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Best Top 10 of AlldayInternet - 10 tourist information guides that should be included in your trip to

Title: 10TOP10 SPAIN

Blanca Ruiz Fernndez, 2014
Translation: Laura Lpez Snchez
Digital edition: Blanca

Dedicated to millions of tourists who visit our country every year

'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page'...
We hope these guides will become good travel partners which can guide you and amuse you during
your journey across Spain.

1 - Madrid Top 10 by AlldayInternetSpain

Have you ever thought about visiting Madrid? Today we provide you with our Madrid Top 10,
including those places we consider you shouldnt miss while visiting the capital of Spain.

1) Curves, colour and sustainability: The journey begins with a pleasant surprise right after arriving
to Spain because Barajas Airport and specially the new terminal T4 designed by the British architect
Richard Rogers and the Spanish Antonio Lamela is a very well-known sight as part of the
cosmopolitan Madrid. Rogers himself described it as the journey celebration. The 2,000,000 m2
bamboo-lined roof is really impressive and it is considered to be the world biggest project that
incorporates bamboo as the main architectonic element as well as being natural and sustainable.
2) A new skyline for a new Madrid: Perhaps it is not the first time you visit Madrid, however if you
havent come since 2007 you will discover a new skyline that has completely changed the citys
vision, the Cuatro Torres Business Area (CTBA) (Spanish for Four Towers Business Area). It is a
skyscraper business district located in the former Real Madrid Sports City and it holds the tallest
buildings in Madrid and Spain.
3) Today we will have some tapas: We know this is one of the things you have in mind when you
visit Madrid, however we would like to offer you a selection of the traditional places where the tapa
concept acquires an even more tasty and authentic meaning. In the city centre and in La Latina you
will discover La Alhambra, Casa Labra, El Venencia, Los Gatos, Lateral, El Econmico or Aloque;
these are some of the most legendary bars in Madrid for tapas hopping. You shouldnt leave the
country before visiting Casa Parrondo in Gran Va or El Tigre in Chueca.
4) Take a nap in El Retiro: After tapas hopping there is no better plan than the one by which we are
famous in the whole world. It is time to take a nap! 20 minutes are enough. After waking up you can
have a walk and explore an outdoor museum called El Retiro, the lung of Madrid and you will also
find the Velzquez Palace and the Crystal Palace.
5) Plaza Mayor Terraces: The Plaza Mayor of Madrid is one of Madrids urban treasures designed
by the architect Gmez de Mora and it is one of the sights you shouldnt miss during your visit to
Madrid. In the afternoon, the crowded terraces are an ideal spot to sit down and observe the bustleand

state where bullfights, executions and citys history took place in the 15th century.
6) Madrid Fashion City: It is obvious that you are not leaving before going shopping because Madrid
is one of the big fashion capital cities. The Barrio de Salamanca (Spanish for Salamanca District) is a
one of the classic places for those who want to spend a pleasant time while shopping. The Serrano
street is the main road of this majestic district and famous for its boutiques. Feel free to visit Adolfo
Dominguez flagship store, an entire building where the whole collection of the Spanish designer is
7) Get lost in Malasaa and Lavapis: At night, the party is guaranteed in Madrid and we choose
Malasaa and Lavapis. It is the epicentre of the Movida madrilea from the 80s; the rock n roll
environment and the fusion of styles define Malasaa. Meanwhile, Lavapis represents the most
mixed race and multicultural night in Madrid with live performances of all kinds. Yes, of course you
will find flamenco singers as well.
8) Art - The Museo del Prado (Spanish for The Prado Museum): The Prado Museum is the first art
museum in Spain with a painting collection raging from the 12th century to the 20th century. The
museum includes the world biggest collection of Velzquez, Goya and Rubens and provides ambitious
seasonal exhibition programmes with several significant works of art for the coming months.
9) Broadway in Madrid: The Gran Va of Madrid has become a model in the musical genre and by
many people it is already known as the Spanish Broadway. This type of genre has revitalized the
Gran Va, the most important street in the city which until recently was replacing theatres for top
brand shops.
10) Metro Madrid Andn 0: The best way to move around the city is by using the Madrid Metro
which is the second largest underground in the European Union in kilometres and the sixth in the
world. Moreover, the interpretation centre ANDN 0 shows an essential part of the city industrial
heritage: The history of Madrid Metro, the transport as the main economic driving force and the social
change related to industry.

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2 - The most cosmopolitan city in Spain. Top 10 things to see and do

in Barcelona
Barcelona has become one of the favorite cities in Spain as tourist destination, perhaps because it is
the most cosmopolitan and modern city in the whole country; a city that started its transformation in
the 1992 Summer Olympic Games. At present, it is one of the worlds best appreciated cities to live
due to its infrastructures, climate and wide range of cultural and leisure offers.
In 2012, more than seven and a half million tourists visited Barcelona with a total of 16 million
overnights and more than 2.5 million cruise passengers, being again the Spanish city with biggest
expense by foreign tourists who spent around 2.500 million euros last year. If you come to visit the so
called Ciudad Condal for holidays or business, there are many attractions you shouldnt avoid. The
Barcelona To-Do list is really endless.

Today, we provide you our Barcelona Top 10, a list of interesting sites in Barcelona that we know you
must visit during your trip to the Catalonian capital.
1) La Sagrada Familia, the symbol of Barcelona: Certainly the most renowned and famous
monument in Barcelona and one of the most visited in Spain. It is a temple first built in 1882 and a
year later the great Gaud carried on the task. It is the biggest attraction in Barcelona and the true
symbol of the city. You can go on a virtual visit to its facilities in the website:
2) Las Ramblas: The most renowned street in Barcelona and one of the main roads of the city, located
in the city center and former port. You will discover the charm within this Mediterranean city in its 1,
2 kilometers of length, taking a peaceful walk in which you will find street artists, terraces, shops,
3) Mediterranean Tasty and Leisure La Boquera Market: Something else to do in Barcelona is
to visit La Boquera, a wholesale food market where you will find the best vegetable, meat, fish
shops but also a gastronomic room, even a cultural program and famous places to taste the
pleasures of Mediterranean gastronomy and best tapas. Here, the fresh products defining the
Mediterranean diet are mixed with the most cosmopolitan values of a city that supports urban culture.
4) Nature and color in Park Gel: Again Gaud is part of our top 10 things to see in Barcelona. This
park is World Heritage Site by UNESCO; it has an area of 17 hectares where strange beings of nature
and colorful geometric shapes live; a magical place if you travel to Barcelona with kids. There, you
will also discover one of the best viewpoints of Barcelona.

