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ANDRES, Jomari P.


Food Analysis


ASEAN INTEGRATION: Impact on the Philippine Products

Our partnership with other countries in Southeast Asia has helped us to improve
on our own products, as well as improving our economy. Being known as main
producers of unique spices as well as other main raw materials, the Philippines is one of
the top producers among the countries in Southeast Asia. Because of this, we have
access to these products at a lower cost and higher quality.
Among the top producers of the ASEAN, there is a friendly competition against
members of the group in producing high quality products. In the early days of the
ASEAN, the Philippines was the top producer of some products such as vinegar and
sugar. But as the years went on, other countries have developed their own products
quality. As time goes by, these products continue to improve and new techniques are
being developed in order to produce more and use raw materials more efficiently.

Post-Harvest Handling Technologies, Value Chains and Market Opportunities

The Philippines is a small country with an exponentially growing population.

Despite and agricultural country, it still suffers from shortage of some food that shouldnt
be commonly scarce in such countries such as rice. But technology has helped us in
these problems. New and proper ways of harvesting are being developed. New
technologies are invented to properly asses the shortage that is being experienced.
Better production of crops thanks to modern technology. Because of this, products
would be cheaper because of the higher yield of crops and common products. Better
quality and thus, higher economy. This also gives opportunities to businesses in the

Food Safety and Food Toxicology Awareness: Key to a Better World

As food technologists, we are tasked to ensure the safety of the food to be

consumed by the public. We are trained to practice proper sanitation, improve the
quality of food and identify the hazards of it. One of these hazards are toxicants.

Toxicants can be anywhere. Proper awareness and prevention should be spread

to all consumers. Food poisoning is not a major problem but it can cause high numbers
of death and a bad reputation to the producers of the food product. Usually, food
poisoning occurs when the raw materials arent in good condition, improper preparation
of the food or the carelessness of the ones who prepare the food. We should be aware
of the hazards that comes with carelessness in preparing food. It could lead to illnesses
and abnormalities to the body and could give a bad reputation. Proper storage of food
should also be observed to preserve the food properly and avoiding the production of
harmful toxicants in the food.