified Registration Form (Annex C)
i. Only if the Kasambahay is not yet enrolled with PhilHealth, SSS,
2. The above requirements may be submitted by the Household Employer either
in person or through an authorized Representative. If it is to be submitted by
an authorized representative, the following shall be required:
a. Letter of Authorization from the Household Employer
b. Valid ID of the Household Employer
c. Valid ID of the Authorized Representative.
3. Upon registration, the Household Employer shall be assigned a permanent
PHilHealth Employer Number (PEN) which is linked to his/her own PhilHealth
Identification Number (PIN). He shall likewise be provided with a Employer
Data Record and a Masterlist of all the Kasambahays under his employ.

4. Upon registration by the Household Employer, the Kasambahay hall also be

registered and shall be issued their own PIN, PhilHealth ID Card, and Member
Data Record (MDR).
5. In case of change of address or contact information, the Household Employer
should submit a updated Household Employer unified Registration Form to
any PhilHealth Office.

Payment of Premium Contributions

1. It shall be the duty of the Household Employer to pay or remit the
premium contributions of the Kasambahay on or before the TWENTY-FIFTH
(25th) calendar day of the month following the applicable month for which
the payment is due and applicable.
Note: The Household Employer may opt to pay the monthly
premium contributions in advance but not to exceed TWO (2)
calendar years.
2. Premium contributions shall be paid at any LHIO through the Individual
Kasambahay Payment Scheme. Under this scheme, the Household
Employer has to fill-out and submit to the cashier a duly accomplished
PhilHealth Payment Slip (PPS) (Annex D) for each Kasambahay under his
employ. The following information are required in filling up the PPS:
a. PIN and name of the Kasambahay;
b. PEN and name of the Household Employer;
c. Applicable period or month being paid for; and
d. Amount to be paid.
3. The premium contributions payment shall be acknowledged through the
issuance of a PhilHealth Official Receipt (POR) under the name and PIN of
the Kasambahay. The PEN and the name of the Household Employer shall
also appear on the POR marked with Paid for by name of Household
Employer/PEN. (Annex E)