5) Ancient Barcelona Barrio Gtico, the Gothic Square: A walk around the oldest area in
Barcelona is another indispensable plan during your trip to the city. There are several tourist
attractions like the Cathedral, the King Plaza, the Royal Plaza and relevant shopping arteries such as
the Calle Porta de LAngel.
6) Do you like football? Dont miss the Camp Nou: We continue with our Top 10 things to do in
Barcelona with one of the most well-known and biggest football stadium in the world. The Camp Nou
provides the program Camp Nou Experience and you will be able to visit the stadium, changing
rooms, tunnel, FC Barcelona museum, a multimedia area with interactive murals where the club
history and values are expressed.
7) El Pueblo Espaol, The Spanish People A summary of Spain in Barcelona: For those who visit
Barcelona attractions but cannot continue visiting the rest of Spain, we recommend you to visit the
Spanish People, an area built for Expo 1929 which shows some monuments and sites that most
characterize Spain. More than 100 Spanish squares and spots can be found there.
8) Picasso Museum A link between the artist and the city: The art lovers will not forget to visit
the Picasso Museum because it is a reference center to get to know the artist work. At present, the
9) Shopping in the Paseo de Gracia: One of the main streets and another place to visit in Barcelona.
It includes World Heritage Sites as impressive modern buildings such as La Casa Batr and La
Pedrera and one of the best places to go shopping in Barcelona. 1
10) The coolest night in the Olympic Port: The Olympic Port can be recognized as another
attraction, very recommendable during night time when you will discover the best bars and clubs in
the city. Next to the Olympic Vila, the beaches la Barceloneta and Nova Icaria can be found, as well as
the impressive Torre Arts and Torre Mapfre, and the famous W Barcelona, one of the most modern
symbols of Barcelona.

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3 - Top 10 Charming Villages Wifi for Tourists in the most

beautiful villages of Spain
Today we visit some of the most beautiful and unique villages of the national territory, from Galicia
to the Balearic Islands, crossing Catalonia or Andalusia. Wherever you have planned your next
holidays, you will find rural environments with charming villages that you should not miss. We
provide you our Top 10 Charming Villages in Spain and we explain you how to stay connected to
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Spain has over 2.000 villages with its own traditions, history and attractions for the tourist, so you can
imagine the great amount of charming corners which can be found outside our Top 10 Charming
Villages in Spain. This is a selection to help you find some of the most beautiful corners of our
country, the ones any visitor should experience. History, irresistible landscapes, culture and tradition,
friendliness of locals We refer to fishing villages; mountain, medieval villages; white, flowery and
colourful villages, small villages and municipalities where you can discover during several days, and
above all, away from the typical crowds from tourist places full of people and noise, and they are
perfect to evade from the daily life, to escape from the routine and to time travel.

We hope village lovers can understand the many villages that are not included in this post. Top 10
Charming Villages in Spain:
1) Cudillero (Asturias): We start in Asturias, a region full of fishing villages like Cudillero. This
village is built like an amphitheatre over a hill made of three small hills, full of narrow streets and
hanging colourful houses which protect its beautiful fishing port. We recommend you enjoy the
gastronomy and sea products found in many restaurants and cider bars within the port area, and if you
have the opportunity you should have a walk across this place at night. Lights from houses in the dark
and the nocturnal environment which make this place a perfect place to spend an unforgettable stay.
2) Santillana del Mar (Cantabria): Not far away from Cudillero, in the autonomous community of
Cantabria you can find Santillana del Mar, which is a historic and artistic centre of the region,

considered by many people a monument-village. Have a walk across the stoned streets, rest in its
beautiful Tourist Hotel and do not miss its great attraction, the Museum of Altamira, a visitor centre
of its famous caves which are considered to be the Sistine Chapel of Cave Paintings.
3) Albarracn (Teruel): Over 1.100 meter altitude, it was declared Historic-Artistic Set and aims to
be declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Have a walk across its historic centre of this medieval city
made of reddish roofs, discover its beautiful small palaces, go up to its walls to enjoy the dawn and do
not miss its 14th Century cathedral, its outdoor cave paintings, gothic style monasteries or hanging
4) Vjer de la Frontera (Cdiz): You will be attracted by its popular architecture of Arab-Andalusian
style, narrow and steep streets, or the brightness brought by its immaculate white houses. It is close to
the coast of Cadiz and the river Barbate, presumes of a lovely castle of Arab origin, its fortified area,
the Jewish Quarter or its charming Plaza de Espaa (Spanish quarter), which is well-known as La
Plaza de los Pescaitos (Fishes Quarter) by locals.
5) Fuenterraba (Pas Vasco - Basque Country): This is one of the most charming villages of the
Basque Country located 25 kilometres away from San Sebastian and only 4 kilometres away from the
French frontier. It is also known as Hondarribia, the name in euskera, you will be surprised by its old
part to taste the worldwide famous tapas of Basque gastronomy, its perfectly preserved wall, its
baroque houses which are mixed with flashy colourful balconies, its beaches or fishing port. Take a
boat that will cross you to the Hendaya. You can take it every 15 minutes and it is a beautiful
experience to complete your stay in this location.
6) O Cebreiro (Lugo): This is a perfect destination if you travel with kids, due to its uniqueness and
charm of its pallozas (popular buildings of pre-roman origin which have been used until recently). If
you travel to Galicia, you should know this mountain small village could be the setting of a tale and it
is a tourist attraction for many travellers during the Camino de Santiago.
7) Cadaqus (Girona): This is a natural location of Cabo de Creus; a really beautiful small village
which is surrounded by wild small bays and islets, and it has been selected as holiday inspiration
location for artists like Picasso or Mir. Its old quarter is full of a street labyrinth where its
uniqueness can still be found and the old road surface known as el rastell, or the buildings of
modern style sea front, has made this locality one of the most beautiful of Costa Brava.
8) Deia (Mallorca): Located in Tramuntana Mountain Range, this village is possibly the most
beautiful one in Mallorca and the resident location of artists, musicians and writers who throughout
history have chosen its landscape beauty and extraordinary peace. This is a postcard village which is
characterised by its terracotta tiles and the bohemian lifestyle of locals. You should visit its wonderful
bay where you can enjoy the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea or discover the great amount of
paths found in its surroundings which are marked for tourists.
9) Castrillo de los Polvazares (Len): 5 kilometres away from the city of Astorga, Castrillo de los
Polvazares attracts tourists throughout the year due to its charm found in its stoned streets, its
Castilian buildings which are the most beautiful and best preserved examples of popular architecture
from Leon, its big ramshackle houses made of stonework that share importance with the simple
houses made of red clay, and mule driver tradition of locals (they used to trade with sea products
coming from Galicia and Castilian products). Thanks to tourism boom, you will find quality

restaurants to taste the most famous local dish: Cocido Maragato (Maragato stew).
10) Tejeda (Gran Canaria): 44 kilometres away from Palmas de Gran Canaria, this charming village
located in the spectacular Caldera de Tejeda is a volcanic formation with impressive cliffs and
inspiring landscape. This is the second smallest village of the island; however there are many tourist
attractions: The eco-museum of the archaeological park of Bentayga, the Cross of Tejeda and the
National Tourist Hotel, Roque Nublo (well-known rock formations as this is one of the archaeological
tourist symbols), an ethnographic museum, medicinal plants centre, or the local craftworks and

