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Company name:

I agree on placing (3 issue) of banner advertisements:
*prices are for based on monthly rates

Plan (Gold)
1 banner ad (728 x 90) $2800
Home Page (5 star) 2 banner place (350 x 80) $1600
Home Page (3 star) 2 banner place (350 x 250) - each banner will be $1100Side bar (top 1)
1 banner place(350 x 80) $950
Side bar (top 2)
1 banner place (350 x 250) $700
Side bar (top 3)
1 banner place (352 x 125) $600
Side bar (top 4)
4 banner place (125 x 125) - each banner will be $300
4 banner place (125 x 125) $300
Dedicated Post and banner - Per month $300

o Paying by Paypal in Website;

o Payment by Credit card:
Name:______________________________Card number:____________________________
Expiration date:____________________Security Card Number:______________________

THIS ADVERTISEMENT AGREEMENT (Agreement) is made and entered into this 90 day of
________________ 2015, by and between ____________________________ and
Welcomeqatar.com Website with an office at Toronto Ontario,Canada (Welcomeqatar.com Website),
and ________________________________, with an address at _____________________________
________________________________ .This Agreement is attached to and forms a part of a Banner
Insertion Order Form between the Company and Advertiser. Advertiser agrees to pay the fee stated
in the payment section. The Insertion Order, to be paid by credit card and in advance for three month.
The Fee is nonrefundable, not be to the end contract period. Violation of any of the terms or
conditions of this Agreement may result in the immediate termination of our advertising services to
Advertiser without any reimbursement of the Fee, at our discretion. This agreement is non-exclusive,
meaning the Company may have Banner Advertisements from several parties appearing on its site at
the same time. Provide them with the relevant website traffic information. The Company does not
and cannot make any representation number, frequency or duration of any such traffic information.
The Advertiser represents and warrants that any information found on URLs hyperlinked from the
Banner Advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rights of any third parties, including,
but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misappropriation of any secret, image, or other
proprietary or confidential information of or regulation, on hyperlinked from the Banner
Advertisement will not contain any sexual content, obscene material, material that is adult in nature
and not suitable for minors, or material that promotes gambling, violence or discrimination based on
race, sex, disability, sexual orientation or age. Advertiser agrees to indemnify the Company and to
hold the Company, agents harmless from any and all liability, of reasonable that may be incurred by
Company, breach any the foregoing representations and This Agreement and the resolution of any
dispute related to this. Welcomeqatar.com Website follows International Laws.
Advertiser should have their own banner advertisement, otherwise it will cost $150 to make each
banner advertisement for the Advertiser.

Agreements do not cover any such additional work. This Agreement may only be modified, or rights
under it waived by a written document executed by both parties of the Agreement. IN WITNESS
WHEREOF, the parties have caused the Agreement to be executed by their duly authorized
representatives, on the date and year written below.

ADVERTISER: _______________________________________ (Printed Company name)

By_______________________________________ Position: ____________________________
Signature: ________________________________ Date:________________________________

Welcomeqatar.com Company: WQ

(Printed Company name)

By: Benjamin Armani

Position: Toronto Ontario,Canada