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Gaurav Shukla

Phone: +91-837-584-7862 Email:

Website: gauravshukla.xyz

College Addresss:

Permanent Address:

Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology

559 ka/ 48 kha,

A-10, Sector 62

Bahadur Khera


Alambagh, Lucknow
Postal Code: 226005


Japyee Institute Of Information Technology

, Sector 62, Noida
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
Anticipated Graduation: 2017
Current CGPA: 7.7 (scale of 10)
Intermediate and High school
Lucknow Public School, Sector D, LDA Colony
Grades: 88.8 % and 95 % respectively


Knowledge Of NOSQL as well as Relational Databases
Comfortable working with NODEJS and Python
Expertise with
Based OSes
3+ years of experience working with
PHP ,javascript and CSS3
Excellent programming skills
in c and c++
Working Knowledge of JAVA
Impeccable spoken as well as written english
and hindi. I was
president of literary
in my school and have
won many debates and essay writing competition
english can be judged from my Facebook posts/comments and my blog
Problem Solving
All my
projects are based on some or the other problem that me or my friends
in college. For eg. my project
Teachers Kiosk
aimed at making the
attendance marking easier for teachers
, they have to
mark it on paper and then
again upload it on web portal
which is a waste of time, and their time can be

better utilised by making this process streamlined and

handing over the task of
uploading attendance to a bot (script).
Another example of my problem solving is
Cyberroam Brute and Jorrent
details look in projects section)
Team Work:
can fit in any team and can work with any person
. I believe in emergent roles
rather than allotted ones and hence adjust very well and find my spot in the
team.An example of this is my
role at Google developers Group
in my college, Ive
worked both with my seniors as well as juniors
and at
varying positions
I was into
technical team as well as managment and marketing team
and I didnt have any
problem finding my spot. I took lectures in workshops when needed and also went
looking for sponsors for our events. So
working in team
is one of my
believe in emergent leadership
rather than the elected or appointed one. In a
team I always sit back and let everyone do their job but
when needed I step up
and am
ready to take control and lead
. I measure everyone up and am
good at
finding out strengths
of an individual.
I was the
last addition as an intern to the team of 3 @ Shopclues.com,
I tried not
to lead or force myself on them but rather
patiently analysed every other
members skill set
, I believe if someone can do a job better than me then theres
no point hampering his/her success because the
team comes first
. And even after
being the last addition to the team
as of now I supervise the whole team and take
major decisions
. Also if someone else comes up whos better than me then I am
ready to step back
and let him take the Baton.

Distributed Systems and Networking

Websocket Programming
Developing Scalable Real time Web based applications
Leveraging Processing powers of low end devices by forming a network


Intern , Shopclues.com (Clues network Pvt. Ltd.)

September 2015 to present
Working on a money pooling solution.
Responsible for creating a website and an android app.
Team of four where my job is to write all the back end code for both
android and website
I also supervise my other 3 teammates and am responsible for making all
the decisions regarding technology and architecture of the product.

Intern , PropheSee Solutions Pvt. Ltd

November 2014- Feb 2015

Interned with
as an Assistant Software Developer
Worked on Cutting Edge Technologies like:

Nodejs with Sails MVC
Elastic Search

Also Learned to consume and create Restful apis.

Co-ordinator, Google Developers Group Jiit Noida
Volunteered and managed For lectures in C/C++ programming
Helped in organising and conducting Android workshop.


All My projects are available at

Teachers Kiosk- (Android /Phonegap/OpenCV) Currently working on it
Idea is to create an
Android app to provide Attendance Updation and
notes sharing
facility to teachers.
Attendance Module is planned to have Facial Recognition using openCV
(Image processing being done on students Phone and Only result
communicated to teachers)
Push Notifications
to be Provided using
.This whole project if
completed would be
linked with already existing web portal
for teachers
in our college.
PhoneGap is used to provide Basic Functionality on all Mobile Platforms

Google plus Module for Social Media Analysis

Created a
scheduler to fetch all public data available for for a given user
and index the same in Elastic Search and mongoDb for further analysis.
This was later
merged with
Other social media analytics products
used at

Photography Portfolio (PHP/Bootstrap/Angular/Google drive api)

Developed a
photography portfolio
for a friend using
PHP for dynamic
content and bootstrap to make it responsive.
to load content from php server.Used
google drive api to
link storage available with google drive as hosting space
and the drive
interface as CMS.

Jorrent(Python) - Currently working on it

P2P file sharing
client to provide torrent like functionalities on the local
Network (Torrent is blocked in my college).
Uses Multicasting and UDP
since TCP connections on the same network
are blocked here

ProjectBase (MOngo-DB,Elastic Search,Angular Js,python )

A server to store handle online project submission by students ,
evaluations by teachers and also the searches from other students, and all
this in
Python to create Restful api
which serves the content fetched from
mongoDb and Elastic Search to the Frontend Developed in Angular
Whole System is
and Provides Full text Searches in Near Realtime

Eye-Some Chat Client (Python/nodejs) - Currently working on it

Tested For Linear and BInary Search
Chat Client with ability to
Run commands and schedule jobs on any of the
connected computers
, Thereby creating a Distributed network system.
Basic Idea is to create
such a network where even the weakest device
could use the processing power of any better device
on the network.
Load balancing is done using modified form of Round Robin algorithm.

Cyberroam Brute (Python)

A command line script to crack passwords using bruteforce and dictionary
attack on Cyberroam Web Portal.
Additional Functionalities Include Permanent Login

Easy Sql (Nodejs/PHP/ANGULAR)

Web Based interface to test queries and create databses in SQL and
Application was created in order to aid classroom Teaching

Dr. Manish Kumar Thakur

Assistant Professor JIIT (Senior Grade)

Phone: +91-9953-280-244
Sambhav Sharma
(Ex- CTO PropheSee Solution Pvt Ltd.)