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4 - Top 10 Beaches in Spain Internet without roaming for tourists in

best Spanish beaches
Spanish beaches captivate tourists worldwide; they are the main reason to make Spain a tourist power
and you can find many and very different ones; any traveller would turn crazy among hundreds of
beaches and bays across 7.800 kilometres of Spanish coastline. Small and remote bays with crystal
waters, volcanic beaches, elegant urban sandy areas in the middle of natural parks with enormous sand
dunes Today, we select some of the best beaches of Spain, ten beaches which will captivate you due
to beauty and location. From Cantabrian Coast to Costa Brava, some of the most famous ones in the
Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands, without forgetting Andalusia. We offer you our Top 10
Beaches in Spain and we tell you how to stay connected to the internet 24 hours without roaming fees
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Today we collect our 10 favourite beaches, a small selection of some of the most impressive beaches
of the Spanish territory due to location, landscape uniqueness, beauty and fame or due to virgin sandy
and protected areas which are worth make public in order to preserve them.

Regardless the place you have planned for your next beach holidays in Spain, you will find many of
them which will captivate you. 1.900 kilometres of beaches in the entire country provides wide range
of opportunities. Apart from the vast amount, our beaches are renowned for the quality and services
provided, although this selection might not provide you the best sandy areas with services focused on
the tourist or swimmer. This year Spain adds a new record becoming the country with most blue flags
in its beaches, with a total of 681 beaches. The following ones are the best ones, at least, our favourite
ones. Top 10 Beaches in Spain:
1) Playa de las Catedrales (Ribadeo Lugo): This beach is considered one of the best beaches of
Spain and the sixth best beach in the world according to Travellers Choice Beaches Awards 2013. Las
Catedrales is a perfect setting due to rocky formations of over 30 meter high which have been sculpted
by the sea and the wind throughout thousands of years. We recommend you visit it while falling tide
so you can have a walk across its cracks, subsidence and galleries. Be careful if you wish to visit the

cliffs protecting the beach, especially with wind as this is a frequent weather condition in this Galician
coastal area.
2) Playa de Ses Illetes (Formentera Islas Baleares): If the sixth best beach considered by
TripAdvidor 2013 has just been mentioned, this year Playa de Ses Illetes, in Formentera, has been
considered by the same portal as the second best beach in Europe. It is located in the northern part of
the island, and it is famous due to crystal waters, fine sand with a mild pink colour produced by red
coral erosion which can be found underwater. It can be found within the Natural Park of Ses Salines, a
privilege environment for diving lovers.
3) Playa de la Concha (San Sebastin): This is the most famous urban beach of Spain, always
preserved by the beautiful Promenade of San Sebastian and the rest of city behind it. You will find
adventurous swimmers even in winter when temperatures of Cantabrian Sea do not exceed 10 degrees.
It includes one and a half kilometres of white, elegant and urban sand area which is considered the
second best urban beach worldwide by the travel magazine Travel and Leisure.
4) Praia de Rodas (Islas Ces Pontevedra): In 2007, the newspaper The Guardian has chosen this
beach as the best beach in the world. Located in the Ces Islands (Galicia), perhaps is one of the most
paradisiacal beaches of our selection and can be compared as one of the best beaches of the Caribbean.
Turquoise waters and white sand, surrounded by pine forest and in crescent shape with a small lake. It
is ideal for people looking for a calm beach day in a sustainable and preserved environment: The
Natural Park of Atlantic Islands.
5) Playa del Lago Verde or Charco de los Clicos (Lanzarote Canary Islands): This beach is
perhaps the most striking and unique of our Top 10 Beaches in Spain. A wonderful beach located next
to a spectacular volcano where you can find semiprecious stones in the sand. The most peculiar aspect
is its famous green lake due to sulphur waters, black sand and the contrast of these colours along with
the blue colour of the Atlantic Sea.
6) Playa de Monsul (Cabo de Gata Almeria):6 This is the most famous one in the Natural Park of
Cabo de Gata, next to other beaches which are also worth mentioning: Playa de los Genoveses, Cala
Raj, Playa de las Negras or Playa de los Muertos. Any of these beaches are impressive due to its
wilderness where its access can be found by a desert landscape unique in this area. In this sandy area
many famous films like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Lawrence of Arabia were filmed.
One recommendation: You will not find many shadows but usually quite high temperatures. Do not
forget the umbrella, a drink and anything you need to spend a pleasant day.
7) Playa de Bolonia (Costa de la Luz Cadiz): Paradise for Windsurf lovers, this wild beach is
perhaps the most beautiful coast of Tarifa. You can practice nudism, have a drink and taste the wellknown pescaitos (traditional fish) of Andalusia in some of the relaxing chiringuitos (traditional
bars) next to the beach or have a walk across over three kilometres of golden sand.
8) Cala Aiguablava (Begur Girona): We arrive to Costa Brava and its beautiful rocky bays in
Begur, where apart from our favourite one, you will find other beaches equally recommended:
Aiguafreda, Sa Riera, Sa Tuna or Illa Roja. Cliffs and cliff forest provide us this bay with crystal
waters where there are many entertainment boats to enjoy a sunny day.
9) Playa de Langre (Cantabria): Due to its unique topography is considered by many people the

most wonderful beach of this region. You can have access to it through steep stairs. Bear in mind that
this sandy area is surrounded by vertical cliffs including quite meadows to eat while enjoying the
landscape over the Cantabrian Sea. Be careful at bath time because this beach, as well as the
neighbour Playa de Somo, is famous by its streams and in fact the first surfing reserve in Spain.
10) Playa Sa Calobra (Mallorca Balearic Islands): The last beach of our selection but not less
amazing, Playa de Sa Calobra, possibly the most beautiful beach in Mallorca. It is located under the
hill Puig Major which is the highest of the Balearic Islands, and is notable for its cliffs and natural
tunnels. As a curious aspect, each summer a choral concert is performed due to its excellent acoustic
which is guaranteed by the rocky formations of its environment.

