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Business Analyst Interview Question

Dear Friends.

I am sharing you my interview exp with you. These are some question, which
defiantly help you out in BA Interview.

Basically an interviewer may ask different questions but he/she will try to check out
some of the following skills only: -

 Confidence level
 Logical thinking
 Consistency in your answers.
 Leadership
 Problem solving skills.
 Temperament
 Business understanding
 Ability to prioritise activities as per situation.

1. Introduce yourself including your main job responsibility in last organization.

2. How do you do requirement gathering.
3. What steps you follow in requirement gathering
4. What is requirement elicitation process
5. What are the methods of requirement elicitation?
6. For a business analyst what are the essential skills?
7. Which documents you prepared during requirement gathering and what are
there contents.
8. What is tractability matrix?
9. What is business?
10. What is business process?
11. Give me a real example of business process from your daily life
12. How do you ensure the real requirements
13. How do you handle the change requirements
14. As a BA which function you found the most crucial /difficult to handle.
15. Which tool you used as a BA.
16. What is USE cases
17. What is Actor? (May ask do draw use case diagram of a particular system)
18. Suppose you have developed the software as per the client’s requirements, but
now the client has changed the requirements, how do you handle the situation.
19. What documents you prepared.
20. What are the contents in SRS?
21. Brief me about SDLC.
22. As a BA how many SDLC phases you involved. brief your role in each and
every phases clearly and what documents you prepared in every phase.
23. What is multi tenancy?
24. What is SaaS .
25. In which module you worked.
26. Please brief me your role in material mgmt.
27. What is your strength and weakness?
28. Why should I select you?
29. And how will you contribute in our organization
30. Please describe your role in ERP Implementation.
31. What are the phases in ERP Implementation?
32. How will you react in deadlock situation /
33. What is Gap Analysis?
34. How do you do gap analysis, can you describe through example.
35. Can you draw the DFD of online shopping model?
36. How do you interact with your technical team?
37. How do you define the costing of any work?
38. What are your hobbies?
39. What satisfied you?
40. What your future plan.
41. Why you are looking for change.
42. How many employees were in your last organization.
43. What documents you passed to the technical team.
44. Which was your most difficult assignment you worked and why it was
difficult for you .how did you handle it.
45. What is e-commerce?
46. What are the essential qualities of a e commerce website.
47. Which is the most important feature of a online shopping portal to attract
48. if you have to launch a pen ( of avg quality and no brand name ) through
MLM . What would be your strategy?
49. If you have to launch a product for online sale which is no longer available for
online shopping. What would be your strategy?
50. Which is the most exciting moment of your life.
51. Are you a team player? pls justify with an Example.
52. How you rate yourself in programming.
53. database concepts .

I hope the above information will help you . For any clarification /doubts pls write
me at sanjaymishra.id@gmail.com

Wish you all the best.

With Best regards

Sanjay Mishra
+91- 98`99260279