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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

Tonight we celebrate the United Nations, but perhaps only a few know why
we do so, why countries do so. Tonight, we are actually commemorating the
founding of the United Nations. We are celebrating the coming into effect of the
United Nations Charter . With the ratification of the United Nations Charter, the
United Nations officially came into being. The United Nations Charter which was
ratified on October 24, 1945, when the members of the UN Security Council, China,
France, United Kingdom, Union Soviet Republic and United States and majority of
its members signed the UN Charter.
The United Nations which had a forerunner, the League of Nations that came
into being during the First World War, was organized after World War II. It was
organized inorder to avoid another world war. It was organized to promote
cooperation and amity, between and among member states. The cooperation and
amity among nations are hoped to help avoid another conflict, another world war.
World War II came because of economic wars. First World countries had to
find more markets to which they would sell their surplus products. Without any
nation that would consume their surplkus products, the First World countrys
economy would collapse. So they had to find more markets --- perhaps the Third
World countriesone of them the Philippines and other countries in Asia which
comprise a third of the worlds population. The search for the new markets resulted
into conflict. The US and the United Kingdom wanted to control the markets in Asia.
But there was Japan who would not allow that. So the First World countries aimed
their guns against each other. And the Philippines was caught in that war, a war
which was not ours to fight. A war which gave the United States unlimited access to
the Philippine resources.
Those who actually won the Second World War, actually won the fight for the
market in Asia and the World. Now, my question is, who among the UN membercountries control the world market? You bet it, the United States. And now at
present, while we celebrate the United Nations Day, my question would be, has the
creation of the United Nations prevented more wars? Has it promoted amity among
Ladies and gentlemen, you may look at what happened in Iraq. You may look
at what happened in Syria. Ladies and gentlemen, please take a look at the UN
Security Council.
At another angle, you may look at APEC. You may look at the World Trade
Organization. And please, please, please..take a look at the poverty situation in
the Philippines, and its failed economic programs.. Now this is the United

Schools in the Philippines, please look at the United Nations this way. And
well see if we can celebrate the United Nations the way we celebrate it right now!
Again, good evening.