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5 - Top 10 Museums in Spain Rent Wifi and Cultural Tourism

Relevant museums and tourism have in Spain a close relationship and mutual dependence mainly in
urban destinations. The most famous museums in Spain are experiencing a glorious period of time due
to tourism and tourism is the current engine for the expansion of cultural offer in our country and for
proliferation of new centres. Just like monuments, buildings and historic cities spread across the entire
Spanish territory, main museums in Spain being classical or modern, call the attention of international
tourists who are attracted by some of the best collections in the world, but also by the uniqueness of
buildings hosting collections as well as by the wide possibilities provided by these centres to the
travellers at a cultural level and as an experience. Today, we offer you our Top 10 Museums in Spain,
a selection of most visited and relevant museums of our country. Moreover, we tell you how to stay
connected to the internet in main museums of Spain with the help of AlldayInternetSpain, which is an
innovative portable Wifi rental service for tourists and it enables you to share and get the most out of
your cultural trip.
If you regularly read our blog, you might know that we remind those who provide multiple options for
the tourist to discover in Spain, a country which is increasingly moving away from the stereotype of a
sun and beach destination which has been promoted for many years. At present, the main tourist
institutions estimate that over 60% of foreign tourists visiting Spain have some cultural motivation,
mainly those who choose an urban destination.

Spanish museums receive 60 million visitors each year, being the 20% citizens from other countries
who do not want to miss the impressive artistic collections, but also the possibilities offered to the
traveller at an experience level: Luxury restaurants, cutting edge architecture buildings, cultural
programs and new ways of promotion which are designed to enjoy art in a fun and pleasant way

Today, we select some of the best museums in our country, have a walk across classical museums like
El Prado, modern centres which internationally attracts the visitor due to programming and cutting
edge design, such as Guggenheim in Bilbao, or due to the importance of its protagonists who are of
artistic reference and Marca Espaa (Spanish trademark) such as the Museum Picasso in Malaga.
Pay attention and include some of the following centres in your cultural trip! Top 10 Museums in

1) El Prado Museum (Madrid): As it could not have been otherwise, our Top 10 Museum in Spain
starts in the National Museum of El Prado, one of the most relevant art galleries worldwide, with over
8.600 works of art, mainly highlighting the painting collection of the Spanish School led by works of
Velzquez and Goya.
2) Reina Sofia Art Centre (Madrid): Gathers some of the most important Spanish painters like
Picasso, Dali or Miro. Have a look to our post Reina Sofia Museum, not to be missed during your trip
to Madrid where we explain some projects, collections and exhibitions of this art temple.
3) Art Museum Thyssen Bornemisza (Madrid): Along with the two aforementioned centres, the
famous Art Triangle of Madrid is created. This centre is a tourist attraction which experiences
millions of tourists worldwide each year. It gathers collections of private art collection by the family
Thyssen Bornemisza from more than seven decades, with paintings from Renaissance, Baroque or
Rococo to Pop Art or 20th Century experimental Avant-garde.
4) Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao): Designed by the famous Frank O. Gehry, is mainly highlighted
due to its architecture, an immense ship made of titanium without a single straight line and has been
the engine for regenerating an industrial city which is currently ranked as one of the most modern and
cosmopolitan cities in Spain. Each year, thousands of tourists travel to Bilbao attracted by the
Guggenheim Museum which includes works from Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation collection,
ranging from the 20th Century until the present day, as well as an special section for Basque and
Spanish contemporary artists and interesting exhibitions.
5) Picasso Museum (Malaga): An overview of his life and works in Malaga, the birthplace of Pablo
Picasso. His Cubism plans, techniques and styles, or the latest paintings he made in the 70s are
exhibited in this museum. It reflects eight decades of art and curiosities of the life of one of the most
famous painters in history.
6) MUSAC Contemporary Art Museum Castilla y Leon (Leon): Located in one of the most visited
buildings and has been awarded with the Prize Premio Mies Van der Rohe of Contemporary
Architecture in 2007. MUSAC has been created to host the main artistic creations from today, the 21st
Century, and shall work very hard to become a world model of contemporary art.
7) Fundacio Joan Miro (Barcelona): The tourist will find the most complete collection of paintings,
sculptures, prints, textiles, ceramics and drawings by a Spanish artist who is considered one of the
most relevant in the field of Surrealism. Over 14.000 works of art by Joan Miro and a small collection
of contemporary art with donations and loans to the foundation complete this centre.
8) Roman Art Museum (Merida): It is striking the uniqueness of the building housing the museum,
designed by the architect Rafael Moneo, as well as his research and promotion work on the
archaeological discoveries from the ancient roman city Augusta Emerita.
9) Science Museum Principe Felipe (Valencia): Located in the famous City of Arts and Sciences in
Valencia, promotes life, science and technology in a educational and pleasant way, therefore this
museum is very useful for children. Worlds model of interactive science, the museum is located in a
building designed by the peculiar Santiago Calatrava.

10) MEH Human Evolution Museum (Atapuerca Burgos): Our Top 10 Museums in Spain is
finished with one of our favourite museums, which has already been mentioned in this blog. You
should not miss the post called Atapuerca: A trip to Prehistory. This is the peregrination place for
scientists and researches around the world, MEH shows the discoveries of Atapuerca Project where it
is considered to have found the first human in Europe. Human origins and human evolution are the
theme of a cultural experience which is completed with visits to archaeological sites or prehistoric
village where life is recreated.

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6 - Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Spain

Are you traveling to Spain and you are looking for some of the best hotels to enjoy a luxury holidays?
Today, we provide you a selection of hotels for special occasions, ten luxury accommodations in
Spain which due to history, design or location are considered to be the best and most appealing hotels
to enjoy a wonderful stay. Without a doubt, our Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Spain will be very limited
taking into account the large hotel offer provided in Spain for exclusive holidays. Moreover, we tell
you how to stay connected to the internet during your trip, either inside or outside the hotel thanks to
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Are you searching for an exclusive accommodation to spend fantastic holidays in Spain? Our country
can be proud of the accommodation offer available for all tastes and pockets, hotels for any kind of
traveller and luxury hotels reserved for only a few ones or perhaps for a special occasion. If you are
looking of a select hotel for your next trip,
AlldayInternetSpain has carried out a selection of 10 luxury hotels in Spain which can be highlighted
due to their history, services, design or privileged location. Ten hotels that you will love due to their
prestige, quality and select environment: Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Spain.

1) Hotel Ritz in Madrid: Considered to be among the best ten luxury hotels in the world, the Hotel
Ritz, located in a the neighbourhood of Retiro, is perfect to experience the capital city of Spain,
staying in a Baroque Palace built in 1910. A few meters away you can find the most famous museums
of Madrid, the Retiro Park, the financial area and the best shopping area of the city. This historic hotel
includes a wellness and spa centre, the well-known Goya restaurant and Velzquez bar, which are
ideal to comfortably taste a cocktail after a tourist day.
2) Hotel W Barcelona: Would you like to enjoy unbeatable views and an unforgettable stay in
Barcelona? In that case, W Barcelona is the hotel you are looking for. It is designed by the famous
architect Ricardo Bofill, located in the Barceloneta area, and can be considered as one of the
characteristic buildings of the city. Its sail shaped is a tourist attraction in the south part of Port of
Barcelona, however not all travellers are lucky to enjoy its facilities. The hotel includes the restaurant
Bravo 24, which can be proud of holding a Michelin star; the exclusive Eclipse Bar located in the roof;
a spa area and a wonderful beach club with direct access to the beach.

3) Hotel Mara Cristina in San Sebastian: Opened in 1912 and recently renovated, this hotel is the
most exclusive alternative during your stay in San Sebastian. Of Belle poque style, this is ideal if
you look to stay surrounded by luxury in a city that encourages elegancy and good taste. It is famous
for being the chosen accommodation for movie stars who each year attend the Cinema Festival of San
Sebastian. You will also enjoy from the renowned gastronomy with its many restaurants and cuisine
4) Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville: Luxury travellers worldwide have gathered throughout history in
this beautiful hotel of mudejar style and located next to the Royal Alcazar. The hotel includes an
Andalusian patio where you can plan your tourist visits across Seville, the famous restaurant San
Fernando and a bar to taste the best cocktails of the city.
5) Hotel Marqus de Riscal in La Rioja: You can complete your enotourist experience in La Rioja
by staying in one of the most famous hotels of Spain. It was built by Frank O. Gehry, representing
modernity and design associated to the world of wines in the recent times. It is the jewel of Marqus
de Riscal winery and it provides spa to enjoy a wonderful wine-therapy session, several restaurants to
taste the prestigious local wines and the best gastronomy possible.
6) Hotel El Ladrn del Agua in Granada: It is perhaps not the hotel with most number of starts in
Granada, however this hotel is our favourite one for an exclusive, authentic and charming stay in the
city of Alhambra. Located in the street Carrera del Darro and with views to Alhambra and Generalife,
this hotel full of art and poetry, includes a patio of renaissance style which will be the perfect place to
relax and plan your visits across the city.
7) Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza: Located in an impressive cliff in the north of Ibiza, a unique
hotel to really discover the true essence of the island, the nature and remote places to enjoy a holidays
full of harmony. If you chose this hotel, you should not miss the wonderful dusks from the terrace La
8) Kempinski Hotel Baha in Marbella: Near Marbella and Puerto Bans, you can find a
sophistication oasis next to the Mediterranean Sea which provides facilities for all types of visitors.
This hotel is perfect if you travel to Spain to play golf because it includes over 50 golf courses within
its facilities.
9) Asia Gardens in Alicante: Tropical gardens, Asiatic pools, Thai Spa, restaurants with the best
international gastronomyThis hotel is considered one of the best hotels with luxury spa in Europe;
Asia Gardens is the perfect option for a luxury stay in Benidorm.
10) Grand Hotel Residencia in Gran Canaria: This is the first hotel of the Canary Islands with the
rank of Great Luxury and certainly the services available in the hotel are built in shape of colonial
villas. Palms, design, nature, exclusive restaurants to taste canary gastronomy, and spa areas. You can
visit the famous sand dunes of Maspalomas which is a great choice to experience an unforgettable trip
to the Canary Islands.

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What do you think about our hotel selection to spend a luxury trip in Spain? Feel free to tell us the one
you like the most if you have had the luck of staying in any of these hotels and you would like to
incorporate in our Top 10 luxury Hotels in Spain.
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7 - Top 10 Restaurants in Spain. Rent Wifi during your trip and

share your gastronomic experience.
Gastronomy is a highlighted value for Spanish trademark and foreign tourists visiting our country
wish to have the opportunity to enjoy it; an attraction that only in 2013 attracted 7,4 international
travellers, 32% more than the past year, according to data offered by Turespaa. After Italian cuisine,
the Spanish gastronomy is consolidating as the favourite one for European tourists, and Spanish chefs
are renowned worldwide as the kings of world cuisine. Today, we offer you our Top 10 Restaurants in
Spain, a selection of the most famous and best quality restaurants which are awarded by the
prestigious Michelin Guide in 2014 and led by the cutting-edge chefs. Pay attention to our selection
and bear in mind our tips to enjoy the best taste of Spain, along with an innovative way to stay
connected to the internet during your trip with AlldayInternetSpain, so you can share your
gastronomic experience on the internet.
National gastronomy is the new product of tourist interest for foreign travellers visiting Spain, a value
based on quality and worldwide famous Mediterranean diet, which is declared Intangible Heritage of
UNESCO since 2010, and each year attracts 10% of over 50 million tourists who every year choose
Spain as holiday destination. The relevant Spanish chefs, precursors of modern and creative cuisine,
benefit from worldwide prestige and their restaurants in Spain are ranked as the best ones in the

Spain is currently one of the countries with most Michelin-starred restaurants, along with France,
Japan, Italy and Germany, and is the only country in the world with a university dedicated to
gastronomy and established in the worlds gastronomy capital. The Basque Culinary Centre; we
recommend you visit it if you travel to San Sebastian, as is becoming the symbol of current Spanish
gastronomy. Best chefs are trained at this school as well as people working to maintain Spain in the
highest ranking of gastronomy worldwide.

You might have heard of Arzak, Roca brothers or Martn Berasategui and possibly their restaurants
are included in your list for your gastronomy trip across Spain. Many of them will be familiar, but
others will surprise you. Top 10 Restaurants in Spain:

1) DiverXO, in Madrid (Chef David Muoz 3 Michelin Starts): This is the surprise of Spanish
cuisine, a restaurant where creativity is served as revolutionary dishes. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of
facebook, could not resist the temptation of visiting the restaurant of the young chef David Muoz,
during his stay in Spain. In DiverXO you will find original fusion cuisine which mixes Mediterranean
cuisine with exotic gastronomy from countries like China and Japan, and is the last incorporation to
the most relevant restaurants with maximum distinction in Spain: Three Michelin starts.
2) Celler de Can Roca, in Girona (Chefs Roca Brothers 3 Michelin Starts): During the year 2013
it was the best restaurant in the world, and some weeks ago the famous Noma snatched the crown and
became the second one in the ranking. You will find two menus of 135 and 165 euros and they are
created by the combination of dishes to also be eaten with the eyes. The aesthetic capacity is
highlighted in Roca Brothers. Take into account the fact that the booking system is 11 months ahead.
3) Arzak, in San Sebastian (Chef Juan Mari Arzak and his daughter Elena Arzak 3 Michelin
Stars): In the 70s, Juan Mari Arzak started to lead the cutting-edge Basque cuisine, considered the
best one in Spain due to raw materials, elaboration and tradition. In Arzaks restaurant you will taste
exquisite fish from Cantabria, elaborated in a simple and authentic way, along with new dishes arising
from the respect of tradition. Its laboratory of textures and fragrances, tastes and gastronomic
sensations turn this restaurant into one of the Spanish gastronomy temples.
4) Akelarre, in San Sebastian (Chef Pedro Subijana 3 Michelin Starts): Aranori, Bekarki or
Los Clsicos de Akelarre are gourmet menus which will lead you to the master chef from San
Sebastian, the technique given to local products, the best meat and fish found with fun foams, stones,
infusions or emulsions.
5) Restaurant Martn Berasategui, in Lasarte Guipuzcoa (Chef Martin Berasategui 3
Michelin Stars): Concerned about exquisite and healthy cuisine at the same time, is considered the
reformist of Basque cuisine. Shellfish, fish, meat or mushrooms are adored products by Berasategui
who considers that his way of cooking would have no sense without using and feeling local products.
Oyster with watercress chlorophyll, iodized cucumber with bacon or roasted bass with coffee and
cinnamon Apart from his restaurant-starred, he owns several others in Spain, such as Restaurant
Lasarte in Barcelona or Restaurant M.B. in Tenerife.
6) Restaurant Sant Pau, in Barcelona (Chef Carme Ruscalleda 3 Michelin Stars): It seems that
top worlds cuisine is ruled by men. However, she is one of the most important Spanish chefs. (Elena
Arzak has already been mentioned). Her cuisine is inspired in Catalonian landscapes and traditional
cuisine, products from her close fishing ports, her vegetable garden and mountains, now combined
with the traditions of Japanese cuisine where she owns another restaurant.
7) Azurmendi, in Larrabetxu Vizcaya (Chef Eneko Atxa 3 Michelin Stars): His passion for
homemade cuisine has influenced his career which is recognised worldwide in spite of his youth. His
cuisine if defined by himself as evolutionary root emerged from the training with his master chefs
Berasategui or Andoni Luis Aduriz. Innovation and tradition, new techniques and veneration for local
8) Restaurant Quique Dacosta, in Denia Alicante (Chef Quique Dacosta 3 Michelin Stars):
Quique Dacosta Mediterranean cuisine, this is the way he expresses his cuisine when his way of
working is asked. Avant-garde, innovation, direct, precise cuisine of short bitethese aspects are

included in his dishes. One recommendation: Try his rice, considered the best one of Spanish haute
9) Mugaritz, Errentera Guipzcoa (Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz 2 Michelin Stars): Culinary
journeys, sensory harmonies, emotions This is what Aduriz aims to show in his restaurant. He is
sensitive and intellectual, believes in cuisine as the way of making clients become delighted. Do you
think he could achieve this with his frozen vegetable Soup, Potatoes made in grey clay or fleshy
Tomato with black olives dust?
10) Restaurant ABaC, in Barcelona (Chef Jordi Cruz 2 Michelin Stars): Smoked Steak Tartar,
Snow of seasoned beef, Crispy of artichokes or Root Puree Located in the Hotel ABaC, the
restaurant is run by the youngest chef with a Michelin star. He defines it as restless and evolutionary
cuisine, beyond trends and fashion and always including his beloved Catalan cuisine.

If you travel to Spain due to our gastronomy, you should also include a visit to the new Spanish
Gastronomic Capital 2014: The city of Vitoria, an interesting travel plan to taste the best local
products and enjoy the pleasures of good food, which during the whole year will be materialized in
many events, gastronomic events and activities to value gastronomy for the tourist.
Although it has not been included in our Top 10 Restaurants in Spain, it would not be fair to finish
this post without mentioning El Bulli, a restaurant which became a foundation for research
gastronomy and led by the renowned Ferrn Adri. His current project: The Bullipedia, creative report
with knowledge about new cuisine developed by people who consider him the best chef in the world.
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8 - Top 10 Wineries in Spain Share your Enotourism experience on

the Internet without roaming fees
In recent years, visits to wineries integrated in Vine Routes of Spain have increased 40%, including
many visits produced in wineries open to enotourism that have not decided to be part of the official
established routes. Certainly the enouturism boom is a reality in our country and this circumstance has
provided great amount of recommended experiences for the traveller in any of the winery regions in
Spain, an offer fostering a relevant role in decentralization of tourism. Today, we provide you some of
the most recommended wineries due to history, renovation, being an enotourism symbol not only in
Spain but at global level and due to the offer like wine, facilities and services for the tourist. Do not
miss our Top 10 Wineries in Spain and our suggestions to share your enotourism trip on the internet
thanks to our portable Wifi for tourists.
This year, Spain has achieved historic results in wine production, ranked as the biggest producer in the
world, leading Italy and France, its historic competitors. Moreover, our country can be proud of
providing a varied and high quality oenological offer which captivates travellers worldwide. Sensory
tasting, oenological museums, cutting-edge buildings symbolising the boom of the sector, including
packages with interesting combinations with enotourism and ecological tourism or rural and active
tourism The possibilities are endless in any wine region in Spain and whether you visit La Rioja or
Jerez or Ribera del Duero you will enjoy a unforgettable trip full of sensory experiences.

You should bear this aspect in mind because numbers foresee a successful future to enotourism in
Spain: Over 950.000 wine hectares across all the territory, 2.600 million euros of annual exportation
by the sector, 69 designations of origin, 7.000 wineries and many people assure there are over 17.000
of Spanish wine references.

Are you travelling to Spain and you would like to enjoy from an enotourism experience in any of the
best wineries of our country? Today, we offer you our Top 10 Wineries in Spain:
1) Marque de Riscal La Ciudad del Vino (La Rioja): It is the enotourism star in our country; a
visit which will fascinate you upon discovering its main building, designed by Frank O.Gehry, this

architect is famous by the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, and a symbol of sophistication which
actually is associated to wine. Enjoy its guide visit to wineries, fantastic restaurants, one of them with
one Michelin Star, or the luxury hotel with services like spa including vinotherapy treatments.
2) Dinasta Vivanco Museo de la Cultura del Vino (La Rioja): This innovative winery, motivated
by the Family Vivanco, gathers the Museum of Wine Culture within a beautiful museum designed in
the rioja region of Briones. Traveling exhibitions and permanent exhibitions paying attribute to wine,
its history and culture, as well as an impressive garden with over 200 varieties of vine referred to
Jardin de Baco or an interesting documentation centre with over 5.000 publications are some of the
main attractions of this winery.
3) Bodegas Lopez de Heredia Via Tondonia (La Rioja): We continue in La Rioja, principal vine
region in Spain, to visit a Vie Tondonia, a winery which has been adapted to the new times, achieving
125 anniversary, in one of the best valued wineries in Spain. The main building of modern style has
been decided by the Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid and hosts a spectacular shop where you will buy and
taste the wines elaborated here, as well as tasting room.
4) Bodegas Ysios Bodegas Domecq (Rioja Alavesa): Located the unique locality of Laguardia,
historically linked to wine and made of a vineyard sea, dominates due to its main building, a sea of
aluminium waves and wood by the architect Santiago Calatrava. Another modern winery where you
will have guide visits available to discover elaboration processes of wines and wonderful tastings with
visits to vineyards.
5) Bodegas Protos (Ribera del Duero Valladolid): In Ribera del Duero, we start with this famous
winery and you will pay special attention to the roof made of five domes which present the traveller
the Castle of Peafiel, on a hill in the locality. Apart from its exquisite red wines, the traveller will be
surprised by guide visits and labyrinth tunnels and galleries of over 2 kilometres long used as aging
chamber for its wines.
6) Bodegas Portia (Ribera del Duero Burgos): Another winery to be highlighted can be found in
Ribera del Duero is Portia, a building which reminds of the famous pentagon, designed by Norman
Foster in steel, concrete, wood and glass. It is organized in three floors where the tourist can learn
about the whole elaboration process, fermentation and aging of wine. Shop, tasting room, auditory or
gastronomic area conclude its enotourist offer.
7) Bodegas Freixenet (Cava del Penedes Barcelona): The family company which has been located
as one of the biggest wine producers worldwide. You will find no architectural cutting-edge style, but
the history and tradition of this winery that you can discover with audio-visual exhibitions, visits to
caves preserved from the 20s or vine tasting exported to over 150 countries.
8) Real Bodega de La Concha Tio Pepe (Jerez de la Frontera Cadiz): Do you know Gustave
Eiffel? Apart from the famous Parisian tower is the designer of renowned cathedral wineries of Jerez,
the most visited ones in Europe. As you can see, in 1862 architecture mixed with vine to dominate
with one of the most exquisite and famous vines in the world called the wine of Jerez.
9) Bodegas Irius (Ruta del Vino de Somontano Huesca): It is the Wine Route of Somontano, in
Huesca, famous due to its elaborated wines in the Pyrenees. In this winery you can discover a guide
path by its elaboration room and Tunnel of Senses, where the tourist can recognize over 30 specific

aromas of wine. It might not be included as one of the most famous wine regions of Spain, however its
futurist architecture is truly surprising.
10) Bodegas Pazo Baion (Albario Pontevedra): to finish this list we travel to Galicia, especially
to Vilanova de Arousa in Pontevedra where this winery is located and famous due to its famous
winery by its white albario wines. It is a treasure century old made of art deco style hosting a
convention centre, a modern wine-bar or a room to many can attend training courses about the world
of wine.

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9 - Top 10 Golf Courses Rent portable Wifi in your trip to Spain to

play golf
In recent years Spain is positioned as the first tourist destination to play golf in Europe and the second
country worldwide receiving golf tourists, behind the United States. Over one million travellers
choose our country each year to practice their favourite sport, mainly from the United Kingdom,
France, Germany or Scandinavia who tend to principally prefer golf courses located in the Costa del
Sol, Costa Brava, Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands. However, Spain has over 400 golf courses
across the entire national territory, provides great amount of alternatives and offers for golf lovers in
varied destinations. Today, we delight you with our Top 10 Golf Courses in Spain and we tell you how
to stay connected to the internet while playing your favourite sport thanks to AlldayInternetSpain, a
portable Wifi rental service which avoids paying roaming fees.
Are you traveling to Spain to play golf? Over 300.000 people are federated players and there are more
than 400 golf courses, Spain is positioned as one of the best destinations to practice your favourite
sport. The evidence is that each year over one million tourists worldwide choose our country to spend
their holidays while playing golf and enjoying a wide offer in relation to accommodation, entertaining
activities and services provided to the golf tourist in Spain.

Golf courses located in sunny and beach locations normally stand out, such as the ones located in the
Costa del Sol, Costa Brava o the Balearic and Canary Islands, which are typical preferred destinations
by the vast majority of tourists who visit us to play golf because they can enjoy from sport sessions,
interesting offers and ideal environment to spend the holidays on the coast and benefiting from the
pleasant weather characterized by these destinations. Nevertheless, if you love to play golf and you
have chosen Spain as your next destination you should know that you will find quality golf courses in
any region, with surprising services which will allow you to experience really fulfilling holidays.

Today, we start our travel from Cantabria, a region where the great Severiano Ballesteros was born, up
to Madrid where some of the most modern golf courses in the country can be found, also including
some of the best resorts for holidays linked to this sport. Our Top 10 Golf Courses in Spain; a precise
selection of courses which are special due to design, management, location, history or services for the

1) Club de Golf de Pedrea (Pedrea Cantabria): Located in front of Santander, next to its wonderful
bay and surrounded by kilometres of beach, this golf course can be found and is renowned worldwide
for being the starting point of Severiano Ballesteross career. It includes one course with 18 holes and
another one with 9 holes, designed by the famous golf player in 1992, practice courses and ideal
environment to play golf and enjoy from a beautiful view of the Cantabrian Sea.
2) Golf La Moraleja (Alcobendas and Algete Madrid): Four golf courses with 18 holes, one par 3 of
9 holes, sport facilities to play other sports like tennis or squash, swimming pool and spa areas,
several club housesAn ideal golf resort if you travel to Madrid is spread in two areas of the Spanish
capital and is considered as the most modern and biggest one of Spain. Jack Nicklaus was in charge of
the design and it was created to host the most important competition worldwide.
3) Las Colinas Golf & Country Club (Orihuela Alicante): Located in the tourist locality of Orihuela,
this beautiful golf course includes 18 holes (par 71) carefully designed between hills and preservation
of the environment; this work was performed by the famous North American architect landscapist
Cabell B. Robinson. It is ranked among the 100 best golf courses of Europe and includes a pleasant
Club House, practice courses, putting Green and approach areas as well as golf academy.
4) Marbella Club Golf Resort (Marbella): Designed by Dave Thomas, this golf course has 18 holes
and its facilities are part of the luxury hotel Marbella Club Hotel. It also includes a famous equestrian
centre (both located 20 minutes away from the hotel, in Banahavs, an environment full of natural
richness). Enjoy from its cosy Club House, located next to hole 1, and the exclusive hotel services
available while playing.
5) Real Club de Golf Sotogrande (Cadiz): This is the first golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones
in Europe, one par 72 of 6.304 meters, full of long tees, wide streets, over one hundred bunkers and
green elevated providing extra difficulty to each hole. Located in Sotogrande Residential Area, a
location traditionally linked to golf in Spain, is private but you can practice your favourite sport
during the week because there are several exists for visitors.
6) Lumine Golf Club (La Pineda Tarragona): This tourist resort is the paradise for any golf lover and
only one hour away from Barcelona. It includes three golf courses (Campo Lake, Campo Hills and
Campo Ruins), with a total of 45 holes which are proud to be the newest ones in Spain. Two club
houses, an unbeatable environment of Costa Dorada and its beaches, and the appealing restaurant and
beach club are the facilities designed to experience the perfect golf holidays in Spain.
7) Golf San Gual (Palma de Mallorca): Private golf course open to visitors and tourists, with a total of
18 holes, golf academy, Club House, Golf Shop and restaurant, found in the motorway between Palma
and Manacor and you will be impressed by the enormous lakes and vegetation which is led by over
one thousand olive trees.
8) Club de Golf Valderrama (Sotogrande Cadiz): We come back to Sotogrande, in Cadiz, because
Valderrama is considered as the best golf club in Europe, one of the best ones in the word and was
created by the American designer Robert Trent Jones. It is famous for hosting the best golf
competitions worldwide, such as Ryder Cup in 1997, several Volvo Masters or the world
championship American Express, this course includes 18 holes (par 71) of wide streets and relevant

9) Indian Desert Springs (Almanzora Almeria): It is part of a luxury residential resort designed to
enjoy relaxing golf and sunny holidays in Spain. The Indiana golf course, in Resort Desert Springs, is
famous for being the only desert course of Europe which will enable you to live a different
10) La Sella Golf (Denia Alicante): Surrounded by a privilege location, in Montgo Natural Park, this
course includes 27 holes and is designed by the famous Spanish golf player Jos Mara Olazabal, it
can be proud of its sustainable management and respect for the environment by using recycled sewage
for irrigation and products which are 100% ecological for the field maintenance; so has been awarded
with many prizes.

Stay connected to the internet 24/7 while playing golf in Spain

Now that you are aware of our recommendations for your golf trip to Spain, we would like to tell you
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in Spain!

10 - Top 10 Music Festivals in Spain

Are you travelling to Spain and you would like to attend some of the many music festivals held every
year in our country? The spring season has arrived and a great amount of music events of all types are
getting prepared: Macrofestivals, smaller festivals but with the same quality, events for jazz or reggae
lovers Today we offer you our Top 10 Music Festivals in Spain, a selection of some of the most
important music events which we think you should not miss if you travel to Spain at the time these
events are being held or attracted by the pleasant weather, fun and quality of programmed music
Music, pleasant weather, festive atmosphere and fun have become other aspects for the tourist offer
provided in Spain; this is a phenomenon that attracts thousands of travellers each year to our country
mainly due to the quality of musicians, programme and schedule of some music festivals as we
describe in this post.

Are you travelling to Spain and you would like to attend some of the most famous music festivals in
our country? We are enjoying the spring season and several festival organizations start to announce
the news and proposals for this edition, quality posters, national and international artists, venues with
all types of services and attractions for the attendant

We hope many other festivals can excuse us for not being included in our selection, our Top 10 music
festivals in Spain - 2014 is the following:
1) Via Rock (Albacete): This music event for rock lovers opens the high season of festivals in Spain
and our selection of favourite ones. This event is the most national one of our Top 10 Music Festivals
in Spain. Many relevant national rock bands like S.A., Sober, Boikot, Banda Bassotti, Hamlet or
Kaotiko will enable you to have a global idea of our loved Spanish rock music.
2) Primavera Sound 2014 (Barcelona): Parc del Forum venue in Barcelona. It is considered the most
renowned national urban festival; this edition will include eight stages which will be used by bands
like Arcade Fire, Pixies, Neutral Milk, Queens of the Stone Age, St. Vincent or Mogwai. Moreover,

the famous neighbourhood of Born will gather a wide and attractive free programme as a
complementary offer to the festival. If you attend to Primavera Sound 2014, you should not miss our
travel guide: Top 10 Barcelona.
3) Sonar 2014 (Barcelona): We continue in Barcelona because this is one of the biggest festivals in
Spain and called Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art: Snar 2014. Fira Montjuc and Fira
Gran Via LHospitalet. Modernity and experimentation, news and most advanced trends in electronic
music will be present at Day Sonar (New talents) and Night Sonar (Main international artists). This
edition will also include Sonar+D, a festival about technology, innovation and creativity.
4) BBK Live (Bilbao): The Prodigy, The Lumineers, The Black Keys, Franz Ferdinand or Crystal
Fighters will be present this year at BBK Live. This festival will be held in Monte Kobetas. By the
way, it is listed once again among the best festivals in Europe as it is demonstrated in its nomination
at European Festival Awards where quality of best rock bands in Europe is recognised.
5) FIB 2014 (Benicssim): This famous festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Kasabian, Paul
Weller, Paolo Nutini, Lily Allen places to camp, campsites if you travels to Spain by caravan, relax
areas and markets, VIP areas Cinema, theatre, art and fashion programme will also be included in
the music programme.
6) Jazzaldia 2014 (San Sebastin): If you love jazz, Jazzaldia definitely is your festival. This is a
good excuse to travel to San Sebastin. Stages are located throughout the city which this year will
include the famous Basque Culinary Center, the conventions and congresses center Kursaal or the
restaurant Mugaritz. Davies, Bobby McFerrin, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, John Scofield and Dave
Holland have already confirmed their attendance.
7) Monegros Desert Festival (Huesca): A desert becomes a theme park for electronic music lovers.
Djs from all around the world will meet in Monegros Desert, in Fraga. Soon will be announced the
artists attending this event which will provide over 22 hours of ongoing music.
8) Aquasella 2014 (Asturias): At the same time as the famous International Descent of Sella river
which is well-known for canoeing lovers worldwide, the Festival Aquasella is celebrated, in the
Asturias municipality of Arriondas, one of the electronic music pioneers in the country and the
favourite one by Djs. This year, Sven Vath, scar Mulero, Miss Kittin, Paul Kalkbrenner or Pet Duo
will be present during two intense music days.
9) Arenal Sound (Castelln): Burriana will gather artists like Placebo, Azealia Banks, Love of
Lesbian, Madeon, Die Antwoord or Autoerotique. Last year gathered around 300.000 attendants and it
is prepared to exceed this figure due to news and music programmes. Music villa, campsite area,
beach club
10) Rototom SunSplash (Benicssim): Lauryn Hill will lead the music programme of one of the
most important reggae festivals in Europe. Municipal festival venue of Benicssim. The music event
will be completed with an important social forum and cultural laboratory of critical spirit, an African
town and a cooperation and solidarity area.

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